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  1. He is quiet but really good!
  2. Last line from Ben was really cool!
  3. Loved it. Smart. Big. Brilliant editing! Always a pleasure to watch him ride! Art
  4. Always sick stuff
  5. So we can share our own insta posts? This one From Joe Urquhart is very nice!
  6. Nice idea! Sintaroo is awesome! He is so creative!
  7. Watched twice in a raw, and really enjoyed it! I like the way you see lines . inspirational. I always like your song's choices too! Also Great camera work at 1:15
  8. Bmx.
  9. @Paperclip that was great. Bangers in it! Your clips worth their own thread! Here mines from yesterday !
  10. Really cool. Some huge stuff he did casually
  11. Lovely edit! So much creativity in it.