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  1. Ive got a hope tech 3 trial zone plus 200 rotor and adaptor that I'm selling. Asking £125 for it.
  2. You can do pretty much anything on any bike, it just comes down to personal preference. Considering your height, a 26 might be better as you will probably feel more comfortable with the slightly bigger size, although due to the geo of the bikes its not that different to ride (so ive heard), but yeah, if i were you, id go 26.
  3. I feel a bit bad for him, like he's trying to share his content but it's just become a meme at this point. Funny though...
  4. Mike, I think you are aproching this a little wrong. It's great that you want to make videos and share your riding and you should still do that and if a few things change, I would happily watch them regularly, but it is your choice if you listen or ignore this... 1) Stop the mass amount of self promoting. If you spend your time making high quality content, the viewers will eventually come to you, you don't need to spam every social media platform to find them. And don't click bait. Please. 2) Spend your time making higher quality content, I know you said new videos coming soon and mabey they will be different. But instead of making a vid that's two minutes and only 20 sec of riding, make a five minuite vid with multiple riding clips and mabey even a bit of personality, not pigeons. This may mean only putting out a vid once every fortnight instead of week but it's worth it, then in the future you can up your production of videos. 3) Keep doing it. I'm sure you will get the hang of it and when that happens your audience will probally grow. Just break the bad habits now instead of carrying them on, the world does not need another Harry Main style youtuber, even one is one to many. But overall, good luck! Also you don't need to sign your name on every forum post...
  5. The latest innovation in coil shock technology, designed to give great mid stroke support paired with impeccable small bump sensitivy.
  6. Ah, shame. Cheers for the help.
  7. Is it possible to take a standard sealed disc front trialtech hub with the pinch bolts and 10mm axle and change out the bearings to suit a 15mm bolt through? If so which bearings do I need and will it require new cone spacer things? I saw the cheaper arcade on tarty had a 15mm trialtech so I wondered if it could be done as an aftermarket upgrade? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I bit the bullet and brought MT trails for £150 new, also got ice tech 203 rotor. Which adaptor would you recommend. The bike is 180mm IS as standard. I looked at avid adaptors but it wasn't as simple as +20mm so if someone could tell me what would work I'd be very grateful, cheers!
  9. Oh...
  10. Would it be possible to put a magura calipers with the shimano lever and get the best of both worlds, or is that a bit stupid?
  11. I agree, would be great to have a set of each to try out. Might flip a coin and buy a brake, if it is no good, just sell it and try again.
  12. Actually, having looked around, the magura MT Trail look quite good. Cheap aswell. Anyone have them, if so, are they any good?
  13. thanks for the suggestions. Based on that I guess shimano is a no brainier. Thankyou!
  14. Hi, so currently looking at a brake change on my trials rig. Currently running hope tech 3 trial zone with v2 200mm rotors front and rear. I've only ever used hope but I've found parts are expensive, the feel is not very consistent (despite having new fluid and fully bled) and the levers are a bit clumpy. I was wondering what brakes people think are best for street trials? I was trying to stay away from mt7 due to the price. I saw John langlois runs the mt4 and seeing what he can do I assume they are decent (and cheap)? Also is shimano Saint still a contender? And mabey another brand?! If could suggest a good replacement I would be very grateful. Thanks
  15. Which blue one are you talking about? The newer greyer one or the imaginate deep blue one? Personally I think either the deep blue or the orange was the best as they kind of stood out from the other bikes. Yellow has been done a lot before on the old elements, flows and fourplay so so it doesn't seem as special. Also it's interesting they kept the name. Considering Danny left I thought they may have changed the name as it doesn't really relate to him any more, but fair play to inspired still giving credit to Danny for the bike.