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  1. Am the only person that still wants a T raptor because of Akrigg? I had one and it got stolen, I'd love another one!
  2. Sketchy b*****d! Likewise with Tom, I am really careful now as I also trimmed my finger with a table saw. Routers can be lairy things so please take care! I tend to use Trend pro by default for my router bits, Wealden are good also. For the job you are doing then you may get away with something cheaper, I've been pleasantly surprised by some of my eBay specials that I have bought for one off jobs that have happened to come in useful later on. 1/4" shanks require light passes, a good rule of thumb (if you still have any) is to not remove any more material than the thickness of the shank on each pass.
  3. Cheers Tom, it was pretty essential for us to have something like this to maximise storage space as this house is fairly compact. I even added IR sensors so lights come on when you open either door, my girlfriend was very excited about that!
  4. Some bi folding doors I made recently for an inbuilt wardrobe, where the rebate is at the joints I just used an MDF offcut as a sort of biscuit, same applies for a solid wood door though Shit photos but you get the idea! This was my first attempt at this sort of thing and it really was very easy to make them (fitting was a slag as the rail kits are terrible!)
  5. Glad you are making a proper router table, the Elu one has such a tiny surface to work on! I would use a bearing guided rebate bit, that way a fence isn't entirely necessary and you can save time. The KW779 is a great little 1/4" router, I had one for years in frequent use and it just would not die (I sold it recently as I realised I had 11 routers an only used 3 of them1), whereas my Trend T3 was and still is a total shit that I can't sell as I just couldn't be so cruel to anybody so it sits in the cupboard of shame. Speed control fault on your 1/2" router is probably an easy fix, for me it's always been the little TRIAC that has died.
  6. I'd love to but it very much depends on whether I am up to speed on field work!
  7. Cheers Ross, I might just sell the SLX ones as they will be worth more due to their condition, I don't massively care how my bike looks these days as otherwise I'll be too precious about it. I've already got a narrow wide on my bike so I'll chuck this one on my girlfriends bike
  8. I'm a bit out of the scene, I bought a cheap bike with the nastiest frame in the world purely for the forks (Revelation 150mm air jobbies) last night and it happened to have some other alright parts on (hope/mavic wheels, shimano cranks/pedals, narrow wide ring, elixir front brake, funn bars and kore stem): It has Saint pedals and SLX cranks , are they better than my seemingly older but perfectly serviceable XT cranks and nanotech pedals? Nothing wrong with my current setup but I may as well fit the best stuff and flog the rest Thanks in advance!
  9. I can't imagine my Inbred frame is too far off your Intense, makes for such a lovely whippy bike!
  10. Yep short stems are worth the struggle uphill, I live in Suffolk now and it's about as flat as places get so it doesn't matter anymore!
  11. I'd also love to but I'm in Suffolk now so posting them up would make it less than financially viable for you as well as me being also far too busy! Making doors is very easy though, you don't need anything overly special tool wise really. Do you own a router? If you don't then you should as they are one of the most important woodworking power tools to own! Ideally a 1/2" router, fixed to a basic table with a piece of 18mm+MDF or ply on top and away you go
  12. Is that raptor paint worth it @Alex Dark?
  13. *Boring question about retrofitting projectors that i've probably asked before but forgotten the answer* What are the legalities of fitting a projector unit? If you had a bash and the other driver claimed your lights were blinding them and caused the incident then would that void your insurance as they aren't E marked? I've got some spare headlights and some projectors ready for my Vivaro+Porsche and even though I intend on making them safe, I don't want to cause myself hassle down the line.
  14. Fantastic, thanks Mike! Yes if you get a moment that would be great as this is just the sort of thing I've been wanting to build for a while now, preferably with a wooden frame as I mainly work with wood these days anyway
  15. Any more details about this @MadManMike? Has he got a build thread at all?