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  1. Hello, Can anyone help with what frame this is? Also what year? T-comp , T-pro, I can't remeber on the spec. Tom
  2. Might be worth having a read of the side effects if you do plan on using Dianabol: IMO, you can't beat a good healthy diet. A lot of these modern day expensive powders, are packed full of chemicals and E' numbers which can't be doing you any good. It's also important to remember the triangle balance of diet, sleep & workout. You need all three to achieve maximum muscle growth. Sleep is the big one that a lot of people neglect. Work-out hard, sleep minimum 8 hours a night, lots of strong proteins (fish, chicken , eggs) in your diet and you won't be far off.
  3. Hi all, On Wednesday me and six of my best friends all jet off for seven days to magaluf, for summer fun! Looking for anyone who has been before to offer up some advice, especially for places to go and visit, and great places to eat. I'm a massive hater of going on holiday and being dragged into horrible all you can eat and drink places which are overpriced. Also looking for any really good stag do type games that we can play, good to keep the banter & the drinks flowing. Thanks Tom
  4. I can't believe it is possible to be that smooth & controlled, and have that much power simply unreal. Good to see some riding in unusual settings as well always makes things interesting, wouldn't mind having a ride around the wine cellar!
  5. [media=]
  6. Never tried brewing myself but if you like Gin, then Sloe Gin around September time is quality to make and so simple. Leave it till Christmas to mature and it tastes so good. One of my friends has tried this recipe (below) for cider, and it was lethal due to the fact he upped the sugar content. Nice easy way to start though as it only takes a couple of weeks from start to finish. If you want to start brewing from home the trick I have always been told is make sure everything is extra clean. If it's not then the taste will be effected. The economics of it does not really make sense, so if your looking for cheaper beer then don't bother. Just pop off down to tesco, buy yourself a 4 pack and forget about it.
  7. Yep working for me now also thanks!
  8. Nice little edit there, loved how smooth your riding style is, very easy on the eye!
  9. The distance and then smoothness you manage to gain when gaping to front should not be humanely possible. Only criticism from me is the camera quality, would make it even better in HD!
  10. Yea ok that was some monster riding, but it lacked any sort of fun element which for me made the video monotonous and boring. There was no "I must watch this again" feeling I get from most of Macaskill's videos for example.
  11. Seeing Dougie as some what of an icon growing up, seems a shame to see him now "performing" in very average event promo's. Give us some action!
  12. Depends what you can handle, and how much time you have But I usually start off on a couple of beers, then do the 30min bottle of wine challenge. That's all in for less than £4 (if you go for a cheap bottle) bargain.
  13. The truth is that we as humans on this planet demand it. I in no way defend the damage it is doing to the environment, but this is happening all over the world due to oil and gas extraction projects. But we force this due to out daily consumption patterns. There is an obvious lack of sustainable strategy's, and I also agree more should be invested. From my background I know that in many wells that are drilled, as little as 30% of the extractable oil is actually being taken out the ground. The use of chemicals could reduce the need for drilling new wells, hence reduce to a certain extent the effect on the environment. In terms of actually running out of Oil, I am personally of the belief that it is at least two generations away and hopefully by then there will be solutions...
  14. really good website, compares all the best prices from most of the major parcel companies. The one I always use, last trials bike I posted was for £7.98 i think. Halfords give out free bike boxes if your lacking packing equipment.