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  1. I just picked up a Nissan Terrano, a steal at $800 (worth 2500-4000 once fixed) needs an MOT equiv which is slack as f**k over here, minimal repairs and some road tax. What I hadn't accounted for was it being diesel and you have to pay a tax on diesel in the form of a mileage allowance, I had underestimated the price of this and it's 12,000km overdue so I need to be aiming to sell it for top dollar to make it worth my while. Whoops! I'll take some pics when there is some daylight.
  2. Doesn't need to be family/friend payment, eBay side with the buyer 99.9% of the time and it's crawling with twats. Still best/fastest way to turn things into money, just expect some bullshit about 10% of the time
  3. See angry thread in a week when there's a PayPal dispute saying it was faulty and there's piss all you can do about it
  4. Show the terrorists you're better than they are, by doing exactly as they have done. Bravo, dick.
  5. Didn't stop our current leader Who do you think will take it then? There's no way May can last now.
  6. Why's that? Keep it brief and punchy, Rainbird tires easily.
  7. 100x better
  8. You don't have to click on a thread with the title "General Election" started by Jolfa if you don't want to read anything by Jolfa about the general election y'know...
  9. Also this
  10. They'll never make this DUP thing stick, the DUP have already dismissed May saying there was a deal which she since backtracked on (true to form). I'm sticking with my original forecast - May will resign (either through general pressure or vote of no confidence), Boris takes the wheel, re-election. The way things are going it could happen a lot sooner than I thought.
  11. Yep, the country is a shit heap, and the people who have made it that way now have less of a say in how much further down the shitter it goes, great success
  12. The Tories have lost their majority, I didn't expect Corbyn would ever win so this is the next best thing!
  13. What a fantastic result! Let's see what's in the mystery box now, it can only be something good
  14. It'll be the 9th the results come in, I'll be refreshing the website vigorously to get maximum crushing disappointment as the map gradually turns blue!