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  1. Putting it in the calendar incase I can do it.
  2. Yeah definitely
  3. Ah like this...
  4. Says not available for the (red) "Team" model, but says is available for the grey one.
  5. Perhaps it had some odd arrangement of its own. Remember the old torsion bar Hope brakes, where you had a different hub/axle arrangement etc? I have a stack of them, various issues that survived clear-outs usually because they had trials stuff in.
  6. Mine does as well but the dropouts are removable. I think there must be another variation of the dropout that includes the other hole for the disc mount. My plans is to take some flat ally plate and make one.
  7. Catalogue scans from 2002, internal headset mystery solved - later ones had it, either with four-bolt mounts or V/disc mounts. Interestingly mine has four-bolt and disc so still doesn't quite fit...
  8. I think this is that same frame being used by Rick Eyre at the 2002 BIU Hook Woods round...
  9. Decided it was about time I salvaged the brakes off an old Monty which has been behind the shed for years, so I went out in the snow. This is 1999: I think that's a pretty good history of Racelines ; )
  10. I can't see that picture either. You occasionally see the old IRC Kujo and El Gato (as Akrigg is using in those pictures I posted) tyres for sale but it's hard to find unused ones. They were the tyres to have back then.
  11. So I went digging in my box of parts. I thought I had a set of Raceline D but I don't. Found these though (dates based on casting stamps)... Top-left, 1994 with sticker for logo, ball-ended lever blade. At the back 1996 with the TPA. Then at the bottom 2002 with the U-section lever blade: And then 1998, just like the first set I ever bought:
  12. Also interesting are the spider-mounted wavy rotors. I know Hope sold 6 bolt ones to the public but don't remember ever seeing the old 5 bolt pattern. I will be getting some made eventually, happy to get extras done.
  13. I found this article in the November 1999 issue of MBUK. This is what I'm using as a spec guide for my own Pace build so you might find it useful. I'm still yet to see a photo of another one with an internal headset like mine though...