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  1. Finally the opportunity I've been waiting for!
  2. How you can find flat earth laughable then start on vaccines in the same post confuses me. Go and Google flat earth, there's LOADS of facts and truth about it! I just want to open your mind, Dave, you'll eventually see that 99% of the things you get the piss ripped out of you for are because it's bullshit. On a related note, did you know if you say "orange" really slowly it sounds like "gullible"?
  3. How's this for an excuse, I have better things to be doing with my life and don't give a shit about your bullshit
  4. Anyone can look up "facts" from yeah, it doesn't mean it's right If what you're saying is true and everything is a Truman Show style lie run by lizard people poisoning us with chemtrails/vaccines on a flat earth, then how is this information so readily available? Is it because it's bullshit and you'll believe f**king anything and regurgitate it as fact?
  5. It's true, look at the amount of shit Dave has come out with over the years and how much has come true! .....Hold on
  6. Nope, no intention to either, you talk so much shit you can bet your arse it's going to be more conspiracy bullshit and I just don't care
  7. Show of likes for all those who don't give a f**k about Dave's ramblings?
  8. A bit of wee might have come out when I could see the greens and beams (not so much the pinks) with the naked eye The battery died mid session on the GoPro unfortunately
  9. Absolutely buzzing I finally managed to catch the Aurora Australis at the top of the local ski field last night, f**king incredible!
  10. My mate bought frozen Asda Smart Price burgers for a car show weekend, by the end of day 2 with nothing but the shade under the van keeping them fresh they just kinda melted through the grill in a sloppy mess, washed down with Smart Price bitter, he didn't die either.
  11. It could be muddy puddle water and still look more awesome than an ali header tank Great work!
  12. Not sure if srs thread...
  13. I put a yoghurt in my bag middle of last week for work food, forgot about it, ate it last night, haven't yet died.
  14. Face Party is probably a good shout, it's where the cool kids are mostly looking for minicabs in London.
  15. Skim read fail I've got 2 downhill bikes and a road bike over here, then an old Hawzee Giant, a Ryan Leech Norco and half a Giant ATX in the UK still, I ride one of the DH bikes a couple of hours every couple of weeks, about to retire that too for winter and get the snowboards back out