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  1. Sounds good I will use a velcro strap when I can get hold of one. There is a cable tie on it already right up to the top of the fork. It’s pulling the brake cable really tight out of the steerer tube but it still drags. Andy, the gap from the steerer tube to the tyre on my hex is crazy there’s pretty much no gap. Ive solves the problem for now by dropping the pressure in the tyre to 37.5 psi and it doesn’t catch the cable anymore. As ive just come from a mod it feels better with softer tyres anyway. I started with 45 and it felt like a brick my arms are absolutely destroyed from riding the hex this weekend thanks all
  2. Hi all, got it a new hex with the front brake routed through the steerer tube but the space between the bottom of the tube and tyre is tight and the brake cable is hitting the tyre and causing it too drag. Go easy im a bike mechanic rookie, so what options do I have to cure this? Cut the tread? josh
  3. Okay cool I’ll have a scout around when the time comes, I’ll probably just stick some race kings on though.. If it works it works Thanks Ali, the information is definitly apreaciated !!
  4. Awesome, thanks for that Ali! I’ve ordered one already! It’s a no brainier really as I’ll ride natural a fair bit as well. Looks like your progressing on the hex then, sounds good dude. I think it comes with holly rollers, what would be your first choice tyres to swap too? I guess that’s the first thing I should swap out
  5. Thinking about ordering a hex as I want to get into street trials more. Coming from a mod bike I know it’s going to feel huge but I ride a lot of mtb too so hopefully it will feel fairly natural. I also ride moto trials mainly so any skills transfer could be easier.. I know Ali C is loving his hex as I’ve seen in his vlogs. What does everyone else think hex or four play ? The new new hex does look pretty sweet !!
  6. Dude, good work on the beam. I need to get some scraps from somewhere and start building stuff like that. Looking good in the vid
  7. I’ve got a jitsievarial 1010 the 20 inch wheel one and I can’t fault it especially for the price. I do moto trials and mountain biking as well so yes 20 inch felt like shit when I first got on it.. mad crazy twitchy and kind of awkward but now I love it and I can back hop on my 27.5 inch full sus bike now thanks to the skills transfer
  8. Sounds good! I don’t think the dog will be happy no haha! that radical bikes place looks prettt sweet, shame there isn’t anywhere like that in the West Midlands
  9. I’ve got a few pallets. But what else have people made to get some nice stuff to ride on? Could do with a balance beam almost
  10. I’ve not been riding that long but I find I don’t need to pedal kick to static back hop... once your balance is getting fairly decent you can almost just balance on the back without hardly hopping at all.. just very slight hops flexing through the ankles works best. When i first started I was hoping all over the place so just keep practicing !
  11. Yeah I know I get what you mean anything is do able on any bike... but I do like the idea of having a street bike to mess about with at speed.. it’s not just about manuals. and my mod to play around on the back wheel. I can manual my mod bike like 5 meters but it’s pretty hard to get up because of the long wheelbase it’s like a stretch limo
  12. Okay so I’ve been riding a mod for a while pretty okay at back wheel riding hoping up stuff.. side hop ect . but I really want to start learning more manual.. bunnyhop kind of fast moving stuff. Don’t really fancy spending 2 grand on an inspired so it’s a case of is it possible on my Jitsie varial or there’s a TMS champgn?? On eBay at the min for 600 quid or so to get into that kind of riding quicker. Any thoughts on these bikes? Can’t find much information on them
  13. Sweet! I'm at the new side of leegomery near the spar and what not.. Im up for a few riding sessions if anyone's up for it sometime. Could be fun
  14. Hey guys, Im 25 and started Moto trials this year.. a couple of months ago I decided to get a cycle trials bike to mess around on and improve balance/fitness for my Moto trials. I've really got into cycle trials far more than I thought I would and I enjoy them both just as much so if you can I highly recommend doing both. So 2 months in I'm looking like this.. trackstand pretty much until I can't be bothered anymore. Flicking the back wheel around.. almost 180 I just can't seem to get my body around enough to do it fully. Back wheel hops I can pedal kick into them and pretty much hop wherever and turn ect using pedal kicks again pretty much until I get tired (Pretty quick ) I can do small gaps and hop to two pallets high I just can't seem to get any higher. Pedal up to two pallets high. I bunny hop like complete crap and side hops only to curb height.. manual.. no go Introductions out the way, how much difference does bodyweight make. I'm 5"11 13'4 stone bulky build. No doubt it would help but would it be that much of a difference to say drop down to 11 stone? I got a mod bike but I've noticed the majority seem to ride 24 street or 26 competition bikes. Will riding a mod limit the height of stuff I can get up? Would I be better with off with a different bike? I seem to be absolutely knackered after like 30 minuites of cycle trials whereas I can ride my Moto all day. Is it best to get fit by doing something else or is it a case of just riding and fitness will improve? ive kind of hit a platue on hoping up 2 pallets and can't seem to do much else. What should I do next? I know the questions are vague and there probably isn't a right answer but any advice would be sweet!
  15. Hey guys, moto trials rider recently taken up cycle trials 2 months ago to help with fitness but I'm enjoying it just as much... I'm confident on the back wheel and can hop up a couple of pallets no problem. want to take my riding further and it would be cool to ride with other trials riders in the area??