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  1. As an old guy that read MBUK back in the day does anyone else remember a boy from the Isle of Wight? Riding a blue pashley with red hs33's I can't remember his name but I remember the riding looked pretty cool. Wondering who he was and what he's doing? I wanted a pashley so bad and that made it worse
  2. I've had enough bad luck with buying the wrong crap before so I'll skip it this time. Is this an echo freewheel? I can't see the other side. Can a normal 4 pin tool loosen it off? e.g ice tools It doesn't move too freely, any tips on servicing?
  3. As good a recommendation as you can get! Bike looks sweet man, I like the stem pad, as someone who has had a balls to stem incident in his life I would have appreciated a pad
  4. How are the jitsie pedals? I been looking at a set so I can ditch my rewelded monstrositys
  5. I wish I kept my old magazines sometimes! glad to hear he still rides
  6. I need to confess, I've been back on a bike after over 12 years. Enough excuses, I can't get on the back wheel. At all! No wheelies, no manuals no hops. I was a natural on a bike when I was riding everyday and I'm finding a mental block. I am trying and I will keep trying but I'm glad I got that off my chest
  7. I have a skate park nearby but it has been wet and/or frozen for weeks. Tarty just delivered a new shorter stem and chain splitter for me. I took a couple links out to bring the wheel forward and I am starting to find the pivot point a bit easier. It's defo my head that's the problem!
  8. I am going to switch to a full disc setup soon, I have yellow pads on my hs33's no idea what they are but does anyone have a recommendation for wet muddy conditions. As for the tyres I have a moto digger rear that's ok just wondering if there's better for winter
  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'm starting back at square one after a long long long time away. i keep thinking I should have bought a 26" but I'm having fun anyway
  10. Hi i decided enough was enough, I sold my bikes when I got into cars, usual story cars are boring and I miss my bikes. ended up with a zoot with some nice upgrades bought on here from the ug man (top bloke!) and I've been relearning everything! Anyone nearby that wants to go riding?
  11. Campbeltown it's pretty remote, used to stay in Oban and never took advantage of staying so close to the fort.
  12. Hey where abouts in Scotland are you?