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  1. Really good that.
  2. Looks like a dentist bill waiting to happen! Cool that you nailed it though.
  3. Liked the bunny hop link into day 2. I am never trying one of those things, besides setting myself on fire while doing a manual I am not sure I can think of anything more dangerous than doing that! Cool bike by the way.
  4. Good video that, was just fun.
  5. Ar...... Come on Ross, you can't say you heard some other stuff then leave it hanging like that! That sounds like a cat that you actually want to let out the bag, being the 'finger on the pulse's of the trials world and the font of all trials related gossip!
  6. Most likely a prototype in development that Danny is helping to develop. Thought he had some kind of deal with inspired for trials bikes though, presumably this ties in with whatever deal he has with santa Cruz. Guess this was just a taster and more details will be on their way. Also spotted last night he had bust his knee cap. Ouch.
  7. Don't know if this helps but here you go. http://forums.mtbr.com/drivetrain-shifters-derailleurs-cranks/slx-vs-zee-crankarm-weight-durability-993733.html
  8. Personally speaking if the SLX fit your bike I would get them. Certainly for MTb SLX is a good level of group set and they are pretty much compatible to the XT group set. What bottom bracket do you run?
  9. Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan don't appear to be on there, you could go there. those countries that are well known for their love of trials.... And borat..... And..... Donkeys......
  10. Tres drole
  11. Ha! Go for it then. Dude, those Shimano brackets will do the job.
  12. That was a lot more straight forward and less gimmicky than what he usually puts out so yeah, decent watch. Not to start slagging off Fabio as he is obviously a talented rider but for me the whole 'sick' thing does my head in and I just groan when I see him riding round on his handle bars like a cheap circus performer...... Think he needs to ditch that.
  13. Are your brakes post mount? You don't mention. Have you checked that your forks are ok with a 203mm rotor? The large rotor increases the stress on the forks IS mounts so you need to check the max rotor size the manufacturer recommends.
  14. If the foam grips you bought don't suit try the odi stay strong grips. Had same problems you mentioned with hands getting cut up from inspired grips. The odi's are really easy on the hands, can ride all day with them.
  15. I don't think weight is an issue, so long as you are strong enough to carry that weight, it's more about correct technique which is about correct practice. I heard one guy on here say trials doesn't get you fit but you you need to be fit for trials. I think over time I've come to agree with that statement, an exercise regime focused on leg and core strength with plenty of flexibility thrown in will certainly benefit you. There is no right or wrong bike to ride, it's all about personal pref really and with practice you should be able to pull big stuff on your mod, however, may be worth checking out a few other bikes such as a 24 Street, you might find them a bit easier to ride. Personally speaking I find competition style bikes such as mods less intuitive to ride as I come from a Motorcross and mountain biking background. It's took owning a few bikes to come to that conclusion though and now only have one that I am comfortable with. If honest it sounds like you are making good progress if you can do all the stuff you mentioned above after 2 months so just keep plugging away at it dude.