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  1. Don't think so... pics?
  2. Seems like it'll be the perfect answer to a lot of 24" 'problems'. We've got some on order.
  3. First video was awesome! Such a cool vibe, everyone having fun... loved the helmet throwing too
  4. Couldn't have put it better
  5. Ah, I need to learn to read
  6. I'd probably pull the head, will make removal a LOT easier since you can then heat around the siezed plug. New gasket is ~£20 and you can re-use the bolts. It's a scary job first time but as long as you are methodical you'll manage it no probs Mike!
  7. Need more info... Finally someone else with a proper car
  8. Yeah looks sturdy enough
  9. Use steel bolts if you have issues with them coming loose. Make sure you use grease as well as that threadlock, or the bolts won't be coming out again.
  10. Try a little more torque, 8Nm should be safe.
  11. Ignore the computer, do a full tank before worrying.
  12. I quite like the doors, haha. Car is wacky, doors are wacky, s'all good.
  13. This is a great brain teaser! Hmm. I don't think it's as simple as 50:50, because you know there are only two data sets and you know they aren't exclusive of each other due to your prior knowledge. So........... Thinking through this out loud... there are 2 possible sets of data: Set a - 1 boy (item 1) + 1 boy (item 2) Set b - 1 girl (item 3) + 1 boy (item 4) They have brought one boy with them, so either they have brought item 1, item 2 or item 4. If they brought item 1, that leaves item 2 at home. If they brought item 2, that leaves item 1 at home. If they brought item 4, that leaves item 3 at home. So that leaves 3 scenarios for the remaining item - boy, boy, girl. So I'd say the possibility of the remaining kid being a boy is 2 out of 3. Wow, my gut feel was 1/3 but my (probably flawed ) maths said otherwise!
  14. Oh I see. Not really. Grinder, welder, sheet of thin steel, go crazy!