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  1. Surprised you haven't grafted a carry handle onto that bike by now...
  2. I think it's just the angle of the seat tube making it look like that. From memory they are 385mm.
  3. Meanwhile, since the thread has resurfaced, some entertainment from around the UK: Being stabbed in the leg? Laptops thrown at you? Being deprived of sex and told you can't look at porn? What kind of dumb lads put up with this shit?
  4. Yeah that's exactly what happened to mine. I was trying to pretend they looked normal and hadn't changed until someone else on the ride said it was just getting silly now... I reckon iffy heat treatment for sure.
  5. I had a pair of those red forks in 2005 and they bent, easily, on the first ride I went on. Ashton Bikes changed them for a replacement pair with no drama, so I think they must've had a bad batch. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  6. You wreck every video by putting those stupid black frames every few seconds, what's that all about.
  7. Amazing! Initially I thought this was a 'for sale' thread and I was going to have to have it!! Even though I still have my own one. That frame/geo with those bars was the most fun setup I ever had. Love it, hope it gets some use!
  8. ...yet.
  9. Haha like the girls who say "I always seem to attract bad guys..."
  10. That's a belter Mike!
  11. Endless drama at this early stage - just move on, seriously it's not worth it. And f'ck being an emotional punchbag for a bipolar girl.
  12. #metoo
  13. When it all gets too much then you know where to go...
  14. *COPS CALLED!*