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  1. Nice! Winter indoor practice is great. Here it's currently -24.6 C (at 09:00), my practice space is about +7 C.
  2. That was pretty good to watch! You definitely have some trials riding experience. :-) But that flashing crap at the end ruins it. Do you really want that to be the last thing your viewers see?
  3. Thank goodness the beautiful walls on that claustrophobic track seem mostly undamaged.
  4. Canada, USA, Mexico. They've not yet discovered North America...
  5. Unless you want a bazillion automobile hits, google Controlled Articular Rotation. I already include shoulder CARs with my stretching routine before riding trials. I'll add it for hips too, as curling season (google "winter Canada") just started (already doing other hip stretching before games.) CARs seems like a good idea for everyone, probably more important for old geezers like me.
  6. Finally I can balance a manual on 'the machine' for about 20 seconds. Damn good workout for the core muscles! It will probably be years before I can hold a real manual 20 seconds while actually riding street!
  7. I started in December at 56.
  8. I made one, seems to help me. Don't bother with the 1 x 6 stage and stabalizer wings. The 2 x 6 base is good enough for side to side balance if you're not a complete newbie. If you can trackstand you don't need them.
  9. I bought a new Flow Plus in December. When I bought it I chose the upgrade option to hydraulic SRAM DB5 brakes. Those brakes are OK, but the rear is definitely not as strong as the rear hydraulic rim brake on my Echo 24. With the 2017 Flow Plus you can now optionally upgrade right away to Hope or Magura brakes. Wish that option existed when I bought mine.
  10. Found a couple more small hex keys hiding elsewhere in the tool chest. The one that worked seemed like a 2 mm, but maybe it's 2.5. Old eyes and a measuring tape, no micrometer. Thanks guys...
  11. I've misplaced my Echo Trial MK5 manual, can someone tell me what size hex key I need to adjust the chain? I'm assuming it's a small hex head bolt, can't really see inside the access hole. My hex key set is incomplete. I'm going to buy a new set and want to make sure it includes the needed size.
  12. For comparison, my new 2016 Inspired Flow Plus 24 with upgrade to SRAM hydraulic brakes was about Cdn $1,500, + 13% sales tax. in which Canadian city do you live? I'm in greater Ottawa, population about 1.3 million. There were zero used trials bikes for sale here in December.
  13. I have Five Tens that I use for trials and mountain biking. They have the small size raised circle treads which I find lock in too much with the pins on flat pedals. That's not too bad on the trials bike. But for mountain biking on really technical rocky terrain I sometimes don't get my foot back on the pedal in the right spot, and then can't adjust. Might pick up a pair of these 5 10's for the mountain bike, the tread pattern seem better suited: Local bike shops here (Canada) don't stock the Danny Macs, no surprise.
  14. A friend named his dog Askum. What's your dog's name? Don't pause after the first 2 letters....
  15. That was GREAT!! The music matched your edit nicely. And Ali C still rides smoothly even in fast motion....