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  1. I'm only 16 I can't get a car
  2. Majority of the time they're riding MTB at local Forrest. The rest of it they end up damaging property or causing issues for people and not riding so tend to stay away now (just to keep out of trouble). Frankies in hull but not sure if he has his bike. I'm free every Sunday for rides. So whenever your free
  3. Had a group of us at one point but I'm the only one left still riding trials. Anybody in or around Hull, York, Bridlington, Scarborough or even near them fancy a ride?
  4. I'm running 55/60 psi though with riding skatepark the majority of the time. I don't want to change tyres but I hate the feel of them when riding when they deform. After doing what you said @Dman they seemed a slight bit better but just gonna have to do it a few more times until I get it spot on.
  5. That's what I'm on. Race33's it's happened on other rims too. Thanks. I'll just keep playing around with them. It's just annoying when riding
  6. Will general soap work? I struggle to get it to "pop" on? What sort of pressure am I to be pumping into it?
  7. Put some new Air king contis on my bike about a month ago now. Rode these tyres for years. theyre perfect until they take a hard hit. The tyre folded off the rim and look extremely buckled (lateral) when riding. I've had the tyres off and put them back on again back up to 60 psi. They stay looking true for a few hours and then go back to looking bucked. The wheel is true. Can anybody help. This has happened before and I just left it.
  8. Thank so guys it's 100% trials ss. It does say it on the shell. It's the through axle one. As long as it can be converted i don't have a problem. Will a pro2 evo "bolt in" conversion work? Thanks again
  9. Got a pro4 rear trials ss hub through work. When it's come the hub isn't "bolt in" which is what I need for my arcade. It's a 10mm through axle. I know you can convert hope hubs. But is it possible to convert it from a through axle to a bolt in? Looked from top to bottom online and can't find anything useful
  10. Thanks for the reply mark. That's great. I'll have a look at that one now.
  11. Can anyone recommend a strong!!! 15 t Chainring to fit a hope pro4 hub? Wanted Chris king but is unavailable. And also, a lockring too!
  12. I think it's only a winter thing with the bike getting extremely dirty on every ride. I never use a power washer though
  13. Since its winter and the rides have been rather wet and muddy. I spend about 20mins a night cleaning down my bike with muc off and water. Is washing it this often going to do the opposite and cause damage?
  14. which did you go for in the end? im running the mt7 and even though i have ran into a few problems i would still go with them over other brakes like hopes ect. the mt5 levers dont feel as nice. they feel quite plastic and toyish
  15. Poor lz haha. I agree totally though