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  1. Cheers man.
  2. All in good time lad. It's Xmas soon lol. Stem maybe getting changed tonight. Or anodised with the cranks.
  3. Spent a bit on this already. I have a bit of ocd with my bike as u can tell. I like things to match.
  4. Think I'm getting a black stem at cranks after Xmas
  5. Maybe just a mental thing. Everything I did I was always thinking " I wounder if that's easier on a 26" maybe because I wouldn't do what I used to do before I stopped riding I'd blame the small wheels. All I no is I'm riding the breath better than the echo. Just suits me more
  6. Ye never felt small the echo. I'm wanting to ride a bit more natural next year. I've got peak district half hour away and some amazing spots. I Just felt I had to try a 26 incase the 24 was holding me back. and 1st few rides I've had on the breath it defo feels like that Was The case. Love it.
  7. Yer I love it. Had 2 rides on it and riding it so much better. Wanted something for a bit of natural next year.
  8. Im working the Tuesday. Just go with majority.
  9. Think it time. I stopped riding about 5 years ago a recently got back on it. And these ride were ace. Seems everyone has gone underground. Where all the group rides gone. Shall we say granite walls at 11 as a start point.
  10. I'm loving it. And it looks sexy. Suits me a lot more than then echo 24. And wanting to ride more natural next year as I live 20mins from peak district. What u think.
  11. She really is a black and silver. Bought a black touch up pen to get rid of the red parts on the echo front disc. What u think. Would black rims bee too much?
  12. Loving the bike at the minute. New rear tyre and a new hs33 water bleed and tnn pads
  13. U up for a ride tomorrow?  I'm in Rotherham. 

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