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  1. That snow bank is about 13' wide and 4.5' high in the middle, then landing on my neighbour's snowy slushy driveway. Would be a nice dropoff from the back top of the truck cap, it's 7' 2" above the pavement. By the time I'm able to do that, if ever, the truck will be an ancient PoS. Turns out my driveway is a bit steep for trackstands, it's at least 8 % grade. But it was nice to be outside on the bike! The temperature was balmy for January, almost +4 C. Two days ago it was -25 in the morning.
  2. If not for the salt I used to clear it, the driveway is almost good enough for my bike's first outside ride! It's sloped too, so I might actually make more noticeable track stand 'progress' - my current record is 8 or 9 seconds. I'm a slow learner...
  3. Fat bikes roll pretty well on roads if the tire pressure isn't too low, 10 - 14 PSI seems ok. On the soft snow I find 4 - 5 in the rear, and 5 - 6 in the front work best. Then it's hard work on pavement, and the handling isn't safe. But they are bit heavy, about 16 kg.
  4. Wow! And I'm riding inside my heated (+5 C) garage. Although it's -14 C outside, the snow base is 0.55 m, and I've only been 'riding' trials for 3 weeks. Best I stay indoors...
  5. Some folks here ride theirs year round on the trails, I won't. Off the snow and ice, a proper mountain bike is so much better!
  6. Ouch! Reconsider seeing a doctor, just to make sure nothing is broken. And the doctor can advise on recovery time, and what to avoid during recovery. Can you describe how the rear wheel slipped? I've only been on a trials bike 2 weeks. I'm quite a bit older than you, so my top priority is avoiding injury.
  7. That would be great, but I know of none in the area.
  8. 2017 New Years Day ride. We got 99 cm of snow in December. Good trails network starts 600 metres from my front door... Until this year I was more into motorcycles. Repurposing moto wheel chock and stand: Hauling the mountain bike and the enduro: The Yamaha on a road trip:
  9. How does the MT2 compare to the SRAM DB5? Would it hold better as a rear brake?
  10. The second video I posted shows 3 methods: the box, the endo, and the pedal kick. I don't think my limited winter practice space is big enough for me to try the pedal kick. Once I get comfortable bouncing on the rear wheel, I'll try the other 2. I spent a *lot* of time on my mountain bike last summer, including sometimes lofting the front wheel with a half revolution pedal. I'm confident in my leg muscles' strength and speed, the quads and calves. Learning control will take me time. Lots of time! ;-)
  11. This video seems even better explained: The box I built is 17" high, I wonder if I should raise it another inch??
  12. I'm an absolute newbie, so I'm hoping this learning method will give me some confidence on the back wheel: I built a 2 x 3' raised box from wood leftovers, to try that in my garage. We had 10 cm of new snow last night, and another 10 coming tomorrow. I haven't found any studded trials tires yet, so my bike's garage bound until spring.
  13. I do get out and play on the snow too, I love being outdoors.
  14. I bought myself my first ever trial bike: Inspired Flow Plus with hydraulic brakes upgrade. Looking forward to riding it outside of the garage, in about 3 months. Lots to learn!
  15. The door opener motor has 7' clearance, the ceiling about 8.5'. I'm 5' 10" to top of helmet. Pedals in flat horizontal position are about 2' up from the floor when on the back wheel. So the minimum needed without any hop is almost 8'. I would want at least 9'.