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  1. Have done exactly this before - works a treat.
  2. Also shocked / impressed at how good the 135 freewheels have been. That would be my choice if budget allows
  3. Gin is rank.
  4. Agreed. I did buy Jane a bottle of that gin though. It's pretty cool!
  5. Bottle of this?
  6. Similar thing here - although the opposite way around! My right leg is far more developed than my left, and this caused some pretty nasty left knee issues when I started running / hiking earlier this year. Something to bear in mind for trials riders I think, we use odd muscles in weird ways, so your comment about doing lots of different activity is a prudent one Andy, especially as you get older.
  7. I think they call it a hand?
  8. Welcome - and yes, done quite a few!
  9. I guess so in theory, but in practice it doesn't shift. In my experience the bolt doesn't fit tight into the hole on the frame normally anyway, so I guess this is no different?
  10. The plain (non threaded) part of the bolt hasn't changed thickness, it's the same as the minor thread diameter of the standard bolt
  11. Probably not any more sadly, could be worth a try though.
  12. It's a Hope #3 caliper, for 180 rotor. The 175 rotor is a custom size, nobody will have it in stock. Other option is to file the threads off the bolts for the section that goes inside the frame, this will allow you to lift the caliper up a little - usually does the trick.
  13. This exact issue is why we got some 175s done (it's a custom size)
  14. There is a bit, but I think with the game being English-based, it makes it tricky for some countries.