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  1. I'm using Echo frame without a booster, and it does flex. A booster could help. However, on the front I use Rockman carbon fork, and the front brake feels very solid and stiff, but front brake performance is also poor. That's why I don't think the flex is a main cause of a bad hold.
  2. Hi there. I've been using Neon single wall rims for 2 years, and still can't find brake pads that works properly with them. I've tried TNN LGM, TNN Belaey, Rockman Blue pads, tried light and medium grind (tried different grind angles 30-70 degrees, normally it was 45 degrees, and i'm sure the grind was sharp), tried to re-install and adjust brake cylinders many times (pads are parallel to the rim surfaces, and the setup looks fine), tried to rub down the pads so that they are perfectly fitted to the rim surfaces (because rim surfaces are not parallel to each other). The problem is, the brakes don't hold well, even on a fresh grind. They work fine only with a tar, but it wears out quickly, and doesn't work in the wet. My current setup is: Echo TR brakes, Neon single wall rims, Echo TR clamps, TNN Belaey on the front and TNN LGM with Racing Line alu backings on the rear. Why is the brake perfomance so poor? What pads are you using with Neon single wall rims?
  3. Hi guys, Just want to tell you how the bike holds up after 2 years of riding. Overall, the bike is fine, and I haven’t broken most important parts. Here’s what I’ve broken or changed: Echo Ti freewheel. Have broken 2 of them. Switched to Jitsie 108 recently. KMC Z610 HX chain. I change them every 6 months. Thinking about going to 9-sp XC chain since it works fine for plenty of good Spanish riders. Schwalbe tubes. Have changed about 8 of them. I haven’t noticed significant difference between 100 gr, 130 gr and 170 gr versions. Brake pads. Switched to TNN LGM on the back and Belaye on the front with Racing Line backings. I can’t say I’m satisfied. Holding is not that great even on a fresh grind! I have to use tar. Maybe it is because of the material of Neon rims? I’m going to try TNN ADM. Maybe holding will be better with Jitsie rims? Echo brake levers. As expected, they started to leak. I’ve changed cylinders and bleeded the brakes with Trialtech fluid. New cylinders also started to leak, but with Trialtech fluid you don’t have those terrible smudging stains as with oil. I just add a bit of fluid once a month, that’s all. Racing Line Alu brake fittings. Have broken 2 of them when crashing on rocks. What I still use and don’t like: Schwalbe Rocket Ron and Fat Albert tyres. They are slippery, especially on wet surfaces. Also, it’s easy to get pinch flats when riding on sharp rocks. However, they are fine for street spots and dry roundish rocks. Unfortunately, there are very few 24” tyre options. The weight of the bike is 6.59 kg at the moment. I ride about 2 times per week and do all the stuff I want including hookups and all kinds of wedgings and switches. Riding is so much fun when your bike is light and controllable, really love it!
  4. I've protected aluminium threads by covering them with silicone sealant. It worked perfectly.
  5. Just train more and be patient. I have been riding trials since 2003
  6. Finished the video - check it out here:
  7. Finally finished editing! Here you can find a topic about the bike in case you've missed it:
  8. Time flies so fast! It took me 18 months to build the bike. I don't like to hurry with video editing too However, it's almost ready
  9. Hope it'll work fine, and Schwalbe will make 24" or 20" version. I used 26" tube on my previous 24" bike for a while without any trouble, but not sure this works with ultralight "aerothan" tube.
  10. It's wearing out faster than I expected, but works perfect. Grip is normal, bite resistance is normal, just a normal lightweight tyre. And I like the idea of shortening side knobbles, the tyre holds better and feels much more reliable on inclined surfaces.
  11. Any difference from Try all k2 stem?
  12. Well, I was wrong about Eclipse tubes. I thought it was latex like Foss and Michelin, but haven't found any information about Eclipse material. Bad reviews from trials riders were only about latex tubes. It's interesting to try Eclipse if it worth the price.
  13. 50 g front and 99 g rear hubs look really interesting! Is he still in this?
  14. I thought about Eclipse tubes, of course, but met several bad reviews on latex tubes from trials riders. Reviews from MTB riders are quite good, they say about high snake bites resistance of latex tubes as against normal tubes. But some guys I know have had a bad experience with latex tubes in trials, they got snake bites a few times a day. Nice to see two good reviews about Eclipse tubes! May be I'll try one on front wheel. The more interesting thing I thought were tubeless tires, at least front tire. But to prevent burping on low pressure, the rim must have special profile as modern MTB rims. Neon single wall rims profile differs a lot from it. I've red a lot about tubeless experiments on this forum, but looks like everybody has problems with burping.
  15. You're right. But I have reduced wall thickness on the gussets, BB tube and seattube, it saved me some grams. "Verzin" is very small local producer located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I think nearly 200-300 Verzin hubs have been ever made. They are nice and strong, but unfortunately the producer isn't really interested in expansion of production. So there is no site at the moment.