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  1. PUSH!: policy=1 If the subtitles aren't appearing, click the [CC] (captions) icon in the bottom-right corner of the YouTube player.
  2. Standing Part 3:
  3. Just finished the subtitles for Part 2 of the Standing series.
  4. (I also posted this over at but, meh, people here should benefit too.) There is depressing lack of in-depth, clear trials tutorials on YouTube(*). The guys behind the main trials shops in Japan (TORAYA/GOLDRUSH) have an awesome series of trials how-to videos. Their explanations are deep and provide great advice of what TO DO as well as what NOT TO DO, but since the content isn't in English, we English-speakers haven't been able to benefit from their content. I translated and made the subtitles for their first video on trackstands (there are 3 on just that topic). I'd like to know if you guys think the content is helpful and whether you'd like me to translate more of the videos. I'm all about going back to basics. Everyone can improve by focusing more on core skills. I hope if this is helpful. If you've got questions, lemme know. * TrashZen is great, but I'd argue that it could be more comprehensive.
  5. I always keep my pedal axles a little behind the balls of my feel, but it's mostly a holdover from my cross country MTB days when it was standard practice to mount your clipless pedal clips there to get the most efficient power stroke. Probably makes less sense for trials. As long as you are comfortable and feel like you have good control, I wouldn't second doubt yourself.