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  1. ^^ Who's that fanny?!?
  2. Where did you get the calipers from??
  3. I was thinking about this for hours earlier trying to remember the bloody page
  4. BecauseMong?
  5. I bought some wood today and cut it up. Can I be cool now?
  6. Made me lol
  7. Mystic Dave at it with the hung prediction daaaaaaym son.
  8. Mamod! My dad had 3 of the stationary engines when he was younger which I loved playing with when I was younger. He even had the boot polished, timber saw and English wheel for them haha. For his birthday a few years ago I bought him a Mamod traction engine and trailer kit for it boxed with all the pieces. I keep looking out for the dream roller variant but haven't found one good enough to.go at the side of the engine.
  9. Not much has changed, forks and rear shock went to be serviced and tuned over the winter, it's had a service and El Guapo Ancho bars on rather then my Renthals, it's not as fun but it's alot more stable on trail.
  10. Viola!
  11. Nothing makes me want to get my bike out more then watching Ashton videos. His last 2 get me in tears every single time
  12. Good few days in the garden and got this built for the tortoises to move into over the next few weeks! Insulation, power and heating is on the job list for tomorow.
  13. IsItaBeast
  14. I drove passed a woman riding a unicycle down the pavement in Holland last week, she was so nonchalant about it aswell hahaha.
  15. I'm sure they do, I've seen it in ours I'm sure. It's a very well known colour range though, used in everything from automotive to architecture.