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  1. In what is essentially the communal build thread, yeah, I still do I can write you a full story if you like but it'll be duller than a game of Clio spot the difference
  2. The pervert example.
  3. Sold the Primera, bring on the next turd
  4. Guy on a local Facebook buy/sell page was giving away an espresso machine because it was f**ked, fixed it in an hour, I now have a perfect working $500 espresso machine, great success!
  5. Unsurprisingly, I don't
  6. I can't have a proper project so it's how I'm getting my car fix
  7. Bought this, you've never seen 2 young lads act so f**king twitchy about selling a car, turns out that is largely because the head gasket is blown but it takes a good long while to start overheating. $300 though, the snow chains in the boot and scrap will cover most of that if K-seal doesn't sort it
  8. Ftfy
  9. In considerably less exciting NZ wheeler dealing car news - Bought this for $500 g Had no MOT because the floor is all stoved in where the guys kids beached it at some point, they also seemed to like doing handbrake turns a LOT. A more friendly tester and 2 part worns later = $1000 profit, after using most of the petrol it came with running it to work and back for 2-3 weeks Now I've got this $2500 (making it the third most expensive vehicle I've ever bought) dream come true If you've ever been to New Zealand you'll likely know that being "self contained" with a camper is a big deal, it basically means you have a sink and a toilet as well as somewhere to sleep and have a card and a sticker to prove it to fine happy patrols. This thing has everything any camper would ever dream of and more, worth $6000 easy and anything up to $8000, however I've fallen in love with it a bit and now I'm in 2 minds whether to punt this on or swap it for our other, much smaller camper. Life is hard
  10. First time I did heat wrap I did it dry wearing nothing but shorts, sitting on my bed, up there as one of the stupidest things I've ever done car-wise Looks good though, actually a bit exciting seeing progress, I can actually spot the difference!
  11. Spare exhaust studs/nuts, exhaust gaskets, threadlock, 2 of each tool in the world, beer.
  12. My work sponsorship visa has been approved, I don't have to come back to England for at least another year!
  13. Double post
  14. Good description, let us kinda know what happens with it