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  1. weight shouldn't be a huge issue, i am 17 stone its all in the tekkers. Just being on the bike even for half an hour or so as much as possible will get you feeling more comfortable and things will just start improving gradually.
  2. I'm in Burnley, not too far away
  3. Only issue I have with mt7s is the lever blade pin keeps creeping out, pops back in by pushing it with my car key though. Just a small let down on otherwise solid brakes.
  4. Just getting back into riding after many years not bothering with it, what with work and other commitments the people I used to ride with and myself sometimes struggle to meet up so looking to expand the riding networks. I like skate park and street stuff but will happily meet up for some natural stuff to. Based in Burnley but have car will travel.. Cheers
  5. Just getting back into riding after many years not bothering with it, what with work and other commitments the people I used to ride with and myself sometimes struggle to meet up so looking to expand the riding networks. I like skate park and street stuff but will happily meet up for some natural stuff to. Based in Burnley but have car will travel.. Cheers
  6. Hasnt gone down for the past two days! Im gunna get one at 130 pounds, want a new frame but dont pay a lot cause I'm a tight arse haha
  7. Erm the spec of my silver b reg: Shortened range rover chassis (100" wheelbase) roof is lowered 3 inch pro comp 'safari' shock absobers giving a 3 inch lift (or so I am told) the rear ones are actually for a land crusier or some shit but they are on that 200tdi engine discovery gearbox smaller fuel tank re-located in the pickup obviously the bigger wheels and tyres external rollcage full respray 3 years ago and the compulsary snorkel Exhaust has been re-routed and comes out on the nr/side just behind rear wheel Im not sure on the axels, either discovery or mk1 range rover, there different though I have been told I didnt do any of the mods on the landie, the guy who actually built is local to me. Never been serious offroader but I thought it looked BOSS haha. Don't know the advantage of the chassis though.
  8. Not sure if the piccies are going to work, but yeah, used to be my daily drive/plaything. Took it out of service for some work doing to it. If any one is interested in more info on the spec/modifications just ask me.
  9. Ok the racism arguement will continue forever, thats clear. Also this going away from the origional artical. Now for what I think... I come from Burnley, most people in the northwest will remember the 'race riots' that happened here a few years ago being on the news, not so sure if it was on national or not but bassically around here there is clear divide between white people and asian people. That divide starts just after sainsburys on Colne road if anyone is interested. In that area known as 'Duke bar' where the majority of the asians in Burnley live I would not feel at all safe on foot and am not too keen on driving through. This stems from being a victim of Racism in one instance, where i was called a 'f**king white willy' and told i was going to be killed at a petrol station in this area by an overcrowded car full of asians. Telling the police got me the responce of 'we can't do anything about it'. If you go out in town on a night out it isn't rare for an asian drug dealer to come up to you offering coke or e's. No white drug dealer has ever done this to me. Also quite recently in the local paper was the story of a woman in 50's being put on a life support machine after telling to asian lads she didn't smoke, therefore couldnt give them a ciggy and so the proceeded to stamp on her face. In a seperate incident I walked into a different petrol station to see two asians screaming at the shop assistant because she would not serve them with alcohol because they had no ID on them, One of the guys exact words were 'you f**king stupid white bitch I have a 60 grand car outside' Mostly people who say they are in no way racist have never actually seen somewhere like Burnley. I like to say I'm not a racist because obviously living here I chat with asian shop owners, scrap yard owners etc and these guys are generally helpful and cheery and yet the majority of the wanna be gangstars in the 'duke bar' style areas ruin the opinions of people in the other areas of town. Some one will no doubt find this post racist, and to be honest I don't care, these are few little stories from my little town. I wont go too deeply into how I feel as I am sure I will get banned for having an opinion which is not PC
  10. That reminds me of when I first started, I allways wanted a Brisa B26 how sad lol....
  11. Anything really. I could find a fault about most things in the world! I hate horse shit everywhere, horses and the people who ride them are generally stuck up there own arse. Any one who talks to me asthough I am some common urchin, this happens a lot to me and I think it is because I am a tradesman with a very broad lancashire accent, just because i sound dum doesnt mean I am. wanna be ruude bois bodykits on cars most people from my town of Burnley theifs looseing things
  12. So I am just getting back into riding after a 2 year on and off gap and looking around on tarty etc I see these ultra expensive parts that fair enough are lighter than other parts but not by much. Is there any other reason for the pricing of them? like are they near enough indestructable? Are you just paying for the name? If i smashed my 250 quid derailier on side hope I'd be fairly pissed off...... I know the frames have allways been expensive but a few years ago the parts wern't so expensive so whats happned?
  13. Cat Stevens - Where do the childeren play?
  14. All is well and good with bigging up a company, I too have never had an issue with Tarty and until now had never even heard of T-uk. So I am asuming that it is quite a new company and therefore will need a bit of time to build a good reputation and obviously messed up orders wont help this. Neither will topics like this however, which is going to drive people to use tarty over T-uk. Surely people should be allowed to chance it with a new company without looking at something like this and thinking 'sack that, they'll screw it up'
  15. I have rode on these graves, not as much as this nob, and yes they are very very old and forgotton but I still have a small amount of guilt about it. The church is still in use as I have seen people goin in and out and they don't seem too bothered, i am sure some people would be pissed about it but I personnally dont give a shit if others are doing it. I am saying this not in an 'aragont f**king nobend' way like the origonal offender did but i am not bothered how people see me, if they want to look at me like a disrespectful wanker then fair do's but its not something i would do every ride and i would certainly not ride on a modern grave.