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  1. My fish Mikemobile
  2. I saw you! I was riding past on a black motorbike as you were unpacking the van.
  3. It's originally on windows 6.5 but was shit so I've installed android. It's in near perfect condition, bought it for £220 about 3 months ago
  4. I've got a really nice htc hd2 for sale. I've flashed it with android 2.3.4 etc and it all works perfectly. £160?
  5. They roll amazingly fast at 60psi. I'm using it to ride to work on and go on the bmx track mainly so they're perfect for it.
  6. End of the world. I made a mistake.
  7. Three topics? And stop your moaning.
  8. My Specialized fsr xc expert and my new Orange Pure7. The Orange is awesome!
  9. My Specialized fsr xc expert and my new Orange Pure7. The Orange is awesome!
  10. Modstock yahoo group and bashguard. Been here from day 1 pretty much
  11. I sell these all the time, great bikes for the money. 20" is referring to the frame size btw. We're all experts at my store, so come and see us if you're not too far away. (Blackpool)
  12. Nice! Did I see you come into work and buy the paint the other day? Should of come upstairs and got discount lol.
  13. Haha that was scary, not as scary as the ghost feeling after watching paranormal activity lol
  14. Why are people that have been here for such a short time taking the piss out of him. All of this happened years before you were on this forum.