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  1. Yup. Though need my arse kicking to get out with this cold wet weather....
  2. This might be way off but are you one finger braking or two finger? I know 2 finger can increase strain on your middle finger because that is the one doing the most work which conversely increases stress on your ring finger because that is the one then taking any pull on the bars.
  3. Doubt tonight on account of short notice as just finished work for xmas so have plans involving beer... Be interested in rampworks next though, shout me.
  4. Think depends on your set up but I ride a four play so i try and keep weight central, start to lift front wheel with pedal and crouch/preload with weight no further back than rear hub. Should be able to get into a controlled position with wheel about 45 degrees in the air as you complete your pedal stroke, then it's just complete second half stroke on your strong foot and explode up.
  5. Dude, how are you finding the dry weather in Manchester!? Every time I stick my head out its piss wet and freezing! Haven't ride in weeks!
  6. I've been having bother with these but twigged to something I was doing wrong a few weeks back as I also have a tendency to loop out. I mostly bunny hop so more used to launching a manual by shifting my weight back more to lift the wheel, found I was still doing this weight shift for pedal ups hence to loops outs. Figured if I just crouched more rather than weight shifting back while lifting the wheel with a pedal stroke, this avoided me looping out and I was landing on objects in a more balanced controlled manner. Timing is still an issue but felt I made a break through with the above. Don't know if that helps at all?
  7. Will pm you and sort something, my mate should have his foot out of his cast by then and be back on his bike.
  8. Yeah, when and where? May have to be new year now with folks doing stuff running up to Xmas. Reckon can get out next weekend though for few hours but depends where and whether it's icy.
  9. I work in bury, happy to meet. PM me.
  10. If you are new to trials this is always a good start; http://www.trashzen.com Check out plenty of YouTube video's on how to do things, tonnes of choice for how too's. Happy riding.
  11. Thought this a great video. Fair do's those runners can't half move.
  12. Personally, I think you are chopping and changing to much to really get anywhere in terms of development, this is speaking from experience as I have had 3 bikes now in 3 years and decided to stop now as found a bike a really like and just going to learn to ride that properly. It sounds like you might be bored with tgs hence playing with the set up and trying to get more out of it? Dunno, might wrong. Think if you can afford a street trials then just get one and see what you think, then pick a bike you prefer riding, stick with it and get shut of the rest. Just my opinion.
  13. Removing threads on bolts is fine so long as you don't actually reduce the shank diameter.
  14. Pedals don't cost much, if you have an OCD about breaking them it's a relatively cheap thing to overcome!
  15. Can you get a 200mm rotor? I thought they were all 203 as standard? Would you not have the same problem but with a bigger rotor? One idea though is that you could get a bigger rotor and get a bespoke IS to IS adapter made up if you know someone who can do that sort of stuff. Might be easier than milling you current rotor down.