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  1. That sort of thing does work well, or maybe some better-shaped deflectors. I ended up with some curved fibreglass ones on my Clio. Dunno if the thread is still on CS... I remember Tony Hunter calling me out for them being too posh, lol. Don't just send the air to the braking surface btw, it needs to go into the centre of the disc - so the cooling vanes are fed.
  2. It is...
  3. Maybe not...
  4. In all my years I've not heard of anyone wanting this before... so... I think that means you're 'special'
  5. Three Sisters is owned by Wigan council, The Racing School were hiring it off them. TRS went bust but a few local motor clubs have been able to hire it on a one-day basis to run their events Fair enough Mike, you could just live with it though Like a James Bond smokescreen.
  6. Not even with the engine out the car - a set of valve seals, a valve spring compressor and a head gasket costs as much as a replacement engine!
  7. You need someone to follow you. Blue smoke on power is piston rings, on overrun is valve stem seals. Neither of those jobs are worth doing, though...
  8. Revised mobile list view layout is now live, as well as some tweaks to how the pages load especially when moving between product pages and list pages. We found it wasn't as intuitive as it should have been, sometimes punting you back into a different place. Cheers JD - got some basic stats running which are enough for me, I'm not huge on stats etc. as you know!
  9. I don't believe you can (with regular tools)...
  10. Worked for Brexit... I do like Labour's policies but I too can't see where the cash will come from for them to deliver. Again, worked for Brexit...
  11. Looks pretty normal for an MX-5! They run rich at full beans - have seen 10:1 AFR before. Just spank it til it dies!
  12. More brum brum noises from me. Sprint event. Left the trailer at home, drove it down there, took no tools at all (not even any fuel or a tyre pressure gauge), won the class vs a 260bhp Westfield on soft tyres and a 270bhp Caterham on super posh sticky tyres, then drove it home again ready for commuting to work in the morning Was SO good to feel so 'baggage free' and just enjoy it...
  13. i was just wondering what be the best way of installing a star nut into a fork with a sloping  sterer tube 

  14. It's not though, is it...