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  1. what happened?
  2. it's all about the new Hex if you're wanting the most versatile bike, the ability to pop on some comp tyres is a major thing to me plus bigger wheels just ride natural so well.
  3. Good to hear tyre choice ice depends on what you plan to do, the holy rollers are pretty good for street but have thin sidewalls, I’d recommend a dh tube or a tubeless conversion. i had good results with turning a dh conti Dee baron slick by cutting off the tread, still great grip on street but fast rolling too, decent puncture resistance and stable feeling but no good for grass or anything wet. im currently using conti Race King 2.2 front and rear, tubeless front but I’m experimenting with a super thick dh tube in the rear (more rubber gives more bounce, more weight gives more dampening when landing bigger drops) theres lots of tyres out out there so take a look
  4. I really really like my Hex (as you can tell). I've not found many negatives over smaller wheels but many positives. Pros: More rim choices More tyre choices Rolls over rough ground better (better for natural/comps combined with soft compound tyres) Hooks better Static gaps better Ups to front or rear are better lighter (due to lighter tyre choices) Looks more like a MTB Cons: Slightly harder to spin Slightly harder to manual 180 Little bit more spoke flex with rear disc (not too noticeable though) So far I've been able to do lines I wouldn't even try on the Arcade. In the Drop And Roll shows we have one box branded up with Continental logos which is about four and a half foot high. I couldn't get close to rear wheeling it on the Arcade but I comfortably could do it in every show this past weekend on the Hex. I've also been able to hook and gap higher. I've mentioned that it's slightly worse for spins but don't take that as me saying it's bad, it's really quite good for 360s, just not quite as good as the Arcade was. It's definitely my favourite bike I've had for a long time!
  5. potentially stronger, most breaks happen on welds = no weak points (obviously breaks can still happen but you get the idea)
  6. It's the same as my Hex
  7. good work Adam, which hill was that?
  8. it's got a pivotal seatpost mount built into the frame
  9. it's 12mm yeah
  10. also, this is by far the most expensive trials bike ever made!
  11. it's a little bit lighter than my Hex but not much but like Mark mentions the forks are scary light, around 400g I think they said!
  12. It’s totally fine, I’ve used it plenty of times
  13. I'd definitely advise getting a bike that's closer to the type of bike you're used to! That means avoid getting a 20", reasons being: A 20" wheeled bike will feel WEIRD! It'll not feel like anything you've ridden before and will ONLY be good for trials, nothing else! This means it'll be harder to transfer the skills from bike to bike. I'd recommend picking up a 24 or 26" bike, it'll feel much more like an actual bike, you'll adapt to it quicker and the skills are easier to transfer over to the MTB, it'll also be usable in more situations like pump tracks, skateparks and general transportation. They are slightly more expensive than a 20" but check on ebay and you'll find something pop up sooner or later, although if you have the money then Tartybikes have a decent range of bikes too.
  14. I should probably point out I was mostly replying to the comments rather than directly at this video (that first 180 though...). Gotta agree with Ben that those up to fronts are pretty slick, especially considering it's an overhanging table rather than a solid wall, scary stuff!