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  1. It's really weird seeing a photo of that bike in really high quality... haha. Looks ace.
  2. Yeah, Gaz are turd. OE manufacturers for the win.
  3. Fish and chips for tea? Winner. Seriously though, if that is what I think it is... great news, congrats
  4. The official Magura ones aren't as bad, but they are a bit slower than normal. They are too short though really, and getting hold of one will be tricky now.
  5. I don't see why not - there would need to be some custom spacery jiggery pokery though.
  6. Mine have been pretty much bang on in the past
  7. The hose is a little smaller, yes, but it's mainly the fittings. Something like 1mm instead of 2mm for barbed fittings, so the hole is only 25% the size.
  8. You can still make them up from Hope fittings and hose, but we don't recommend it as they make the brake feel really sluggish.
  9. The Baron isn't far off the Kaiser, hence me recommending it given your requirements
  10. Baron is the best of that lot.
  11. Go for 5 smaller meals instead. Will help you keep topped up and you burn about 40 calories digesting each meal too. How much water are you getting through? 4L+ a day should help with hunger!
  12. Good outcome in the end then - glad to hear it!
  13. Carried on - don't let it put you off. The majority of people are actually decent human beings
  14. Sounds familiar... I hope it goes smoothly from here for you dude
  15. No probs I've never dealt with a lettings agency before - the thought of those slimy twats taking 15-20% for doing f**k all always put me off - but my gut feel in this circumstance is that you'd be in the same boat or worse. You would either have to do the legwork anyway, or pay them to do it with commission added on top...