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  1. James was performing in a Circus in Murika all summer!
  2. Awesome! Getting mine next week too!
  3. Some people are always arguing about this. However, the quality and warranty of their products are matching the sale price!
  4. I rode today. I had the impression I was on wet grass or mud at several occasions, then I realized my Hope had failed. https://www.pinkbike.com/video/473447/ This ever happened to someone? The ratchet system seems in top shape, sounds like the outer ring, which is screwed into the hub shell ripped the threads. The hub has about 1 year of pure trials use.
  5. Great news! These are proper trials rims, why focus on drilling holes with different pattern for so many years when getting a proper die to get a proper rim profile is the way to go! Can't wait to ride those.
  6. Looks superb! I want some close ups on the rear brake mounts and also on the drop out & chain tensioner! Awesome work
  7. Dave, I would say the list of similarities is rather long Tapered Color scheme V seat stays tubes going to the rear brake Chain tensioner Geo is close AS30 crankset Rear brake focus on stiffness Both are top en comp bikes! But the carbon does make it quite different
  8. Hey DeersSlayer email me! hbtrials@outlook.com They are opening a trials park with a school in Bromont, QC, Canada Opening day on May 13th. You should come to meet some riders.
  9. Why are the rotors not mounted in the same orientation
  10. Nice! Is this compound similar to the ST ( super tacky 42A ) or it's really juste a 3C (triple compound, 60A on roll band and softer on sides) ?
  11. I wish I could try that mod
  12. 1068, +65, 380, 73 and 670 reach. Smells like a M geo Jealousy With your shape, you'd LOVE the strength of that beast
  13. Shimano type spline on those cranks right?
  14. Love this! Looks pretty beef.
  15. Awesome man, glad you like it!