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  1. Dose any one know if it is possible to take photos like this with a iPhone? If so could you let me know
  2. Dose any one know if it is possible to take photos like this with a iPhone? If so could you let me know
  3. Dose any one know whare THE BARN is
  4. Hi rip,  I'm looking for riding spots in Aberdeen and shire too,  just got back into trials after a few years.  Have you found any?  Any clubs round here? 

  5. Do you know of any natural spots in the north east
  6. Dose enyone know of any off road/comp trials places to ride in scotland
  7. Yes that would be amazing
  8. I have a few days off, I was wandering if eny one knows of any off road (comp) spots to ride IN SCOTLAND preferably with parking for a 7.5m motorhome but not necessary
  9. Thanks I'll adjust it in the morn
  10. Www Thanks that's been a big help to you have any idea what size of Allen key it is
  11. This week I got a new bike (Echo Lite MK5 2016) as the chain stretches I need to tighten the chain IM GOING AWAY THIS WEEKEND SO IF YOU COULD REPLY QUICKLY IT WOULD BE GRATEFULLY RESEAVED
  12. I have about the same sized space as a double garage and quite allot of wood
  13. Dose eny one have plans or ideas for obstacles that I could make out of wood?
  14. If riden motor bike trials at craiglash and was thinking about taking the bicycle up there, but up that neck of the woods there is a real problem with a legal riders, I live in drumoak so Craiglash is a good one for me My back garden is quite Forrest and there is some nice rocks there but I'm working on cutting trees down to get some nice lines at the moment
  15. I was thinking of more the traditional side of bicycle trials (comp trials) but I'll certainly check it out some of these spots out