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  1. Tomm Winter 07/08

    OK, I haven't released a video for a while, but I've been gradually saving up footage so I've had quite a lot to choose from, pretty happy with how it turned out 2 mins 11, 68Mb Enjoy!
  2. I was saying boo-urns.

  3. Are they saying boo, or Boo-urns?


  4. Apple Safari Web Browser

    A triumphant return to form.
  5. Apple Safari Web Browser

    Sponges are natural?
  6. R.i.p. Elliot Cooper

    Shit, that's not good. Thoughts to all the family and friends of course.
  7. Xbox Or Ps3

    What I don't understand is where Farcry/Crysis/Farcry 2 fit together? I thought Crysis was basically FarCry2?
  8. How Do I Go About Getting Discount Off Photoshop?

    Just make sure it's all legit. Buy it through the Adobe site or Amazon or wherever, just not from eBay or some random shop you never heard of. There are people who sell boxed copies of Photoshop for cheap on eBay and they're just pirated copies that cost you £100.
  9. Google Chrome.

    I do agree about the Beta thing but Gmail has been in beta... forever? And there's no signs of changing that any time soon. As for the websites, isn't chrome based on the same software as Safari (Webkit)? So it should render the same.
  10. How Do I Go About Getting Discount Off Photoshop?

    I have occasionally thought about paying for Photoshop. I mean, I use it quite a bit and it's a fantastic piece of software. If I was doing graphics or photography and was using it every day, I wouldn't hesitate to pay the £160 for it.
  11. The Best Halloween Ever

    Hmmm, I've never seen that before either buy I just watched it on Youtube. Brilliant
  12. Xbox Or Ps3

    Well no, the only thing you could feasibly ruin is the hard drive enclosure which is designed to come on and off easily from the console. But I doubt you could do that even - as far as I can tell, it's simply a matter of undoing the screws. But the point is that there are only one particular hard drive model you can use, and you have to do a hack to install some firmware on the drive (from a PC) before installing it into the xbox. So yeah, I'm not saying that the PS3 hard drive situation isn't loads better - it is. I just saw a good opportunity to be pedantic
  13. Xbox Or Ps3

    So does the xbox. Although you can only use certain hard drives 'cos MS has locked it down
  14. Baking Pads.

    Basically when you burn them, any oil that's contaminating them will burn off and produce black smoke. When you burn them, do it until the smoke stops - I.e. when all the oil has burnt off (Then do it a bit more for good luck). You can do this any way you like - with a gas hob, or a blow torch, or even just on an electric hob (or even in the oven, apparently). At the same time, take the disc off and wash it in warm (very) soapy water. It doesn't really matter what you use for this - Either use industrial strength degreaser or simply fairly liquid. I've used this method a few time (gas hob + fairy liquid and water) and my brake has been as good as new afterwards (Although I suppose that might depend on the amount of contamination you've got)
  15. Converting A Mac Format File To A Windows Format?

    You'd need to export it from FCP in the right format. I doubt you will be able to convert from a Windows PC. Maybe. Can you not just export using the Mac? Also, a better question would be "how do I convert this FCP file into a normal video file?" Because it's nothing to do with Macs/PCs having incompatible files (they don't)