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  1. Yours looks mint! Recently I salvaged my own one from the back of my parents garage (where it'd been for about 12 years). This one was ridden by Chris Akrigg and then Danny Holroyd (who sold it to me). Unfortunately it's cracked around the bottom bracket so needs some repair work and then a good polishing, but I intend to build it up with parts from the era which I'm collecting slowly. Mine has a few differences like disk mount on top of the seat stay, internal headset and (as far as I can see) no serial number. It would be interesting to hear if Pace have anything to say.
  2. I just bought a winter project, a 1965 249cc Greeves Challenger. Can't believe it's only now that I finally have a British bike (my others are Japanese). Fun fact: in the desert scene in On Any Sunday, the 'Harley Davidson' that Mert Lawwill is riding is actually one of these (albeit it the 360cc version) with Harley stickers. Clearly Mert knew a decent scrambler when he saw one. Plan is to rebuild it over the next few months and then enter some pre-65 events next summer...
  3. Maybe it's part of a deal with other sponsors.
  4. I think the point was to promote that specific bike.
  5. By disgusting I meant 'nae bad' ; )
  6. Getting a bit bored of these slapstick comedy efforts. I liked the last Danny Mac video, I thought that was well done, but this looks like a low rate immitation. More excited about hearing that Akrigg has a new video out tomorrow... (PS that Brandon Semenuk video was disgusting)
  7. I'd get him out straight away. Too many people go through life putting the squeeze on everyone around them, expecting others to take up the slack. Cut this f'cker out and be done with it.
  8. All capitals for the thread title too, getting like YouTube up in here...
  9. I bought a DH bike a few weeks back (Lapierre DH727) after riding a friend's one through an easy blue route and over some jumps and finding it easier and more fun to ride than my lighter, shorter travel Zesty. Since then we've been to a few trail places in the south (mainly Stoughton Downhill) and had great fun. Mainly I bought it for my yearly (but hopefully soon more frequent) fortnights in Morzine/Les Gets, but I'm already finding plenty of fun stuff to ride in the UK, and that's before going to Wales, Scotland etc. Only thing I would say is that given the choice between owning only the Zesty or only the DH727, the DH bike would get the chop... I can't speak for the GT Fury but the Lapierre certainly isn't like the stumpy, heavy DH bikes of old - I know this because I have an ATX-1 in the shed and just helped prep an old Sunn (which a mate is bringing to France, going to be interesting to do a run or two on that, given that Nico Vouilloz had input on both that and my Lapierre)...
  10. It's as obvious as 130 being greater than 112. Fair play though Leon, that's a decent height! Bike's looking good too - geometry looks not far off my mk1 Ashton frame, and that was hands down the most fun 26 I ever had.
  11. Beware though, labs can still pack a nasty bite, as I found out from my brother's one. Became a much nicer dog after he had his sack lopped off.
  12. Times have certainly changed, that's for sure.
  13. My brother had to list his MR2 a whole FOUR times before the winning bidder actually showed up to collect it.
  14. Drivers just do not see bikes. Someone pulled out on me on Saturday in a 40mph limit, and I was wearing the brightest most reflective yellow jacket I own. I only just managed to stop in time. Not really sure what else we can do.
  15. That's if anyone else comes out.