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  1. Brand new video is online for your eyeballs to look at. Old school trials riders; points if you can name the video this song was used in before! Filmed in Jersey, Dorset and Cornwall, big thanks to Alex Dark for all the stuff he filmed, next video already underway. Enjoy!
  2. Fun little edit of me and Joe riding in Cornwall from last week. Enjoy!
  3. So I haven't brought out a video in basically years despite the fact I do still ride, but I recently managed to take a camera with me whilst riding (and doing a few other things...) and this was the result. The main driving force behind this video is Dewerstone Lifestyle Clothing who I'm fairly involved in these days, but also big thanks to Salomon, Maverick Slacklines and of course the continued support from Heatsink. Enjoy
  4. So, yesterday I kind of broke ten years of being self concious about things and I actually published something on Kindle. It took a lot of time, effort and head scratching to come up with something that wasn't totally awful and that I could just about live with the world seeing, and amazingly when I came back after work the response had been pretty positive. The main reason I'm posting on here is that the majority of people who shared the amazon page for my collection of short stories were trials riders, so in an effort of some vain self promotion I thought it was probably a good idea to post it up here. It costs 82p, and you can read it on pretty much any device. Go have a look. Beyond just trying to get the word out there about my work even more, I wondered if there was anyone else on here who writes stuff like this or even stuff that's not like this? Trials riders are generally quite a creative bunch, and as I know how it felt to be concerned about what people would think if I put all these weird thoughts of mine online, it just occurred to me to consider whether there was anyone else out there who wrote in their spare time, or even professionally. If you're out there, please feel free to share with the rest of the class, and if not, I hope you enjoy the stuff that I've written. Cheers all!
  5. How does he keep doing this? I mean, I'm about ten times harsher than he is as a rider and I make rims last for years. Thats the second time I've seen him do that in a comp, how much must he modify them?! Sections look absolutely nails though, good work on him for trying to carry on.
  6. Front hops are the new back hops. Awesome stuff as always.
  7. A bit of us practising on the new rig for 2013 at Davidstow airfield. Huge, HUGE thanks to Ian at ThreeSixtyDisplay, Heatsink Bikes, Onza and Trials Addict. Hopefully we'll have some more stuff out later in the year, so watch this space. Enjoy!
  8. Everything about that was awesome.
  9. Translation: Now that one of my friends has weighed in, I can confirm that this, is in fact, cool. Carry on everyone.
  10. Yep, it's dropped frames from the camera which are basically unfixable. Hopefully will have something much more robust to shoot with over the summer this year. Glad you guys liked it either way,
  11. Has taken so long to sort this video out due to a plethora of technology issues, but do enjoy nonetheless. Thanks as always to the people who support me; things are a bit up in the air with sponsors and riding plans at the moment but will tell all soon enough Any comments welcome as always, and if someone can embed it properly that'd be wonderful too. Oh, and watching in full HD definitely advised.
  12. To be honest I turned it off about three minutes in. Looked like it had a nice feel to it though.
  13. Only a split second clip of each, but nontheless
  14. As I understand it, what your doctor is trying to explain to you is that adrenalin is caused by things that get your blood pumping due to physical activity but also scare you, creating more adrenalin. It's pretty common for people who (myself included) spend a lot of time in a state of high physical pressure but also fear. What the doc is saying is right, but it doesn't have to be drastic lifestyle change; going for a good 20-30 minute walk every day can usually be enough to burn off the excess adrenalin in your system. The real issues I've seen come from when people do these high pressure sports, but then go and spend the rest of the day driving/in front of a computer/doing menial tasks, etc, etc. But it differs from person to person, so I could be some way off. It's one of those science's that isn't really an exact science. I know exactly what you're feeling, but it just can sometimes take a while to find a routine that works. On another note, upping the serotonin levels can obviously help (exposure to sunshine, sexual intercourse, personal achievement, vitamin D, etc).
  15. Finally managed to edit original post, link should work now!