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  1. The last Jedi I really enjoyed, thought it carried the story well, kept me entertained and left me wanting more. Really enjoyable film. I watched a film called the lifeguard on Netflix the other night, now that is horseshit!
  2. Looks great Dan, glad your getting there with it buddy. Took the ford out in the snow and ice over the last few days. Best fun I've ever had at 15mph . Totally sideways on full lock with a screaming v8 is literally the best fun.
  3. They're pioneer ts-44 I bought, they came in some little plastic pods which suited me but I guess they'll do the same speaker without the pod. I just needed something I could mount that wouldn't look garish and I could paint to suit. They're hooked up to a pioneer H/U too so I guess that might help. Painted to match the dash they look pretty cool sat underneath the dash rail and on the parcel shelf.
  4. It was a good good picture.
  5. I fitted pioneer stuff in the ford Robin and they sound great for what they are. There's only 2 4" on the parcel shelf and 2 under the dash but it sounds really good. For 4" speakers they take some volume too without distortion. They'd make great door speakers teamed up with something heftier in the back.
  6. I did think 172 but they seem to be going up a bit at the minute, mx5s seems to be rediculous for the money!
  7. Right boyos.... My stag do is next summer and the plan is to all chip in, buy some fun car to take to the ring, all share the car then drive home/leave as it's broken/leave as a deposit as someone's stuffed it - delete as applicable. Budgets looking around 600-700, instantly I've thought semi tidy mk2 MX5, a friend of mine is a big fan of them and had quite a few too. He's recommended a few models which came from the factory with LSD and a few other bits which is cool. Few other suggestions have been old volvo turbo bricks, old bmw e46 types and the usual assembly of cheap toys. We did consider splitting the budget in 2 and buying Micras, but I think the drive there would finish them off.. Anyone got anything pretty obscure but genuinely quite fun? Budget can be upped abit but to be honest I'd rather keep nearer that figure incase it gets trashed.
  8. I've noticed the last few times I've used tracking systems they either don't keep up or don't register at all. I had a parcel from the USA about a month ago and that still displays as in transit. I don't know if it's a seasonal thing and the system can't keep up with the extra Christmas mail.
  9. Might be cold but it's a good day for a drive in the whale car.. For sale soon I think!
  10. I liked your picture with the dick on your forehead filter though, looked hot.
  11. I think that's a setup, I think you'll see more of her in s3. But I agree it was toss.
  12. I liked season 2 bit wasn't overly keen on it. I think it's a segway to a sick season 3 though
  13. Anybody else have a program or film they can just watch when there's nothing on? I can watch s2ep9 look who's purging now of Rick and Morty everyday and still laugh at the same stuff. I've no idea why but I never get bored of it.
  14. We're looking for someone to swap to so cheers for the heads up Rbird. Our last quater with Eon was £920! I usually expect around 350ish but according to there meter readings that was our usage, that was a dual fuel. We're quite heavy users I guess as we've always got the underfloor heating on in the conservatory and the jukebox is on pretty much all night every night but that seems rediculous.