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  1. Hey! Here it is a little edit I did at my Local University, hope you like it. Had some issues with the guards but couldn't film it haha
  2. A short trip to the beach with my bike
  3. Great shots!
  4. In my opinion it's better if you just share some sicks moves about hidden videos in Instagram, not your own.. If not it will turn like a Daily Ride thread as well
  5. Hey I made a little edit about the riding in Costa Rica! Hope you like it!
  6. Nice front brake control haha
  7. nice riding style!
  8. My god, always been one of my favorite riders... Still s smooth as ever
  9. when I backacked with my bike, I stayed in Hostels. (Like for a 40 days) You can leave the bike in your room, I just advice you to get a little chain and a lock in any case. People at hostels are really good fellows so you have nothing to worry about. I reccomend you to search in
  10. First bike was a Yaabaa 20 inch, then a echo Mark 2, now I Recently broke my breath fork and frame, this is my new build! Jitsie components
  11. Yeah, I'm actually 5.5ft tall, maybe I should use the 165cm... just to see how they feel if not I'll sell them, Thanks for the help everybody!
  12. thats the greatest song i've ever heard in a trials video.. great moves man
  13. Hey! I have a question, but also I want to understand the "why" of this. Bike: Play KII (20') with Jitsie components Cranks: 172mm - I have this lenght of cranks in my bike and i used them since 4 years.. But, upon checking new complete bikes I noticed that all the mod bikes used 160 or 165mm. What is the best choice for this bike? And why is better to use shorter instead of the172mm? Those this make a big difference? Thanks! I'm the only Mod rider in my country so I have discover this things by myself hahaha Cheers
  14. dammit, I made a grammar mistake hahaha