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  1. From my experience it works fine if you put the holes in good places - such as within gussets or in areas of minimal stress.
  2. We did the Corryhully Horseshoe:, only saw 3 other people all day, amazing!
  3. What rain? Twas lovely up in Scotland Bagging my first Munros makes me happy. And Jane cracked her first munro in 2 years after a nasty knee injury. Bazinga!
  4. That's what it looks like. I would guess that orange frame has cost something in the region of £50k to develop.
  5. Hi Adam,

    I read in an old thread that you (well at least I think it was you) had a T-Rex frame many years ago and drilled it out to lighten it. If so, have you got any pictures of it? I've acquired one on eBay as a spare frame and would be interested to see what could be done with it. 



    1. Adam@TartyBikes


      Nope that wasn't me unfortunately! Cheers.

    2. Pea Green Pete

      Pea Green Pete

      Hmm, the search begins!

  6. 15-16th September, Barrow Farm.
  7. Have you changed your name to Stan and sprouted a vagina? It came with the car - make one from a bitta perspex and some elastic straps?
  8. No rain = roof down. Rules is rules. The UK really needs to sort it's shit out when it comes to snow. Compulsory winter tyres would make such a huge difference, like they have in Europe.
  9. I'll email you now to arrange collectoin of the parts bud :) 

  10. If anything breaks, it'll be the ratchet stripping out of the hub shell. If it's not bust by now, it should be ok. There's no real way to beef one up.
  11. Have done exactly this before - works a treat.
  12. Also shocked / impressed at how good the 135 freewheels have been. That would be my choice if budget allows
  13. Gin is rank.
  14. Agreed. I did buy Jane a bottle of that gin though. It's pretty cool!