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  1. Not that anyone cares but I thought Id share anyway, painted the frame and here's how it turned out.
  2. Okay, did the coin flip, got purple, bought purple. I'm hoping purple won't show up dirt, chips and other shit like orange may.
  3. The thing is I've had orange BMX's in the past and they look good but I don't know if I want to take a risk and go for something else. First world problems.
  4. So I want to make my bike a bit more bling with a splash of colour over the grey. However can't decide between orange or purple, or mabey another colour. If anyone can help me make a decision I'd be very grateful. Cheers
  5. Might have to whack one of those on the trials bike, would definitely help getting around, and it doesn't look at all stupid and oversized so I don't see what the problem is. Bolt on that massive bag/battery thing and get all the style points too.
  6. How much is it actually rubbing by? Does the wheel not move at all or is there just a lot of friction from it? If it is the second one then you could just spin the wheel for a while and let the disc sort of eat away at the caliper. Might weaken it but it may be better then grinding down bolts a lot which could snap and leave you in a tricky position. Or carefully grind or file down the edge of the disc so it doesn't rub. Best of luck anyway.
  7. That was kind of enjoyable! It's people like him who give bikers a bad name. Not only is he going round pissing people off for no reason other than views, he is inspiring all the kids who watch his videos to do the same. Why can't he spend his time making a sweet edit instead of jumping into swimming pools, or breaking into theme parks. Shame.
  8. No no no no, quite the opposite. 24" provided a way into trials that was much more natural for lots of people. Mountain bikers and BMXers could look at the bikes and relate to it in a way. It looks more like their bikes so that are more enclined to buy one. As for the 'traditional' style. That was completely alien to those guys, they looked completely bonkers and just we're not as functional so BMX and MTB guys were not as interested. 24" has brought so many new people to trials, and has defiantly played a huge part in making it more well known thanks to social media. All the 'traditional' bikes are still out there, there is just lots more 24" in the sport. Which is AMAZING!
  9. Exciting times! I sense another viral edit coming.
  10. Is it possible he is leaving inspired to only ride for SC? He doesn't have the inspired decals on his bike, they are not listed on his Instagram? Have to wait and see I guess. Bet the broken knee is going to sore aswell.
  11. I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, so here goes. Anyone have a clue what this is, was posted on Instagram a few days ago, is it inspired, Santa Cruz, carbon? Looks very interesting!