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  1. My work playground for winter, when it's cold and rainning outside
  2. Wouooow !
  3. Damned !! All by bike for sale !! How can you do that ??
  4. No more word, monster is right !
  5. Old bike never stops riding
  6. Frozen trainning !!
  7. Monster gap !!
  8. Han tu roules mon salaud ^^ (En Français dans le texte ^^).
  9. No word !!
  10. Lot of very nice move ! I like it (At 2:32 !!)
  11. Today, quiet riding with my old GT in front of Le Mont Ventoux Sunny day in Provence, what else ?
  12. Enduro is the future of natural section ? Moving with an heavy bike is a little bit too clumsy for me, but that's a fact, Chris controls the situation. I imagine is more interesting for a brand to show enduro bike.
  13. Need to try with a tandem !
  14. Merry christmas everybody And never stop riding !
  15. Hi all, Last week-end, in south of France (sun, no wind, perfect condition... what else ?), I organized a specific "Outlaw" race on natural sections (100% !). For those who understand french, or just for the pictures, follow this Thanks ! http://www.tribalzine.com/?Initiative-1er-Trial-Open-Free