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  1. It's as obvious as 130 being greater than 112. Fair play though Leon, that's a decent height! Bike's looking good too - geometry looks not far off my mk1 Ashton frame, and that was hands down the most fun 26 I ever had.
  2. Beware though, labs can still pack a nasty bite, as I found out from my brother's one. Became a much nicer dog after he had his sack lopped off.
  3. Times have certainly changed, that's for sure.
  4. My brother had to list his MR2 a whole FOUR times before the winning bidder actually showed up to collect it.
  5. Drivers just do not see bikes. Someone pulled out on me on Saturday in a 40mph limit, and I was wearing the brightest most reflective yellow jacket I own. I only just managed to stop in time. Not really sure what else we can do.
  6. That's if anyone else comes out.
  7. They will, but as usual nobody will be held personally to account. It's just yet another example of how shortcuts, cost cuts, corruption and general slime-ball behaviour costs lives.
  8. JD has a point, if you were serious you'd have put a hacksaw (we know you've got one) through both cylinders.
  9. F'ck.
  10. Please describe in several hundred words exactly how you felt after completing the procedure.
  11. Yeah DUP sound like a regular bag of nut jobs.
  12. I found the best way to deal with it was to vote myself out of Britain! I now live in Berlin (so actually I'm closer to Poland now : ) but the general state of western politics is disappointing. I'm glad that the French presidential election went the way it did - at least there is some sanity left in the world. But listening to the whole Comey/Trump thing, that's another colossal 50 gallon drum of worms...
  13. A divided Britain with no strong leadership, campaigns built on lies and deception. It's just one big shit-fight, it's a f'cking embarassment, even without Brexit.
  14. I don't see how that's remotely a fantastic result.
  15. I think they make other colours too.