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  1. They could be following mtb style drop outs a lot are this way now . On my Capra the axle just slides through the hub and screws in to the other end
  2. Yeah always thought a was alright at track stands till on the trials bike didn’t realise how much a lean the top tube into my inner leg for balance on the mtb . Good thinking yeah I’ve got some old Troy lee knee shin guards I’ll dig them out
  3. Cheers yeah he was sound just need to get practicing now feels super twitchy compared to the mtb
  4. I looked on tarty if a get into the sport well (hopefully a will I’m a big into mtb and dh) think i may buy one of those just didn’t wanna blow the bank and not get into it.
  5. Cheers for the input guys yeah thought it was a bit steep when a got to looking especially when theres a mint newish looking inpulse on eBay for £450. A bought the zoo in the end (looked in person) for £300 though it’s pretty clean tbf the guys had a ongoing injury . There’s only a couple of tiny marks on it from where the clear lacquer has started to kinda craze just age related though. Apart from that the bikes solid good bearings no play or roughness it’s mostly echo and zoo parts
  6. I’m new to trials there’s a guy selling a 26” zoo pitbull looks like new in the pics the anos not even wore of the rims what do you guys think of them? He’s wanting like £500 thought it was a bit steep was gonna go in at 300-350?
  7. Yeah was on ebay seemed a good buy. Just bought a new old stock onza blade the white/gold one off rock n roll bikes got some good deals on at the mo ended up getting it for £300
  8. That cannondale seems a pretty good buy . Have a look at merida bikes there not too bad normally for the money . Also radon bikes seem pretty cheap dont know much about them though and how shipping would be time wise. Depends if you can justify getting a new bike a guess everyone a speak to rates 650b over 26
  9. Checked out some other brands in sales? Can get some good deals on crc, pauls cycles etc at the mo with it being end of season.Thought about the new meta trail? My mate was in a similar position to you but with yt bikes after reading some horror stories about them online. He's had no issues so far came pretty much on time too
  10. Ha know what you mean can feel a bit of dummy asking loads of basic stuff especially when you've been doing other kinds of biking for years
  11. Kinda stuck again guys . Im selling that blade kinda needs more money spending on it than it's worth. Thinking ill spend a bit more and get something more decent been looking at a crewkerz freed second hand for about 400 is this a good buy? Or should i get a new mod for about that price? Pretty bad at hops see can hop my dh bike about as high that blade so unsure about 20" wheels? Use to being able to compress the bike . Cheers
  12. Cheers guys just gone for the 20inch was cheap and near by had the choice of a retro looking onza t-raptor or onza blade so went for the blade
  13. wanting to get into trials nothing to serious a do a lot of mtb and dh riding so was wondering what wheel size to go for as im used to 26 thanks