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  1. dentists are the worst...unless you get a a good one. I must admit I have real anxiety about my teeth and dentists, when I was younger I was super stubborn and short sighted and didn't brush them all that often, combined with plenty of honey (my dad kept bees) and lots of sweet fruits meant that my teeth have always been a bit shit. I always found dentists to be painful so I put off going for a few years. I eventually got a new nhs dentist and he was considerably better than any I had seen before...I never felt judged, he explained everything and it was (mostly) pain free, even with injections and a couple of tooth removals. Unfortunately he left and I've had two replacement dentists since and they've both been worse than the last...I'm now considering swapping dentists. Now I'm vlogging I'm really anxious about the colour of my teeth, I brush regularly but due to fillings, a fake tooth and general history they won't brighten without major work. I've deleted clips because I just hated how my teeth look. I went to visit a private dentist to get a quote to totally fix my teeth and make them white again, it's totally amazing the technology available that the NHS can't afford to use...from digital anaesthetic to superior fillings and crowns...each person in this place I went to specialises in just one thing rather than being a jack of all trades. Unfortunately it IS expensive, to completely fix my teeth would include a couple of crowns, an implant, two root canals (repairing old ones), gum re-sculpturing, a couple of fillings and a whitening would come to £8000 My anxiety is so much that I'm tempted to get on a payment plan and just have it done, at least I know my teeth are the best they can be going into the future.
  2. such a smooth rider! Good to see TGS alive and kicking and not "shouty" just chilled, smooth and massive! Only criticism I have is I'd love to see more of a range of moves (there were no hooks or pedal gaps etc) but I'll take whatever I can get
  3. Got a new accountant last year, expensive at £60 per month but he's already got me over £1000 off this years tax bill and I'm now owed a rebate from HMRC, that was with only half a years receipts too!
  4. it only lasted a day though
  5. tempted!
  6. bear in mind that just because a rim says it's disc only doesn't mean that rim brakes won't fit. I used to happily run older Spank Spike rims with curved sidewalls with a rim brake, just takes one ride for the pads to wear to the shape of the rim and then you're all good
  7. Cut it on my brake lever whilst doing the last line
  8. smooth as silk, hardly any correction hops...a breath of fresh air with every other rider seemingly trying to cram as many tricks into a line as possible recently
  9. Upside down tripod
  10. cheeky!
  11. Duncan was so good they used him twice in the thumbnail
  12. from my experience, it's a lot harder to unlearn bad habits than to try to avoid them in the first place, like learning to manual 180 with a bitch crank...the technique and body position are so different that learning it with a bitch crank would make it very hard to then take it away and just hop it rather than just trying to hop it in the first place.
  13. The crashes are more a general observation rather than something specific to this video. Not a big deal at all, it's just I've noticed on some moves you've definitely gone past the point of no return which a dab or bail would have resulted in not lying down The oppo stuff and bitch cranks I think was drilled into me from watching BMX (and having Mark breath down my neck haha) and now It's both a blessing and a curse! There's loads of lines that a bitch crank would make easier but I see it like body building, some people are adamant that it should be all natural even if it takes longer and the results might be smaller but some people are happy to take steroids if it means they get the desired results. To me how something is done is just as important as the final result. I think that point can be lost on a lot of riders (especially a lot of the 24" crowd) and the number of riders I see do oppo 360 bitch crank hops makes me cringe a little, I imagine they just see the end result being a 360 without too much care as to how it was done. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there's a right and a wrong, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it! Your riding is incredible and I totally agree that sometimes a bitch is unavoidable so don't think I'm hating on you
  14. I agree, the imagination for lines is incredible not to mention the control needed to pull them off! I will say that I find the holding on till the last moment thing seems quite odd, it's like you realise it's going wrong and instead of getting off the bike and walking away you just go down with the ship or purposefully make landings that on purpose? Also like a broken record, opposite spinning with bitch cranks! Arrrgh!
  15. to give another opinion, I've definitely bent pedal axles (sometimes you only notice when you go on a friends bike and it feels similar to bent cranks) but I've never snapped them.