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  1. Not likely unless it was already off square or theyre countersunk bolts that forced the mount to deform. Though I suspect they were flat faced bolts. Which if the shims caused the caliper to sit out of alignment as said above could cause internal stresses which after loading further through riding, could have caused strain and lead tofailure. Though theoretically if you tightened it enough the alloy (whatever it is), the caliper is made out of, is obviously going to be lower in terms of mechanical properties than the presumably ms bolt.
  2. In theory a sandblasted surface has a larger surface area in terms of heat loss etc for an engine for example, however this isn't of too much relivance here as the peaks and troughs will actually make less contact area so I'm thinking your force from the the brakes will have less contact area hence higher pressure between the rim and pads. Saying that though I'm sure pads will last a fair bit less time.
  3. Must admit I haven't ridden it yet as need to get the rear wheel re laced up. But I have a longer Thompson Stem sitting around spare if need be.
  4. Here's a pic of her now complete. Other than getting the rear wheel relaced and the front trued up she's finished.
  5. Here is one the above frames almost finished, just waiting on a few bits to arrive like seat post, peddles, stem, and front brake so can then finally take it for a ride. Also have a matching planet x saddle to replace the out of place mini seat.
  6. Is it for the zebdi? I'm having a similar dilema but thinking of trying a trialtech stem with the pair of old tryall bars i got with the frame first, well before shelling out on more anyway.
  7. He still has a pashley mhz too but prefers his onza. There's a few others of us from that era still kicking about. Shame we've got old and not kept it up to be honest. So much harder now than 15 years ago.
  8. Personally I think the little story made it, some good riding also but it had I think a very well put together feel to it, even the music fits perfectly.
  9. I have a set of azonic bars but actually prefer these and couldn't find a stem to fit them. As for the rim no thanks this is fine. It's built as I want it so fits perfectly what I want it too, besides I have 3 bikes so I won't be killing this anytime soon. And this has a middleburn pro trial bashgaurd it's just smaller.
  10. Here it is. Other than an inner gear cable she's finished.
  11. I'm loving this. The corners and bending machine look spot on and also your welding is loads cleaner.
  12. Doesn't need a higher stem it isn't a modern bike is it. I've been through finding the best set up back in the day (late 90s onwards) and know this will work much better than a high front end. And again the seat is temporary as I said.
  13. Here's my oter more modern bike which I've treated to a pair of pro 2s today so finally can get rid of the freewheel up front
  14. Yeah I don't much like the mini seat either. Why go dx32 when this rim was sat in my garage doing nowt and free. Anyway elite fatso ora BMF would be the ones to go for but couldn't find either.