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  1. I think it's only a winter thing with the bike getting extremely dirty on every ride. I never use a power washer though
  2. Since its winter and the rides have been rather wet and muddy. I spend about 20mins a night cleaning down my bike with muc off and water. Is washing it this often going to do the opposite and cause damage?
  3. which did you go for in the end? im running the mt7 and even though i have ran into a few problems i would still go with them over other brakes like hopes ect. the mt5 levers dont feel as nice. they feel quite plastic and toyish
  4. Poor lz haha. I agree totally though
  5. Little video from today's ride. At my local.
  6. Looking for a new helmet. anybody got any suggestions? Looking for more bmx/jump bike helmets.
  7. I am planning putting them on a new build with pretty high spec thank you all for your suggestions
  8. No worries. As I said never tried it before but it's a bodge that might be worth a go. Good luck
  9. ive had this happen to me multiple times. drilling the bolt out is the easiest way but you have to be extremely careful when getting close to the inside threads. alternatively, depending on how stripped it is. you could try super gluing an Allen key in the bolt head. never tried this but could potentially work
  10. That is a bit of a pickle. I'll keep that in mind
  11. Thanks that's great!
  12. Looks like I'll be buying some Titanium bolts soon then. Problem solved cheers guys. What are the sizes need for certain components. For example. Stem bolts or magura lever bolts?
  13. This has probably been posted tons of times but I would like to know all your opinions on titanium bolts. Are they really worth spending that extra money. Or is it just for bling?
  14. thanks for all your replies guys, looks like ill be investing in some ice tech rotors as soon as possible then.
  15. I'm a little bit of a basher. Purchased a new storm sl rotor for my Magura mt7's about 3 weeks ago and again I find myself slowing down as soon as I've stopped pedalling. I need some strong! Very strong rotors that can hold up, anybody know any?