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  1. If the person in question was a male, and not someone you were remotely interested in getting intimate with, would you be getting as upset and analysing how well you get along with each other when you're together, how much or little you talk, the content and quality of the conversation and how he's no good at replying to texts? You're fooling nobody saying you only want to be friends Also yeah, buying products as a gift to alter her physical appearance (whatever the intention) is probably not going to win you many points, next time go with an expensive, extravagant bunch of flowers with a "to a friend" card.
  2. The Mrs had a 306tdi when we lived in Cornwall, picked it up for £350 from the local scrappy and apart from smoking like the end of the world on startup that thing was awesome and completely bombproof, used to rag the shit out of it, pull heavy trailers around and commute to Nottingham and back (on one tank usually) without ever skipping a beat, went pretty well too! 10/10, would buy another. /coolstory
  3. Today the bellend housemates we can't stand have announced they're leaving, in the wake of their last bollocking (for smoking indoors, which they flat out denied), more great success
  4. Went to the local big annual horse race with $80, got pissed as f**k in the sun, came home with sunburn and $120, great success
  5. Once (or twice) accidentally had that bit from 36 chambers where they're going on about "I'll sew you asshole closed and keep feedin' you and feedin' you" blasting out in the bike shop I used to work in and none of us were near enough to a computer to change it, just talked louder at the customers we were dealing with
  6. The guy who stopped in the first place was a total cretin parking behind a crash, on a spot where if anyone is gonna skid, that is where they would hit, then standing 10 feet away essentially telling people to skid... Brilliant, well done.
  7. Are working? As in currently? As in presently undertaking research on a project that was completed in 2003? Just once, do you think you could post something that isn't total dogshit that you've pulled from the depths of the internet, swallowed, shat out again and stated as fact?
  8. Weird how many people have said that to me this month.. Thanks!
  9. I have a rather nasty moustache, I can win prizes for it, I want to go skidding cars in exchange for my terrible mo, for this I need votes and you guys are just the best
  10. What you did there, I see it.
  11. Not presently..?
  12. Successfully fixed the starter motor on my outboard with $10 worth of bits from work, never fixed a starter before, most pleased, parts for a 1970s Chrysler outboard would have been a bitch to find!
  13. Older VAG stuff is like Lego, I got my twin engined creation down to a bare shell ready to weigh in, in a day Used to quite enjoy getting dashboards from the scrappy out of MK2s when I was doing my flocking bit, me and my mate could have one out in under 10 minutes in the end
  14. What do you get the man who has everything? Alcohol. Always alcohol.
  15. Our local trials website from 2001ish still exists somewhere, rider profiles, pics, for sale section the works, I'll see if I can find it at some point