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    i am a keen bike mechanic been doing it since 2001 in shops now at the cycle centre shop in congleton.

    i ride mainly natural and comp style trials
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    congleton, cheshire

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    derek coates
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    24" ozonys king of dunce v2 , inspired element forks, viz rear and front 24" rims, hope pro 2 evo euan beaden front hub, hope pro 2 evo disc rear hub, schwalbe fat Albert 2.4 and table top 2.25, hope trialzone brakes on 180 front and rear, echo tr cranks, tryall bb, tryall forged stem 105x35, tryall elite bars, hope headset, Kmc Kool sl chain, echo tr bash, nukeproof electron pedals, and odi longneck grips.
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  1. my father inlaw lives nearby but a trip there doesn't often lead to a trial bike ride, but maybe
  2. this is a bike trials site, though at hawk nest there is loads of good variety for motorbike trials and some trail bike routes that are a lot of fun too. i know there are some riders on here who ride hawks nest regularly
  3.|sz2O2jybM_dm|pcrid|161811074836|pkw||pmt||prd|31719UK this will work and its well cheap
  4. that's right I haven't riden trials since the end of the 2014 nationals, so still more lurking than riding
  5. I think I spend more time lurking on here than I do riding my bike
  6. looks good mate, my Austin had the tryall sloped Stem 150 x 30 on tryall bars. It rode really well, so well I am in the market for another Austin
  7. bring back spot prizes for low scores, crashes ect ..
  8. I do also but that can be done then your off home before the podium. ( though I do know both of us would normally hang about till well after the podiums) A certificate means you need to wait it out. Till there ready after the podium. See my point!
  9. It may sound silly but would a simple printed certificate to show your place and category to take home, for all participants may help. I think you tried this before. Other than that maybe spot prizes after thepodiums for good sports
  10. sorry those tech diagrams dont show where the spring goes i will get you a picture
  13. hope and sram make 200mm rotors and xt 4 pot should run well on a sram centreline rotor
  14. Has anyone used specialized 2fo flats for trials. I think they would be good