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  1. DSC00510.JPG

    From the album airsoft

  2. Check my wanted thread. Got any of the shit I need? Can get it tomorrow if you have :D

  3. Certainly have! Went there yesterday too, in fact. Pretty fun. The older stuff further up's fun too. Not too familiar with South Shore, although I think I may have been in that Halfords before on a satin black spray paint search...

  4. Cool you should come say hello, I work at halfords near the airport. Have you ridden the new prom in cleveleys yet? Its perfect for brakeless riding!

  5. Did I just see you on Blackpool prom with Ali C and Stan etc? I was riding past on the motorbike and saw lots of riders.

  6. Death Magnetic

    Amazing album, had it on constantly for a few days now.
  7. Trials Bikes On Credit ?

    Phone around and ask if anyone deals with a company called MooreLarge. They're the new distributors of Onza now but they also do a lot of other high end products so a lot of fancy bike shops will have an account with them.
  8. Competition: Name For New Heatsink Pads

    Jizz and piss
  9. Any Ideas On A Bmx Flip Flop Hub With 14 Mm Axles?

    Seventies did a nice one
  10. What Are You Listening To?

    Bring me the horizon-braile
  11. Guess The Movie Thread!

  12. Guess The Movie Thread!

    Come on lol
  13. Guess The Movie Thread!

    the departed