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  1. your shoes do look excessively flexy. I'm not a huge fan of super flexy soles, I think they can feel good on the pedal but I get the fear if I have to jump off the bike. On the flip side, too stiff and it takes away the feel from the pedals and I don't feel connected to the bike properly. Can't say I'm a fan of any of the looks of those shoes you've posted but I used to ride Ribos with the same sole pattern as your first example...never again! Nowhere near the grip offered by other sole types (mainly the hard compound). If you go with something that has a stealth style rubber sole then the pattern doesn't matter so much and you'll be amazed by the level of grip not just on the pedals but if you ever need to take a dab on rocks too. I'm obviously gonna recommend Five Tens, the Danny Mac models are actually the nicest I've used for trials, not too stiff, not too flexible and amazing grip (plus they look like normal shoes too)
  2. Arm pump was the single biggest problem I had in comps! I still get it now if I enter one or ride DH. I found no difference in brake lever positioning but having them pull closer to the bar helped slightly as did thinner grips. Another thing that can help is an elastic band around the lever and bar to make it easier to pull. There was one thing that got rid of my arm pump overnight though...a rear V-brake! You can adjust the spring so it's even easier to pull than a magura with water plus a V-brake has better backwards holding power too which is the direction brakes nearly always slip, this means you don't need to actually pull the brake as hard which is obviously good for arm pump.
  3. I find it's still possible to hop ONTO things with bars forwards, but a lot harder to hop OVER things. Tilting them back tucks the elbows in a little more naturally allowing your upper body to relax. Often (not always) bars forwards can stiffen up the riding and force a more elbows out position but it's all personal preference.
  4. I'm just reminded of the last Southpark series. To me it seems like May is in Mr Garrison's position...winning the polls but not wanting the actual job so May is now trying to make herself look as bad as possible to try and make people vote for the competition. As with Southpark, it seems the public will vote for her anyway despite all the lies, corruption, pocket lining, friend helping, NHS destroying, clueless brexit negotiating, disability benefit cutting, arms selling, data stealing and more. I like Jeremy Corbyn, he actually seems to want to help the country rather than his rich pals. People say he's not a leader, why not? I'd never even heard of May until she was our leader and she seems to be doing a pretty shit job, she's essentially our Donald Trump/Mr Garrison.
  5. What did he say?
  6. really really good!!
  7. tempted! It does clash with Tartydays though
  8. I did enter a comp on my hex and it coped pretty well but the short wheelbase does have it's limitations on bigger comp moves
  9. digging it, however I'm not into that curve in the downtube, I like how it still looks more like a bike now Had a similar idea to do a seated comp style frame myself at some point
  10. Pfffft, upright is still forwards It's all about the backwards sweep!
  11. That is quite a lot of drug use yeah!!
  12. that line was cool, Adam Wilson did something on that rock back in 2002ish, nice to see it's still providing the style 15 years later click me
  13. yeah, I remember he went from a bin onto some kind of shelter and it was f**king massive! More of that would be awesome!
  14. I'm reluctant to post my reply as it'll make me seem negative when in actual fact I like Jack and his riding is obviously good (plus glass houses and throwing stones etc) but I feel the tone was a bit weird. (plus the name of the video has plenty of innuendo) Starting with Mohamed Ali quotes was a bit on the pretentious side personally...I feel his manager/trainer had a lot to do with this video rather than Jack and he does come across as a stereotypical personal trainer, loud and boastful. I've met a load like him and they do wind me up a little...on the other hand I've never met him so who am I to judge? I'd personally rather see a really high riding edit from Jack in the streets or at least somewhere impressive and relate-able, everyone knows how big phone boxes and other street stuff is, less so rocks and logs. Maybe comp guys like the gym training side of things but outside them it's pretty skippable material. With Jack's skills he could link up the most amazing street lines and really blow some minds...I'm crossing my fingers the second part is less of his trainer/manager trying to sell Jack to the world and more Jack's riding doing it for him.
  15. That was such a good point I actually went and tied a string to my bike and got Jane to stop it from falling over. I now know the answer!