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  1. I've literally just got a new trials bike after being away from trials for 7 years. I'm in Telford too! Not sure I've ever actually ridden Telford...I grew up riding in Wolverhampton.
  2. Czar Ion from tarty!
  3. Cut out of a single billet of unobtanium! Manuel, if you want to get an idea of what's involved in Fusion 360 and machining parts in general (although mainly aluminium) then definitely subscribe to NYC CNC: https://www.youtube.com/user/saunixcomp
  4. Purchase made!
  5. Hi all, I've noticed the release of the new Czar Ion 24" on tartybikes. Having a look around there appears to be several versions of this? Before I potentially make a purchase, does anyone know if there will be any new or upgraded models released over the coming months? I've noticed the Ion Pro and Neuron?
  6. In terms of taking designs from CAD to CAM it's quite easy. I'd definitely recommend Fusion360 (it's free!) as it's a completely integrated environment and very easy to learn. A lot of the skill is involved in selecting appropriate "speeds and feeds" as well as all the setup involved in work holding the material you are going to cut. If you are doing simple "2D" parts from sheet then this removes quite a bit of complexity but still requires some thought.
  7. I've built my own CNC router. You definitely want to head over to the www.mycncuk.com forums. Nearly everyone is using Mach3 for the control (along with something like a Smoothstepper motion control card) - that's the setup I use anyway. It's certainly a fun project but can get expensive and very time consuming! Make sure you are realistic about your requirements right from the start. I wanted something to do a bit of everything but what I've really realised is I want something for almost exclusively cutting aluminium. I would of designed things differently from the start if I'd of known!
  8. Picking up my father in-laws 1999 Bandit 1200 tomorrow! He's owned it from new but it hasn't been used since about 2010. Less than 9000 miles on the clock! I feel like I'm getting my motorbike bug back again. I'll need some new leathers... any recommendations on a budget 2-piece suit?
  9. Hi all, Looking for new car suggestions if I may. My LC has been a blast but it's getting quite tired now. I don't want to spend more than £4k ideally. I am wondering if to go for a diesel as I'm doing 350 miles/week. I think it needs to be a 5 door and I'd still like it to be nippy but may have to compromise this for fuel economy. 35+ mpg ideally.
  10. Runs Android 6.0, I think that's marshmallow? Got mine on best offer for £150. Quick delivery from Germany by UPS. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112378645691
  11. Cheap android head unit for the win...
  12. LC 1.8T K04 064 turbo conversion....Yay or nay? Rediculous for a daily?
  13. Hi guys, A quick, and perhaps dumb, question!... The engine in my LC is starting to rack up the miles now (150k). There's nothing wrong with it (touch wood) and the cars going well. If I wanted to keep the car for several more years, would it be worthwhile rebuilding the engine? Can a 'basic' rebuild be achieved at home with an engine crane or is it much more of a specialist job? Will cylinders require re-honing etc to do a proper job or could you replace piston rings etc without? Cheers, Dave
  14. Car choice question (for high mileage) There is a possibility I might be taking a new job which would entail 102 miles of driving a day (motorways). I would be looking to keep costs down as much as possible but would also want something comfortable and not lacking too much in power. I think cruise control would be very useful and I would prefer 4 doors. Current thoughts are a VAG 1.9TDI of some description?
  15. All sorted (touch wood), cheers for the help!. It was actually quite straightforward with dropping the subframe. Didn't have one of the banjo bolt copper washers so re-used the old one. Hopefully it will hold until I get round to replacing it.