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  1. I have a feeling it was more to do with ramming it into stuff than the pedal kick Maybe some info about what Inspired have offered to help you out would be a good addition to this thread?
  2. Didn't know they'd changed...
  3. Aah, camber correction is something built into the geometry of the wishbones (rather than an adjustment), so when the wheel moves up into the arch / the body rolls over it adds camber dynamically (to keep the tyres upright rather than falling over onto the outside edges). Poor / no camber correction: Better camber correction:
  4. All 'blobs' on this diagram are centres of ball joints / pivots: So, track rod parallel with lower wishbone is going to be near as dammit. I doubt there is a lot of camber correction built into your wishbone design, so the difference in plane between upper and lower wishbone will be minimal.
  5. No experience with that engine unfortunately - have a gander / sign up to, loads of advice on there
  6. No probs. Yeah, got waaayyy too far in and pulled back a bit now, ha. Depending on which engine you have it may not be worth doing, 1.6, 1.8, 1.8VVT?
  7. Good man! Check sills and front chassis legs are ok, then give is a good service (engine oil and filter, gearbox oil, diff oil, flush coolant and refresh). Next step spank it on the road to see if there are any issues. After that, if you want to spend a bit of cash get a decent alignment done from a reputable place, then take it to the track. Don't be suckered into spending loads of money on it to start with - you'll have loads more fun in a standard car and they are surprisingly quick. Enjoy
  8. Maaayybbee. Inner fat man still comes out of hiding every now and again though Example: Made a massive apple crumble pie (yes, you read that right) at the weekend, using a whole block of butter. Was gone by Monday breakfast. That was after a week of eating BBQs and pasties and ice cream and pancakes on holiday. Back to salad this week Do feel a f**kload better for it though!
  9. I think small, rolling changes is the way to go. A huge change in diet and / or exercise habits won't stick. Swap a pie for a sandwich. Then a sandwich for a wrap. Then a wrap for a salad with good quality protein. Swap a chocolate bar for a yoghurt. Swap that for a piece of fruit. Drink plenty - start with fruit juice or something if you're currently hooked on dirty, sugary, takeaway coffee (for example), then swap that for no added sugar squash, then ween yourself onto water. 4L a day minimum for good hydration and maximum fat burn. A few of these sort of changes gradually will reduce your calorie intake significantly without you really noticing, and it'll stick. Exercise - again - start small. Park a bit further away from shops so you have to walk, do a bit of stretching every morning, soon you'll feel up to more meaty exercise and get 'the bug' again! Your body will start to crave exercise and that's when it becomes easy... I had a similar sort of thing - rode a lot of trials for a long time and hung around 80kg. Then stopped exercising as much and turned into a bit of a blob, still at the same weight. Then changed my eating habits gradually like above, dropped 10kg of fat, then started doing some proper exercise again and added 10kg of muscle. Now I've relaxed it a bit and hovering around 77-78kg but eating pretty much what I want around consistent and enjoyable activity.
  10. Czar are constantly changing the range (we are never able to get two batches of the same bike), so if you hang around for the 'latest one' you'll never buy one, ha!
  11. I think that's a personal thing - I think the Tech 3 feels really weird and don't like it at all!
  12. A screwdriver and a wall? You don't have to be mega anal, just make sure they are pretty flat, certainly not pointing up
  13. In related news, here's what happens when you deliberately give a car LESS grip
  14. That is pretty f**king cool!
  15. Did some brum-brumming at the weekend. Got a bit lairy quiiiite frequently. Didn't crash somehow. Won class by miles both days. Mustn't grumble!