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  1. I didn't update the thread... but stem seems to be working ok. I've not tired upto front yet (because I'm no good at them), but the bike feels good. Probably need a shorter frame... but I can wait. Looks a little better too
  2. Sounds like you want to set your bike up like mine...? A shorter stem and high rise on mine made the world of difference. Bunny hops are a little better now, and It feels better suited for me and what I want. I still need a shorter frame... I am saving for an alias.
  3. Super cramped sounds perfect for me
  4. I have a nice Austin V2 with a 150mm 30 degree stem. I feel quite stretched out on the bike despite putting on some high rise bars with a slight roll back. I had a look on Tarty and Jitsie do a 120mm 35 degree stem that should bring the handle bars back ~3cm. My thinking is that the shorter stem will allow me to roll the bars forward a little resulting in a 1-2cm less reach while having sensible looking bars. Is a 120mm stem on a mod too short? I am 5 2" ish if that helps - I appreciate it will make it a little more difficult to get the rear up. [/URL]
  5. I ride a mod... but I don't need any bits. Hopefully you can pop something in the free cycle thread.
  6. Bit the bullet and bought it. I'll see how I get on and see if I prefer a mod to a street bike... one will likely be for sale in the near future. I'm quite happy with the purchase, just need to weigh it now.
  7. Hi All, Rockman Austins... I have come across one for a reasonable price. In the scheme of all things trialsy, is the geo good for smaller riders?? i believe the WB is 1050 on this version (I thought it would be 1010mm but the seller says 1050). I'm not getting on with my 24" and find I am happier on the rear wheel with 'pure trials' moves rather than street trials and all things fancy i thought I could try a Rockman and see how I get on. I know the Rockman will be a lot lighter than my 24" bike... which is helpful. Many thanks
  8. All more than welcome to join in the fun! It will be great in the summer with all the bars and riding spots.
  9. It's beautiful down there and so many trials related objects to play on for all abilities. It was freezing and very windy this morning... but I had a very very enjoyable ride.
  10. Iron_panda at our new favourite location.
  11. How much is ramp works? I'll be out and about Sunday morning... regardless of weather.
  12. I'm around this Sunday for a few hours early on in the morning... I know iron_panda loves my early starts Bring any bike, you can always have a go of mine for a bit.
  13. Well, your more than welcome to join us when you get a bike... or just bring a bmx.
  14. Both iron panda and I are in liverpool. I'm out most weekend mornings or lunchtimes around the prom in south liverpool. I'm not particularly good though !
  15. I've a long background in bikes, however I haven't ridden for ~15 years. 15 years ago I could do a lot of trials on my 12.5" GT hardtail. Ive had this bike for about 2 months and find it hard to bring the front of the bike up for manuals and jumping up obstacles. Static work is fine as long as it doesn't require 'explosive' effort/energy or twisting. 15 years ago I would preload the front suspension of the bike to help bring lift the front when moving; having a rigid fork removes this option. I'd rather stick with a 24" bike with a seat if possible, although the best option might be an Alias, although I would have to try one before I took the plunge. I have an old 90s monty which is easier to maneuver despite being quite long. I do find the idea of spec'ing a Marino to very small dimensions somewhat appealing.