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  1. What do you get the man who has everything? Alcohol. Always alcohol.
  2. Our local trials website from 2001ish still exists somewhere, rider profiles, pics, for sale section the works, I'll see if I can find it at some point
  3. Just bought a boat for summer
  4. If I could arrange it, I'd do it every weekend had to see how much it would've cost - a cheap room at that hotel on the bargain sites is $330 a night, and it would have been $50 every time they parked my car on top! I had a room on the top floor with a decent view. Aside from the Ferrari, we also did a WRX driving experience in cars so new they only had 4 figures on the odometer, with Greg Murphy (famous Kiwi V8 supercar driver, had never heard of him, really nice guy) giving us driving tips on the track and go karts where he basically just drove rings around us all to take the piss and have some fun Buy Castrol products
  5. That weekend I won with the McLaren has been and gone, it was a Ferrari 458 in the end not a McLaren, and fuuuck me 690bhp at the wheels is FAST, I've been in some seriously quick cars and I'm a little embarrassed that I panicked a bit at how unbelievably fast this thing was! On top of that, 3 nights in a 5 star hotel with Jacuzzi bath on the room, the works, I only live 3 minutes up the road and still had them valet park my car full luxury spa treatment on the Sunday, most meals and unlimited drinks in between, Castrol merch for days and even $150 spending money included, it's been absolutely unreal!
  6. The clocks have gone forward and it's getting really warm, BBQ may be making an appearance this evening, I love summer
  7. Why not try the air vents or opening a window? Zero cost and you won't look like a complete wally
  8. I sincerely hope that is part of your attention seeking and not a serious plan. If it is the former, you win
  9. Deep.
  10. What does it say?
  11. Today I learned about a place called the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground, which is basically a series of skid pans, straight lines and short tracks on top of a snowy mountain, I also learned that this is less than an hour away, not even the next major town along, I learned this because a BMW promo video came up on Facebook showing off their "Alpine xDrive" thing they do, which I learned they sell as an activity to the general public. This is exciting as f**k. Although it's been and gone this year so it's gotta be next year. I have of course made enquiries as to whether general riff raff can use the facility without it being a major manufacturer promo thing...
  12. There was a competition at work to sell the most Castrol products, the prize for which was a trip to Queenstown, hot laps in a McLaren with a V8 supercar driver and either spa session, wine tour or golf. The winner of this competition happened to be our branch in Queenstown, 2 of us get the prize, one of whom has to be the manager, the other we selected by anonymous vote. Long story short, I'm doing hot laps in a McLaren and then going for a massage and wine (multiple secondary prizes because there's no flights/accom to pay for), f**king awesome!
  13. What they said ^
  14. Tapered forks, who knew that was a thing?! Bloody pain in the arse figuring that out!
  15. Picked up a Kona Operator Supreme frame with fancy rear shock, Nukeproof bars and Saint cranks yesterday for $250 (£125) can't wait to build it up and leave it in the shed forever!