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  1. Thanks Shub Forget the translation, as you can read, my english is too light for that ^^
  2. Pooow THE spot !
  3. Tonight practice
  4. Un peu de lecture pour les francophones du site, few words about trials Thanks for reading ! Trials Soul
  5. Pooow very nice bike !
  6. Pic of the day, in Burgundy, France
  7. Sunset
  8. Thanks for the vid
  9. Playing with my Desire
  10. Little shooting under a fantastic blue sky ! In Provence, south of France I like this bike ! Full album : https://www.facebook.com/pg/Breizh-Riding-119840801444774/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1352039158224926
  11. In the sun
  12. Yes, I have changed the chain (mtb 9 speed with powerlink, it's more easy, I find) and I believe it's a little bit too long But no problem for riding.
  13. First pix before riding !! Ready to go, maybe I will change the stem, need to ride to be sure Thanks to Crewkerz for help me for the BIU WBC !!
  14. Nice
  15. Holy cow !! New bike at home since few hours Already like this toy !!!