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  1. You can buy that stuff from Screwfix, I used it on my Vivaro scuttle panel to seal it
  2. I Finally found time to get on with sorting out the free drum sander I picked up a few months back (from @george_seamons uncles workshop). It was 3 phase and the switchgear had issues so I dumped all of that and rebuilt it with single phase stuff. To start with I added a PWM dc motor controller to the conveyor motor and a switch to turn it on and off. The on/off switch I fitted for the main motor will be removed and replaced with a tachometer instead so I can monitor the speed and a NVR switch will be added to control the motor that turns both the drums. The original 5hp motor is going and being replaced with a 3HP single phase motor that I have sitting spare, this is temporary until I have an upgraded circuit added to my workshop for a more powerful motor but will do for now as long as I take it slowly and with very shallow passes. Once I have ordered a new belt (current one is shredded!) I should be able to get it cranking over and earning its keep! I've also acquired four treadmills recently to steal the motors off for decent HP and variable speed goodness to power the following machines I've picked up: Alexander Pantograph (was 3 phase) for £50, it weighs an absolute ton and is beautifully engineered! Now converted to a 2hp DC motor Converted my free Shopsmith from a burnt out 1 1/8hp motor with shit variable speed pulleys to a 2.5hp DC motor, just waiting on new bearings to arrive and that can go back together properly. Viceroy lathe that was being scrapped at the school I taught at, converted from 3phase 1hp to 3hp dc motor. The new motor slotted straight on! I should probably start making things...
  3. Mega, I have an X5 shifter handy so I'll get sorting that! Cheers!
  4. Got a photo of this Ed? I would quite like to try it!
  5. Yeah it's not worth the risk, my forearm got squashed when a jack failed (it also had a slow leak like yours). The doctor wasn't entirely sure how I didn't have any real damage apart from it looking a weird shape for a few weeks and going black. On the flip side I got my Saab onto 4 stands and just as I was adding the last stand the car fell sideways as one stand started to bend and crushed a cupboard against a wall but fortunately the car and I were unscathed.... lesson learnt, buy hydraulic drive on ramps as they are safer and you can get the car higher... oh wait I have had one of those snap too! I'm buying proper garage ramps next
  6. Yep, had that with girls on Tinder too
  7. Depends on what you are doing, a handful of mine are £50-100 and frustratingly they rarely get used but are essential for some of the jobs I do. You can get really dirt cheap ones off ebay, I've used a few and have been pleasantly surprised at £2 each!
  8. If you want a cheap, new and compact router then invest in one of these: Katsu Trimmer It's a clone of the Makita RT0700C and it is very good. I use it in preference to my Bosch palm router, and it's very handy for light duty work. I'm going to be getting the Makita cordless version soon as I'm going completely cordless with all my power tools, but I'll still keep this for in the workshop
  9. So they go straight into the T track? That's a really neat solution! I was given some bike racks that I modified to 9mm axle mount as my forks were too long for the arms to reach the downtube. I then made brackets to allow 15mm and 20mm forks to work too when I upgraded my forks I used a 3D printer to make the bushes to adapt from 20-15mm I also used a 3D printer to make a chainguide before narrow wide was a thing
  10. I've also taken on a house restoration for my friends parents, they have been great and helping me push my skills a bit. I have been recreating/restoring (where possible) the windows on their house, I've got some larger structural work to take on in the next few weeks which is exciting
  11. A pantry fit i took on recently, it was kitted out with a secondhand kitchen unit 40 years ago and the space didn't make any sense Stripped out, false wall and ceiling assed to straighten the room and cover all the wiring MDF units constructed and fitted, these were made in 2 pieces so that they would actually get through the doorway, even in half they still had very little wiggle room! Reclaimed teak top (old science table) gave some character to what it quite a lifeless looking room! I recycled the old pine shelving to make the drawer fronts, stained to match the worktop Led lighting added to the top shelves to create a focal point on the glassware I have since fitted a new light and floor, I just haven't got round to taking photos yet but it looks far better
  12. My workshop has come a long way in 2 years, finally fitted a new roof and I've nearly got my office finished, just struggling to find spare time to do it! I was glad to get rid of the terrible plastic roof that leaked! The roof lights have transformed the space inside, I don't need the lights on during the day now and It is less of a dark and horrible place to be It's 8mx40m so quite a big space to maintain but I've managed to fill it!
  13. Folding racking for my van so that I can transport larger items
  14. Good thread to start Current WIP at home, I added the lights, extractor, radiator and painted it last year but the rest was pretty shit so I wanted to get ripping it apart and sorting it out. The plumbing was awful, the walls aren't straight, the floor has been hacked about loads and it just wasn't a happy room! Plumbers were useless: Image won't rotate for some reason but this is where I'm up to so far, skirting, edge strips and wiring of the vanity lights and shaver socket to go
  15. Just a thought, why don't we have a TF making thread? We have some talented people from a wide variety of backgrounds on here so it would be interesting to see what they have made and pick brains