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  1. Hey buddy have u posted the trial tech bars yet ?

  2. nice video hoby should have the ciquena done soon so will be back out for summer
  3. Hi,

    I cant message you as im not a propper member but really interested in you inspired. When do you think you can get some pictures up?

  4. yo a few of us are riding ramsgate tonight if you want to head over meeting at seafront at 6pm
  5. yup ill see you there
  6. we did , haha cheers chris not quite there though , fun ride though
  7. a few of us will be down tomoz if any 1 is around we will be at clock tower at 11
  8. Make it Bank holiday monday , a few of us will be down then to ride
  9. Sweet ride , it is definetaly a jack flash , years ago i had one in red and gold wicked frames.
  10. Awesome vid , great riding from everyone and corby skatepark is such an awesome skatepark to ride.
  11. Haha Yeh once ive been paid im going to buy a bigger seat to finish it off and sort out the booster as it looks a bit gash!
  12. updated pic
  13. Just awesome riding , i dont know what else to say im speechless ....
  14. I have one laying around although the thread in the bottom bracket is shagged , but when i was riding it i must say has been one of my favorite frames to play around on.