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  1. Tapered forks, who knew that was a thing?! Bloody pain in the arse figuring that out!
  2. Picked up a Kona Operator Supreme frame with fancy rear shock, Nukeproof bars and Saint cranks yesterday for $250 (£125) can't wait to build it up and leave it in the shed forever!
  3. I tried a couple of years ago and just couldn't be arsed with it at all, tried again a couple of weeks ago, can't stop watching it now, near the end of season 3 now, it's pretty good!
  4. I really miss having a full blown project, until I see things like this and remember shit like that happens all the b*****d time. That sucks.
  5. Thought I'd try one of the tax rebate companies here just on the off chance I was owed something, it was no refund, no fee anyway so nothing to lose. 12 hours later $670 refund that cost me $39, awesome!
  6. One of our housemates is turning out to be a real piece of shit, he's managed to pay rent on time twice in about 6-8weeks, this week I've had to ask him again where his rent (and bills this time round) are to which he's been quite flippant and said he should have the money Thurs or Fri (due on Mon), we also had record high electric and gas bills despite me and the mrs being away for 2/4 weeks of the month and he hasn't bothered to do anything we've asked (switch lights off, basic shit), I don't think he's ever once emptied the bins, doesn't do his share around the house, doesn't switch on extractor fans so the place gets damp as f**k when he's cooking/tumble drying. But worst of all, he takes over the whole living room (5 of us live here) to watch f**king Love Island on his laptop with speakers where even if anyone else was interested in it (we aren't, we tell him daily how shit it is) we couldn't watch it. If his rent isn't in by Friday and/or his next rent isn't on time, he's getting his marching orders, sick of him.
  7. I bought a car that had $750 worth of tax owing, which was fairly stupid. Spoke to the tax people who told me they were already aware the tax was out of date prior to sale and the seller had already received a fine for it so it's not my problem, f**king delighted!
  8. I just picked up a Nissan Terrano, a steal at $800 (worth 2500-4000 once fixed) needs an MOT equiv which is slack as f**k over here, minimal repairs and some road tax. What I hadn't accounted for was it being diesel and you have to pay a tax on diesel in the form of a mileage allowance, I had underestimated the price of this and it's 12,000km overdue so I need to be aiming to sell it for top dollar to make it worth my while. Whoops! I'll take some pics when there is some daylight.
  9. Doesn't need to be family/friend payment, eBay side with the buyer 99.9% of the time and it's crawling with twats. Still best/fastest way to turn things into money, just expect some bullshit about 10% of the time
  10. See angry thread in a week when there's a PayPal dispute saying it was faulty and there's piss all you can do about it
  11. Show the terrorists you're better than they are, by doing exactly as they have done. Bravo, dick.
  12. Didn't stop our current leader Who do you think will take it then? There's no way May can last now.
  13. Why's that? Keep it brief and punchy, Rainbird tires easily.
  14. 100x better