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  1. The correct use of mixed case? Practice that in your posts!
  2. That was a lot more than a bit of cheese. Like a 1" slab of blue cheese overpowering a fine Wagu burger.
  3. Why is that bike better for rocks than any of the Inspired 24 or 26 bikes? (Asks the clueless new trials rider...)
  4. There's a link in the Santa Cruz article to the bike check video.
  5. Pretty good riding! Even though I like the music, for me it didn't fit the riding (I can't explain why??) Excellent final parting scene.
  6. I'm your height, about 13 stone, and started trials about a year ago in my mid 50's. I wanted to improve my bike skills as I do a lot of Enduro style MTBing, and fatbiking in the winter (4 months of snow here in Ottawa, Canada.) The trials skills have helped a lot! I started with an Inspired Flow Plus (24) street trials, then added an Echo MK5 (24) comp style. The Flow is more similar in feel to my MTB & fatbike, except smaller in all dimensions. The MK5 is much lighter, but feels so different from the MTB & fatbike. I've never tried 20" bike, but my guess is it will feel even more different. Personally, instead of the MK5 24" I probably should have bought a 26" pure. But I'm happy with my choices. I'm going to try to learn more trials riding this summer, so I'm also going to try to get down close to 11 stone.
  7. Good trials riding on a Fatty! That last manual on pavement shows his back tire pressure is set for soft snow, probably 4 or 5 PSI.
  8. Any Ali Clarkson how to videos. And Ali's super slowmo video shows how 'easy' it is to be good:
  9. Nice! Winter indoor practice is great. Here it's currently -24.6 C (at 09:00), my practice space is about +7 C.
  10. That was pretty good to watch! You definitely have some trials riding experience. :-) But that flashing crap at the end ruins it. Do you really want that to be the last thing your viewers see?
  11. Thank goodness the beautiful walls on that claustrophobic track seem mostly undamaged.
  12. Canada, USA, Mexico. They've not yet discovered North America...
  13. Unless you want a bazillion automobile hits, google Controlled Articular Rotation. I already include shoulder CARs with my stretching routine before riding trials. I'll add it for hips too, as curling season (google "winter Canada") just started (already doing other hip stretching before games.) CARs seems like a good idea for everyone, probably more important for old geezers like me.
  14. Finally I can balance a manual on 'the machine' for about 20 seconds. Damn good workout for the core muscles! It will probably be years before I can hold a real manual 20 seconds while actually riding street!
  15. I started in December at 56.