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  1. For me, a 8 hour sleep is more like two 4 hour sleeps. I'm always awake at some point right in the middle for a short period of time. Sometimes I go pee. I fall right back asleep though. My advice would be to just lay there with your eyes closed. You may find that within 30 mins you'll be back asleep even if you feel wide awake. Ever considered sleeping with an air purifier on? The sound doesn't take long to get used to with it being very consistent and it blocks out most other noises. Also, multivitamin. Try for a month and see what happens. You didn't mention what time you go to bed?
  2. I think I last went to the dentist when I was 19 and now I'm 31. Problem is I still have two of my baby teeth and they're looking a bit off colour these days. I really should make an appointment.
  3. She got me a new CPU for my PC. I mean, I bought it, installed it and used it for a few days and then told her that's what she got me. I got her a ipod nano because she's been asking for one for f**king 2 years.
  4. I've got 4 chromecasts in my house and one is an ultra. I'll wait till amazon see sense, I'm not playing their game.
  5. Massive improvement over season 1. Looking forward to the rest of the season, just wish Amazon would allow it to be cast to chromecast so I can watch it in 4k.
  6. My guess is there's no point putting the car though the stress of high acceleration when you're trying to go for top speed.
  7. Was she actually not wearing a seat belt, or did he just make that up to give her a lesser ticket?
  8. Brand new bike. Had to adjust the height of the front derailleur, it was set too low and would rub on the biggest ring. Set low and high point, aligned the center and went out for a test ride. Everything seems fine but on the way down from the biggest ring to the middle ring, the shifter skips right past the middle ring and drops down to the smallest. Any ideas on how to fix? Shimano Claris, flat bar setup.
  9. Fixed! Sidepull, same as on road bikes. And yes they do have long levers. They're basically on a road bike with flat bars. Yeah I had a bike a while ago and I changed it so it was like that. With these this isn't an option as far as I can tell. I'll just learn to live with it, maybe move them closer to the grips a little.
  10. Shimano Claris 8 speed. They do appear to be detachable, but I don't see a way around it. A previous bikes I had I was able to move the shifters onto the opposite side of the lever.
  11. Just putting together a new bike and I had to move the break levers inwards the best part of two inches so that my index finger lined up with with the tips of the levers. Now the attached gear shifters aren't in a great position. Is this just me or do other trials riders find this problem?
  12. I'd give it two more episodes. There's a lot of character introduction that can get a little tedious but it gets better.
  13. Have you tried leaving the password box blank?
  14. Haha, well that's not my experience. Although I'm renting movies as soon as they're coming out so maybe that's the problem. I had to buy AnyDVD HD just to get past the encryption for them to even play.