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  1. I used to love a good butt scratch, turned out it was worms, and scratching just became part of my life, it blended in to the extent that tearing holes in underwear ended up being a normal daily occurance. Sometime later I decided to co-habit for a while and I thought it unfair that she should have to share a bed with me and the worms. So I went to see a doctor (people had been telling me for ages, "Just see a f**king doctor!") and he asked "How long has this been going on for?" "About two years" I replied. "WTF" his face seemed to say. A simple prescription of three tablets to be taken at 24 hour intervals got rid of the worms and several days later it hit me: I'm not scratching anymore! There really was life after worms.
  2. I'm yet to find anything that feels as natural as the Azonics. I just changed my Arcade bars for high rise TTs - the TTs seem to have more upsweep and aren't that much lower in rise.
  3. I have a 'sticky rib' flavour pot noodle here, Jan 15 date on it, small hole in the lid - good to eat?
  4. I did mine nearly 2 years ago and it was good to get through it all and finally have the licence. It p'ssed me off a bit having to jump through hoops when I could ride a bike anyway, but it's worth it. Good idea to get the theory test done, then it's one more step towards being finished.
  5. Dug out my NSR after about 8 months of it being stored away. Fitted Tyga carbon fibre front mudguard/rear hugger, also did some little jobs like renewing part of the fuel line which was too short (and in danger of working loose) and fitting new float bowl gaskets to the carbs. The idea this time is to have it running properly at the start of the summer rather than at the end...
  6. Probably 0.001% actual chicken anyway...
  7. Bebo all the way.
  8. I read through that too, was interesting. Those earlier bike shows were amazing. I remember one, I think it was 2000, when they had Giant trials bikes you could try out on a course they'd built.
  9. F1

    From what I saw he's still finishing the season, just missing Monaco. I have to say though, I do feel for Alonso a bit - he's a world class driver who should have the tools right now to be up there battling with Vettel and Hamilton. The thing is, how would you ever have any two of those three on the same team?
  10. It wasn't the worlds, it was a national round in 2004. I also went to that world round at Addingham the following year, I think Gav was riding at both those events. I remember talking to him about the newer geometry frames at the world round and it convinced me to buy one. Good days for sure.
  11. I had a hunt through some old folders and found a picture of the Giant frame/forks I have, which came from Martin Hawyes. One of two (or maybe three) given to him by Giant, I think the blue was team only and not available to the public. The other picture is of Martin's bike at the Bike Show 2004. I did build mine up a few years later, around 2008, and it rode ok but not quite as refined as the early Ashton frame (chainstays were too long!!). (I remember asking Martin about the new frame at a BIU round he was riding it in, I think it was Addingham Moorside also in 2004, and him lamenting the fact that Giant hadn't fitted 4-bolt brake mounts - "The stupidest thing you've ever heard" I think were his words : )
  12. It's just as well that humans have a natural lifespan.
  13. Totally. I have enough to worry about in my daily life without having to consider the implications of which alien race infiltrated the government and who's watching me type this via my webcam. Maybe there are 'truths' hidden from us, and maybe they should stay hidden.
  14. Yes, I'm pretty sure they pre-dated the XC ones too. I think they may have made a more conventional fork later. These ones look like 4-bolt, but then again that's Akrigg's bike so he may have had prototypes... Regular ones as sold to customers: