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  1. "Never too late to start with trial"... I am agree !
  2. Yes, I have seen this vid, nice move !!
  3. I try to learn this move too, pfff, so difficult !
  4. At work, this week, playing with my coworker
  5. Today riding, under the sun
  6. Funny vid
  7. Thanks for this fresh vid
  8. Ok, it's just a little rock, but don't forget my 48 years old and my old bike This afternoon, in south of France.
  9. Nice playground, and cool riding
  10. I can't ride this week-end... however I play with my son's Playmobil
  11. Thanks guy, loving this bike
  12. Very nice bike for cool riding
  13. My work playground for winter, when it's cold and rainning outside
  14. Wouooow !
  15. Damned !! All by bike for sale !! How can you do that ??