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  1. Looks a bit dirty with all them stickers all over it.
  2. Just on a bin related note, in New Zealand we have a normal bin and a recycling bin, heaven forbid you should ever put food waste in the recycling..! They like to mix it all together themselves later on when the whole lot goes to landfill.
  3. I bought 80 something snowboards in summer to make a bit of money in winter, was getting a bit worried I wouldn't shift them. The ski fields aren't open for another few weeks, I have 2 left, delighted
  4. On a theft related note, I once had a MK2 Golf tucked away in a council lockup, that I was borrowing bits off for my daily MK2. Went to it one day to find the padlock smashed off but seemingly nothing missing (I later realised they'd taken the key I'd hidden in there). Fixed the lock and moved on, the following week same thing but the thieves had clearly had a closer look at the car and actually bolted the wheels on and taken it off the stands... I fixed the lock with a better one, moved on. The following week they'd been in again to try and get the car going, they'd left a trolley jack and a load of fairly decent tools behind this time, so I took the tools, sold the car complete with the missing driveshaft that would have prevented them ever taking the thing, emptied the garage and fixed the lock knowing full well they'd be back. I'd love to have seen their faces when they went back
  5. Unless you're balancing the entire car off the ground by the one point of contact, 2 tonnes is more than enough, you're only ever lifting/supporting one half (or quarter depending how you do it) of the car at a time...
  6. I've never once greased a brake pad in my life and don't know many mechanics who do either, it's personal preference and predominantly a real old school thing for no real good reason... I wouldn't lose sleep over it
  7. Been watching the Aurora alerts, of course with the highlights being at night there means it's in the day here, bloody inconsiderate
  8. It snows about a week a year usually and the country about shuts down, just get on with it, there's no need for fancy tyres £10 stunners will be just fine for the other 51 weeks of the year
  9. Bought myself a URS6, only took 2 years to find a manual one! managed 2 outings (The first being the 6 hour drive home) before it started dropping power completely, then coming back, going, coming, so I went to switch it off and on again, apart from it never switched back on again because the trigger pin from the flywheel for the crank position sensor went awol taking the sensor out with it... Fortunately I was out with a bunch of mechanic friends at the local racetrack so they put my tank on their trailer and I drove the race car (just a little Corolla) home. Didn't find the trigger pin but I did find a mashed up sump bolt in there that was almost definitely the cause of the issue, had to make a new pin (more a block with a step in it) with .75mm tolerances and weld it on through the starter hole, 4 hours later and it's alive again! Plans are lows, de-chrome, nice wheels, RS2 turbo setup and ultimately bring it back to England with me someday
  10. He should have been, but the boss(es) opted to not get the police involved as it would cause a shit storm for too many people (including me) and instead made him pay back what he took (or what they could track...)
  11. Both, he's using it locally for another few days then going on a grand adventure to Auckland and (hopefully) back start of next week...
  12. Guy at work who I consider a friend was fired yesterday for stealing a considerable amount of money over the last 5 months backhandedly crediting things at a greater price than he paid. Now I'm having serious doubts as to whether I should have leant him my camper to go on a road trip.
  13. On fuel economy, that twin engine Golf I built did 2 gallons to the mile, it was obscene. Currently strongly considering getting myself an RS4 as an investment toy, think I'd kick myself somewhere down the line if I don't...