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  1. I love how people are using this video to discuss conspiracy theories, if you want my opinion, I'm not really persuaded by most conspiracies, I like to think I think very scientifically and see more logic in it being curved. The edge of that wall is curved though no doubt about that. how are my rears questionable @Paperclip? I enjoyed making the video though so thanks for the positive response
  2. sorry, haven't checked the forum in ages, thanks guys
  3. Hi, has anyone ever used Kevlar brake pads? Or does anyone understand the purpose of them being Kevlar instead or organic or sintered? Thanks
  4. Thanks. Yes it's a new devolpment in burnley.
  5. Nice ride today with @Dman been a while for him but still a cool ride
  6. This guy has earned a follow from me, such a cool rider
  7. Nice lemon
  8. Feels nice to get the brakes back on
  9. All your footjams are so smooth now, I hardly notice you're using your foot. Awesome clips as always Flipp!
  10. Honestly can't wait
  11. Thanks guys
  12. Few clips I've filmed whilst brakeless over the past couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to getting the brakes back on now though and filming other stuff now I've got this out of my system. Hopefully videos wit which my riding is neater
  13. These are my clips from my weekend in wales, I would have liked some lines smoother and some camera shots less shaky but this is what I had to work with
  14. Really enjoying these videos. I was thinking what good spots these were in this video but then realised they're only good spots for cocky and there's not much else a normal human being could do there