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  1. The YT "Dirt Love" looks good, but they've sold out and I'm yet to hear of them releasing a new version. Likewise the Canyon Stiched 180 and 360 models.
  2. If I had a house I'd definitely be wanting a wood burner...
  3. Only complaint my parents have with theirs is that in the summer they have to heat up a massive lump of cast iron just to boil some veg. For that reason they keep a separate hob too.
  4. Just seems odd that this comes along at a time when people seem - in general - more distracted than ever. I say this because I'm primarily a motorcyclist and drivers' lack of attention is my biggest concern when riding on the road. I've had cars with regular cruise control and used it, although it's frustrating when the car in front is a fraction slower and you have to keep adjusting (or just overtake), so I can see how this evolved. I guess this is all just part of the journey towards self-driving vehicles...
  5. Doesn't ACC discourage people from paying attention? Middle lane on the motorway in particular is bad enough as it is, and looking at some of the drivers there you'd think they were asleep if only their eyes weren't half-open.
  6. Link here for those interested: I do feel sorry for people that get deeply involved in comment matches like this though. I think troll posts are a better option.
  7. It's not trials and I don't care. Watch and be inspired! Proof if ever that it's not what happens to you in life, it's what you decide you're going to do about it...
  8. Is that an RSV 1000? Looks awesome. I was looking at potentially buying one of them as a track/road bike. How does it compare to the GSX-R?
  9. From the article: "he described how he twice warned Mrs Briggs to get out of the way" So presumably despite having time to twice warn her, he didn't slow down. Loads of the fixie riders in Berlin are like that - you notice you've stepped in their way and jump out the way quick, but despite seeing you they rarely slow as if intent on making some kind of point. "The court heard Alliston was depressed" - find me an under 20 year old who isn't...
  10. How did it fail, or don't you know yet?
  11. Pedals are about the only thing I'd keep. However to be fair these bikes don't really look much less ridiculous than any other modern trials trials bike. The little Eiffel tower for the seat is novel though...
  12. That does suck. Some companies are better than others. I buy from and have found their customer service to be very good. You might like to do a WHOIS lookup and ensure you still have it. Although to me it sounds like godaddy just have a rubbish customer portal.
  13. It was unfortunate that Jack missed both those gates because he was absolutely on point for the rest of the competition...
  14. How do you think the other riders would feel (Gilles in particular, given he was the eventual winner) if they'd said yeah ok Jack we'll let you miss that gate?
  15. It blows my mind just how many stories I hear of girls in the UK going full f'cking psycho when things don't end up how they wanted them to be. Is this just how it's done these days?