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  1. I guess so in theory, but in practice it doesn't shift. In my experience the bolt doesn't fit tight into the hole on the frame normally anyway, so I guess this is no different?
  2. The plain (non threaded) part of the bolt hasn't changed thickness, it's the same as the minor thread diameter of the standard bolt
  3. Probably not any more sadly, could be worth a try though.
  4. It's a Hope #3 caliper, for 180 rotor. The 175 rotor is a custom size, nobody will have it in stock. Other option is to file the threads off the bolts for the section that goes inside the frame, this will allow you to lift the caliper up a little - usually does the trick.
  5. This exact issue is why we got some 175s done (it's a custom size)
  6. There is a bit, but I think with the game being English-based, it makes it tricky for some countries.
  7. Yeah I'll give it a go! Normally tend to do 'karting lines' but it'll be interesting to see how that compares... Nice one.
  8. Interesting technique! Can see it working in the video, I've not got sound on but the way the camera shakes when you do it is the giveaway I guess it makes it easier / safer to push hard on entry which is where you then gain the time?
  9. Do you ride with or without gloves? If without, try Trialtech Foams.
  10. I have a feeling it was more to do with ramming it into stuff than the pedal kick Maybe some info about what Inspired have offered to help you out would be a good addition to this thread?
  11. Didn't know they'd changed...
  12. Aah, camber correction is something built into the geometry of the wishbones (rather than an adjustment), so when the wheel moves up into the arch / the body rolls over it adds camber dynamically (to keep the tyres upright rather than falling over onto the outside edges). Poor / no camber correction: Better camber correction:
  13. All 'blobs' on this diagram are centres of ball joints / pivots: So, track rod parallel with lower wishbone is going to be near as dammit. I doubt there is a lot of camber correction built into your wishbone design, so the difference in plane between upper and lower wishbone will be minimal.
  14. No experience with that engine unfortunately - have a gander / sign up to, loads of advice on there