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  1. Don't cut it in half it looks decent.
  2. Bought the bike (minus brakes) from @grantham and added/changed some parts that I had leftover from a previous build. Only ridden it for an hour but very pleased with it so far, very stiff and light! Just need to spray or replace the bars for some black ones. Spec Crewkerz Cleep 2 Frame/Forks/cranks Avid V brake front/TNN black pads Raceline rear brake/TNN lgm Rockman bars/Crewkerz stem Gusset Tank chain Hope pro 2 eco 40t rear hub/hashtag rim/Continental Der Kaiser WAW front wheel/tryall tyre Trialtech Pedals
  3. I had a few and they all leaked probably why I disliked them so much.
  4. Lego Batman - is hilarious! Well worth the watch 2 hours ish of laughter 9/10 WonderWoman - It was great didn't look away for a single second, the best DC film (minus Dark Knight Trilogy) 8.50/10 The Mummy - Watching paint dry, then painting the wall again and watching that dry would of been a better experience. 2/10 Alien: Covenant - If one cast member had a single brain cell within the first 3 minutes the plot wouldn't of developed and the film would be over. 2/10 T2 - Worth the watch but not sure why they made it 6/10
  5. It looks good, minus the deny lever.
  6. Not riding the Echo 24" anymore?
  7. Reverse mount Echo forks
  8. WTF?!?!?! Amazing.
  9. To be honest I didn't bother reading past that so I guess due to my laziness you win? Clearly I can read or I wouldn't of had the opportunity to be "smart".
  10. As you give with my?.... what? If you're going to attempt a comeback at least get it right.
  11. The trials forum has always been a place for support on many levels be it a rider passing away, someone experiencing illness or having any sort of personal problem. It's clear G struggles at times more than likely we won't know the full extent and I pray you don't one day suffer the same problems as it's no easy task living and battling with mental illness! I suggest the gain the skill of empathy and learn to show a little compassion.
  12. 150x30 Dave.
  13. I cut down over 2 weeks then went cold turkey. In the end I was just having 3 tokes on each cig twice a day, you need to be kind/gentle with yourself. I tried nicotine replacement and vapes but really didn't help because I always ended up having a cig. You've got to want to quit and you need to keep busy, giving up smoking is the hardest thing I've ever done and the same with most people! There is a app called "Smoke Free" it's free and pretty good, it gives you targets which tells you the health benefits of not smoking, how much money you have saved, how many hours of life you've regained! First 3 days are hard! Week 1 - 3 lungs hurt! But cravings ain't terrible. Week 3 - 12 Easy like you've never smoked. Week 12 - 16 this month was the hardest, craved a cig more than previous months along headaches, anxiety, depression. Might not happen to you but I researched a lot of the time and found most people have trouble at 3-4 months but after that it's pretty much over... you've quit. If you do give it a shot, good luck!
  14. I bet he's working on the camera right now.... can't wait.
  15. It was a joke.