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  1. F1

    These cars are starting to look ridiculous.
  2. One year it would be great to have a pre-2002 (or thereabouts) fun trials comp, maybe at one of the 'fests'.
  3. He'd probably be more useful to the spooks whilst alive though. Plus the paramedics generally have a duty to help people regardless, which in itself is honourable.
  4. He seems to really enjoy it too, just going out and having fun.
  5. I have Freeriders which I bought because my softer Vans shoes weren't giving my feet much support, and on long downhill rides my feet would ache because the soles weren't stiff enough. Not used the Five-Tens much yet but pleased with them anyway.
  6. That's about what I had I think. It was just super fun, rode quite similar to my Hex. At the time I had that setup (2004-2005) the long bikes were getting in vogue, like the Coustelliers and Koxx (also Atomz etc), but they just seemed boring. I suppose that was soon after the start of the long frame thing, and around the time high BBs were coming in. Funny how shorter street bikes are so popular now : )
  7. Probably my first Ashton, when it had the 2.5" Azonic bars on it. That was the nicest riding trials bike I had, and it was at a time when I was most enthusiastic about trials. The black Ashton I replaced it with just wasn't as fun (and in fact that's the only frame I think I sold - I still have all the others that I rode).
  8. I guess it depends which frame you take to be the "mk2" - I was talking about the second batch of silver ones which had - as I recall - slightly thicker tubing than the first ones. I guess Mikee you're talking about the later red/black ones, which measured about what you said. If you do mean the silver frame then I think the bb rise was zero.
  9. I seem to remember it was advertised as 1035mm with the standard forks, but mine measured about 1020mm. 385mm chainstays I think, 73 deg head angle.
  10. Indeed, overweight baggage charges are ridiculous.
  11. Some airlines will include bikes as part of the baggage allowance - I've done this before with BA and Emirates on Europe-Asia routes. As other people have done, I've generally used a cardboard box and stuffed clothes and other things around the bike. When you actually think about it there's not that much stuff you should need to take with you anyway.
  12. I would rather buy an older higher-end model instead of a newer mid-range one. In 2011 I bought a D7000 and sent it back in preference of an older D300s - I wanted a solid body (less plastic) and a pro-orientated set of controls. Likewise my first full-frame body was a D3, rather than buying a D600 or D750 which I could've done new. I bought a low shutter count D800 as a backup (probably equivalent to the 5d mk3) and it's amazing - again there are full frame options I could've bought new for the same money. It does depend a bit on what you want to do with it. All my kit is used outside in damp, dusty and/or cold environments. It gets knocked about, dragged about on the floor and generally abused, and so good construction and decent weather-sealing is important. I'm all about buying good secondhand stuff from people who've used it and looked after it well (bird watchers, studio photographers etc) - I think that usually represents good value for money, and I'm yet to have any problems.
  13. You could always advertise several different lines of work under different trading names, see which work out best.
  14. That page isn't conclusive on an answer though.
  15. I think that the human mind likes to try to simplify things, and sees girl + boy the same as boy + girl. If you imagine that having the two children are separate events (which they are) then that should show how the two are distinct. Whilst it may seem like the same outcome ("the couple have a boy and a girl") in mathematical and logic terms they're still different scenarios. Let's look at it this way - here are the combinations of those two events: Parents have a boy, then subsequently have a girl Parents have a boy, then another boy Parents have a girl, then another girl Parents have a girl, then have a boy This means there are four different scenarios, with a 25% each of occurring. Since to us two of those scenarios are practically the same, we can sum those probabilities, e.g. there's a 50% chance that the parents end up with a girl and boy born in unspecified order. This doesn't answer the original question - I'm just trying to show how those two seemingly identical scenarios shouldn't be seen as the same thing. The plane definitely takes off.