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  1. Very nice bike! Isn't that chain a little loose?
  2. Found it! Thanks for that hint.
  3. Sleep on a pallet in the indoor riding area. Sweet dreams...
  4. Somewhat off topic, which of your bikes get longer and lower stems, and which don't change? I'm quite ignorant on this as a 3-month trials newbie (all indoors so far, winter is icy snowy cold here.) Although I do already have 2 trials bikes, a lower end 24" street (Flow Plus), and a low end 24" comp (Echo.) Steep learning curve, both the riding and hardware. Especially the riding!
  5. Early ride at -7 C about 2 km from my house. Great trail conditions, winter is hanging on here.
  6. Delivery from TartyBikes today! And it's -9 C and snowing. FedEx guy said "Didn't I just deliver a bike to you in December?" I may have a problem... First 'riding' impression (inside my garage), thank god I like this one too! :-) Come on Spring, looking forward to riding a trials bike outside...
  7. Looking forward to your tire review, get-a-bike! ;-) Did you get it mail order in the USA? Where? I'm in Canada near the border...
  8. Thanks for the detailed info (I would definitely go for the rim grind!) For the 24 my reasons are that I'm a newbie, so agile may be better. But I do want it for riding logs and rocks (and the dirt in between.) Tire choices are much, much better for that in the 26 size. Also, I do a lot of single track trail riding on a 27.5 mountain bike... So now I'm leaning towards the Echo 26 Pure. Anyone here on the forum have/had one? Like it?
  9. I'm thinking of buying an Echo Trial MK5 24" that comes with an Echo TR rim brake on the rear. Is the newer TR rim brake good enough for a ham fisted newbie? I'm keeping my Flow Plus 24, but would also like to try some 'natural' riding. As a newbie I'm leaning towards the Echo Trial 24, but haven't ruled out the Echo Pure 26. For either choice, should I get a rear rim grind? 24 vs 26, comments?
  10. I would watch your videos! I'm a newbie trials rider, with only 1 year of MTB experience. And I'm old, and so far only riding in my garage (real winter here!) This is a pretty good beginners real wheel hop instruction video: So far I'm only using the box method...
  11. Well played! The Python version of that sketch goes back to at least 1974, Live at Drury Lane. I first heard that album in 1977...
  12. One month? That's excellent! Had you done any trials 'moves' on a non-trials bike prior to the start of the month? What's your bicycling experience prior to the month? I started 2 months ago, but limited to a 10 x 16' garage space (lots of snow here this winter.) You are leaps and bounds ahead of me, literally! ;-) I'm also very old, ancient really by trials standard...
  13. It seemed a bit steep, too much work. :-) So I measured it: 9.5 % The groundhog definitely saw it's shadow 2 weeks ago. 252 cm of snow so far this winter, current snowpack is 75 cm (2.5'.) Snow bank at my front door: With luck my first outdoor trials ride will be mid March, but more likely end of March.
  14. In the youtube comments Sam says it's a Flow. If the Tarty website colours are current and correct, that makes it a 24" Flow???
  15. Will share it too. I'm in Ottawa. West end, right next to many Greenbelt single track trails, with some hills, and a few rocky areas too!