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  1. Haha, yeah I missed that too! Good lad Dan. How's the Clio doing?
  2. Clean / Crewkerz are the strongest / best.
  3. And why make them 8 times stronger? Maybe they just like the number 8 so every stat to do with those wheels is an 8? I love the idea and I can see it working well, but marketing bullshit can do one!
  4. All that effort and still 4s a lap slower than a 1.6 MX-5 with a standard engine Seriously though, that's a proper top day considering how much work you've done to the car! Enjoy Cadwell
  5. From my experience it works fine if you put the holes in good places - such as within gussets or in areas of minimal stress.
  6. We did the Corryhully Horseshoe:, only saw 3 other people all day, amazing!
  7. What rain? Twas lovely up in Scotland Bagging my first Munros makes me happy. And Jane cracked her first munro in 2 years after a nasty knee injury. Bazinga!
  8. That's what it looks like. I would guess that orange frame has cost something in the region of £50k to develop.
  9. Hi Adam,

    I read in an old thread that you (well at least I think it was you) had a T-Rex frame many years ago and drilled it out to lighten it. If so, have you got any pictures of it? I've acquired one on eBay as a spare frame and would be interested to see what could be done with it. 



    1. Adam@TartyBikes


      Nope that wasn't me unfortunately! Cheers.

    2. Pea Green Pete

      Pea Green Pete

      Hmm, the search begins!

  10. 15-16th September, Barrow Farm.
  11. Have you changed your name to Stan and sprouted a vagina? It came with the car - make one from a bitta perspex and some elastic straps?
  12. No rain = roof down. Rules is rules. The UK really needs to sort it's shit out when it comes to snow. Compulsory winter tyres would make such a huge difference, like they have in Europe.
  13. I'll email you now to arrange collectoin of the parts bud :) 

  14. If anything breaks, it'll be the ratchet stripping out of the hub shell. If it's not bust by now, it should be ok. There's no real way to beef one up.