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  1. Excellent news, your website has been a top resource getting into trials, if you could do lots of slow Mo vids for any new footage you are filming I always find that useful as you can see exactly what you are doing and break the technique down, if you added commentary over that too think you will have it made.
  2. The hope brakes are good as an upgrade, have them on my bike. If you pair them with a decent rotor and pads they give good performance if you can afford them. Personally I would get the best spec bike you can afford, in the long run this is usually the cheapest option in my opinion as saves you the upgrade costs and resultant used spare parts kicking around down the line.
  3. In a word yes.
  4. From memory on mine it was either a 2mm or 1.5mm hex key, mine was a MK4 but can't see them changing that between marks.
  5. Cool spot, looks like alot of fun.
  6. You can see the rocks on Google maps, search glen road, Bradford. They are opposite a place called bracken hall countryside centre.
  7. Some pretty decent MTB that way too.
  8. So, thought this was good, surprised no one has posted already. Track is good too.
  9. Dude, I did that the other week trying to ride a manual without covering the back brake! Proper hurt!
  10. I'd be up for a session on the bikes when you get this way. Let me know.
  11. I might give it a go at some point, you had the 2012 Fourplay though didn't you? Had quite a low front end was my understanding? The new four play front end is really high but noticed duncan Shaw and Fabio wibmer still have the arcade bars on, is it necessary?
  12. Presumably you mean not having the arcade bars? Front end is high enough for me at the moment if so, just adjusting to new geo, feels really nice.
  13. New fourplay in black is quite nice.
  14. There is a few of us up this way, could do with getting a group ride sorted really. Personally speaking I'm down in Manchester.
  15. Getting there then dude. Small steps is what it is all about, did some fun Street trials stuff on my MTB last weekend, mostly because i punctured my last tube for my inspired, but it was stuff I probably would not have considered a year ago on an MTB, one thing feeds into another and makes you an all round better rider. If bunny hopping an MTB is your aim then yeah, get comfortable with at least a short manual and take it from there.