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  1. I'm not sure if it's my Mac screen being out but the edited photos mostly seem to make your car seem to have a pinkyness to them, much akin to an old and unloved red Vauxhall. Boost the contrast on the original photos a touch to darken the blacks as they look quite grey, and maybe a little increase in saturation to make the red pop more.
  2. Is that the correct red? Your old paint could certainly do with a good polish which may bring the red back to life as it looks fairly flat
  3. Name and shame Mike
  4. It's amazing how cheap it can be to get your car recovered, worth looking into
  5. @MadManMike I've just searched on eBay but they seem to be as much if not more than a secondhand SB600?
  6. I've been asked to photograph my brothers wedding, I accepted but I'm not feeling massively comfortable about doing it as my last one was 6 years ago and I haven't really picked up a camera enthusiastically since. I sold all my nice Nikon stuff not long after the last wedding and ended up with a Nikon D3100 for not much money a few years ago which I play with on the odd occasion... you can see why I'm not looking forward to it! Anyway there is a good chance I'll be wanting a flash as the place is pretty dark and ideally a TTL one at that as hopefully it'll cover up my lack of practice. I had an SB600 and that was great but it seems i'm looking at £65+ for a secondhand one and they are getting on a bit now as well as being pretty likely to fail once they are well used, ideally i'd spend less as it just won't get used enough after the wedding (I do intend on using it every so often though so I can justify buying one rather than borrowing). I've seen a breed of cheaper Chinese alternatives, has anybody had experience with them? There seems to be many versions which all look the part but i'm unsure whether they will be good enough quality for my needs? Ideally I'd be spending below £50 but I'll spend more if it's really necessary.
  7. I'm after a simple steel bush for a tractor linkage, mild steel is fine for this purpose as it's not under great strain or regular use. Dimensions: ID 26mm OD 36mm Width 35mm A bevelled edge would be useful in order to aid fitment. If anybody is interested in it and can give me a price inc postage that would be great
  8. 8 speed is the same width as 9 speed, so you will only be able to shorten for 7 speed
  9. Have any of you ever used Speeduino as an even more budget alternative to Megasquirt? I have only just found out about it, it's an open source Arduino based board which is something I had pondered on playing about with myself, I started using an Arduino to control an air valve in the Porsche but never got any further with it. I'm interested in giving it a go as the Porsche needs some new bits which will exceed the boards cost anyway and it would make a nice little winter project to learn more about engine tuning.
  10. They are covering it fortunately, also the clutch issue was just a popped hose so an easy fix! Selling the car once it's back, we just don't want it anymore and fancy an upgrade
  11. Oh and the Astra decided it didn't like its clutch whilst my girlfriend was driving to the midlands, not sure what the issue is as I fitted a new clutch, slave, hose and flywheel under 3 years ago so hopefully none of those are at fault! Recovery collected her but as they unloaded the car it started to roll off the back as the guy hadn't put the handbrake on... resulting in the car the rolling backwards and and the front end getting taken out as it dropped. Not quite sure where we stand with insurance, I said to wait until the garage have had a chance to see what the issue is with the clutch and if it's easy to fix then get it sorted (presumably insurance will want it to be a fully working car when assessing?) and claim as it'll likely be a write off as there is apparently damage to the rad pack. Kind of hoping thats the case as I really dislike that car!
  12. Just do it yourself Mike, it's pretty easy to use a melty stick after a few minutes practice. I've been working on the van some more, it has had an EML come on that was bugging me and putting into limp mode occasionally. Out came a skanky EGR, rotated the body 180 degrees and refitted, free blanking Then onto the next common issue, injector wiring. funnily enough somebody has been there before and made a hash of it so i sorted those out and added some conduit to protect I fitted a proper bonnet stay clip rather than that wire bodgef**kery I also gave it a full service, added some Forte to the fuel and it was still flashing an EML. I stole a MAP sensor off the spares van and the problem was solved! Next to fit are some new plates, reverse camera, reverse sensors, screen, headunit, sub, ply lining and shelving for all my tools and other shite. I'm loving driving a van!
  13. Did some actual spannering yesterday, I haven't done any car repairs in a while (I guess that is only a good thing!) I had a spares van delivered, engine is seized but there are plenty of useful bits with it (like a refurbished gearbox used for a few months). Hopefully I can make mine look a little bit better too as this is in better condition aesthetically. First job was to strip the front ends off This was so I could get to the alternators, you can do it from underneath but I wanted to check out the condition behind there anyway and bumper removal is a 10 minute job (probably less next time as I wont be hunting for bolts) The white van had a refurbished unit fitted, no idea on age but it works. I'll get the red ones duff unit refurbished and fitted for peace of mind as I know pulley failures can lead to unhappy times with the cam belt, at least for now my battery is charging and I can get around without having to charge my battery wherever possible and having a second battery just in case! Oh and a generator incase I needed to do an emergency charge, over worrying much? I then replaced the cambelt cover as it had been torn in order to fit a new belt, lazy sods! It was catching on the belt and I feared it would get sucked into the spinny stuff and cause engine death. Nice easy job, just whip the engine mount off and away you go. I gave it a good clean whilst I was there, so now it's not totally caked in oil (rocker cover gasket was leaking but has been replaced). The handbrake cable snapped at the front when I was parking, unfortunately the only cable I could get was a revised one that included the intermediate section (revised version apparently). This meant dropping the tank at one side, again a surprisingly simple job. So far I'm amazed how simple this van is to work on, it drives well for a giant tin box and even though it's dog slow it's also quite nice to not always feel in the rush like the Porsche makes me feel. I'll probably get it mapped though as I know that feeling will pass....
  14. Ouch, unlucky Sam! I got the van in the end, all seemed ok for the price and I'm willing to risk it on the potential injectors/gearbox issues, it runs nicely and changes gear well currently. Frustratingly on the way home the battery light came on, the alternator isn't charging. I found some jump leads in the front and noticed he had an extension lead out in the garden but thought nothing of it at the time, arse. Fortunately the spares van arrives tonight (complete with refurbished gearbox) and I'll salvage the alternator off that (assuming it works!) and get the current one refurbished as those freewheel pulleys worry me. Apart from that issue and being totally filthy and faded it seems in good fettle! I lightly went over with some T cut to remove some of the really faded sections, this has worked very well considering how little effort was put in, I'll do a proper polish in the near future and get the bumper trims treated as well as the wheels painted. It is a work van so needs to be presentable but not mega flashy like some of the van owners seem to go for. I've ordered some bits and bobs and I'll give it a service shortly just to ensure everything is good. Is there anything I should be looking at doing as preventative maintenance that is typical with these? Is it worth me changing the gearbox oil to aid the weak box lasting a bit longer?
  15. Thanks for your help Sam, it is much appreciated. I took a look at it and it runs spot on, noticeable smoke and smooth running. It started from cold nearly instantly, so these things so far all seem to point towards it being fine currently. Hopefully a dose of Forte every so often will keep the injectors happy...