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  1. Comp Win £20 Pounds

    I'mm 99.9% sure the bike shack is allready in use aswell. They sponsored a recent race at Whykhem. I know its not illegal or anything but i doubt they'd be too pleased and you'd probably have trouble with a website etc in the future.... Might be worth bearing in mind Edit: Nope sorry i'm thinking of bike outlet and bike cellar. Bike shack is in use but ones american and the other is motorbikes
  2. Speeding

    It doesn't matter how good'er driver you are you aren't physcic. How do you know someone isn't crossing the road around the next corner, someone isn't going to pull out without looking, even a cat running across the road- if you swerve to avoid it chances are your going to loose control if your speeding. The only place its 'acceptable' is on a motorway providing you aren't up someones arse. I don't have a problem with being in a car at speed but the consiquences aren't worth it. Could you live with yourself if you killed someone just because you wanted to get home a few minutes faster... Although in the words of Jeremy Clarkson "Speed has never killed anyone- its quickly becoming stationary again that kills people.
  3. Camera Help

    Right, I've got an Olympus CM10 camera and i have absolutely no idea how to even start using it properly. i've tried google but my descriptions eg "the button thats says 35-70" don't really help Roll Eyes I've figured out the zoom ok as far as zooming in and out but then theres 2 more dial things on the zoom. One on the end that goes from 0.75 to 10 m. Now this makes it super blurry one way and really crisp the othe so it seems fairly obvious that you use this to select the quality of the picture? Also if anybody can tell me what its called that would be good. The other right at the back is marked 22 16 11 8 5.6 4 and doesn't seem to do anything so whats this and what does it do? On the main camera bit theres a dial on the left marked (going clockwise) Check, on, off Self timer. Then in the middle is a silver handle that spins round clockwise- whats this for? Then on the left is a dial with B, ASA Auto, Manual adapter then numbers from 25-1600. I can select between B, Auto and manual but not the numbers so i've no idea what this is meant to do either. Then theres a black lever and a silver button that looks like something is meant to screw in to it. And finally on the front is a dial that turns 90 degrees with R written on it. I would have a play and just see what everything does but i've got no batteries or film for it and i don't really want to waste money on film and developing pictures when i have NO idea what i'm doing so any help will be much appreciated.
  4. Street/jump Frames - Opinions Please

    Having owned both i'd say the trailstar. I prefer the ride of steel anyway so that would be the main thing but it feels far more stable (with the same kit -130mm forks etc) in the air and its better from the gate if you ever wanted to race. The back end of the Azonic is flexy as hell, i ran a carbonique booster with a maggie and ended up buyind a disk for the back it was so bad. The trailstar is far less flexy- wouldn't even need a booster with it. As for tyre clearance i only run a 1.85 on a 24 but with a 26 i reckon you could get a 2.6 at the most but theres no point having such a big tyre in a hardtail anyway. Theres more clearance on the DMR than the Azonic. I think thats answered everything (Y)
  5. Helicoil Kits

    How much would it be for a heliocoil kit with the tools i'd need to fit it? I've had a look at the site but its about as useful as... Its for my brake mounts so would need to be 4mm. I know theres a few people on here that sell them but do they include fitting tools, do you even need specific tools for them...? Any help appreciated -cheers, chris
  6. Downhill Bike Stolen In Leeds!

    Get it on the forum at disfunktional dirt if you havent allready. Most of them are around the Leeds area and are looking for 2 bikes stolen from near Stif in Leeds so they may well see it around. We should be at wharncliffe steetly and barnsley this week so we'l ask around, see if anyones heard owt. Good luck getting it back (Y) If its not seperately insured it should be covered for about 500 under the contents insurance. I know its worth far more but its better than nothing
  7. Jt = The New Bill

    On the bright side its cheaper than contraception :blink:"
  8. My School Is The Most..

    I really cant be bothered reading 4 pages of replies but theres a simple solution. You live in Porthcawl- you don't need an education. RIIIIIIIIDE (Y)"
  9. Another Question..

    Wasn't he at Koxx days aswell? Should be some footage of him there on the net if you search. His last video is TRAKoxx03 on my pc. It will still be in sites vids and pics. Its quite sickening he's still riding better than the majority of us mortals on his firts ride after getting his pot off (Y) Ah well maybe one day.......
  10. General Election

    Green or Lib dem. Probably end up with a coalition government this time anyway so its not going to make that much difference
  11. Which Gloves!

    Troy Lee xc gloves at 20 quid (in the picture above) or the new air gloves which are a thinner, cooler version so probably better suited to the summer. I've used xc's for about 8 months with no problems at all, i'd deffinately reccomend a pair and the TLD quality is pretty much unmatched IMO.
  12. Removing Flatspots

    Yup thats done the trick, its almost completely got rid of it but i don't want to overtighten the spokes or loosen any off so i'l put up with a little bit of a flatspot. Its quite obvious when you think about it actually :"> lol Ah well Cheers Will
  13. Sam Holmes

    I thought it was good, i don't really like watching street videos but i watched that twice straight off so it can't be too bad >_< Quite a variety of riding which is nice to see, the only thing i would've commented on was when you dropped the wall and gapped over the little fence i was quite dissapointed you didn't gap to the fence but then you did later in the video anyway. Did you break the scaphoid in your wrist? Its quite common to break it without even realising so you end up completely fooking your wrist before you find out its broken. Take it easy -Chris
  14. Removing Flatspots

    Pretty much as it says, I've just re-laced my mono on to a 521 but its been kicking around in a mates garage for ages and has a pretty huuuuge flatspot so it actually drops below the pad at one point. I'm not really expecting to get it right out but i need to remove it as much as possible. Its laced with standard 3 cross pattern, 36hole all tensioned and dished correctly so i've got no idea how to remove it. Its only temporary untill i can afford a new rim as my old 521 finally cracked on the weld but i dont want to brakeing on the tyre
  15. Sheffield 1st May!

    I'l be there if i can get my bike running in time