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  1. When it all gets too much then you know where to go...
  3. Those jeans though...
  4. Someone tell the UCI boys that...
  5. F1

    Yeah that was a real achievement. I was watching in a bar and they managed to dick the feed to the screen with about 7 laps left, got it back for last 2 though. Still I did have the satisfaction of clapping Hamilton over the line in a bar full of Germans.
  6. F1

    Great thanks, hope to catch this one, missed all the others so far this season.
  7. F1 Are these the local circuit times, or does it adjust for where I'm viewing the webpage?
  8. The Fatty fork goes quite well if you can find one.
  9. As Ross says graphics are later ones for the silver frame, which is good as I think the first batch were made of thinner tubing or something and more prone to breaking. Wheelbase on mine only measured 1020mm (with a Hope headset) but it was the most fun trials bike I ever owned when I had it set up with 2.5" ride Azonic bars.
  10. Ah so that explains why so many vlogs have titles that seem like they could be covered in about 30 seconds and yet the video is about 16 mins long...
  11. The standard of the riding itself was nuts, fair play on that. The slapstick stuff gets a bit much, and also it could probably have been a minute or two shorter. Would be nice to try producing a video without going for the comedy effect.
  12. Ok I have a question for the VAG fans in here... I'm based in Berlin and I'm looking to buy a car mainly so that I can take my bike to some of the bike parks, plus the very occasional drive back to the UK. I was looking at a Golf estate as they seem fairly common here, at least compared to the UK, and since I'll usually have a buddy or two with me makes it easier to ferry the bikes around. I don't really have a strict budget but as this is going to live on the street and not be used on a daily basis I don't want to be spending a fortune. I was thinking of looking at spending around £4000 on something from 2008 or later. I once had a 2008 1.9TDi hatchback Golf and loved it. But I was wondering if there's any particular engine that's more reliable or cost effective than the others? Anything in particular that's known to go wrong that I should look out for? Or any other advice? Much appreciated.
  13. This is why I've always run gears...