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  1. To be honest 35 quid a piece is cheap in comparison to chroming them. Personally I'd just get a silver aerosol and spray the lot. Chrome on plastic is a weird art form, I've not found anyone to do it yet, and all the chrome aerosols I've ever tried are awful. Wilkos cheap cheerful was the best, but even then it wasn't great...
  2. Can do if you want... my drives pretty long and plenty of street parking. Pub 100 yards up the road too..
  3. Tuuuuuuuuune
  4. I doubt I'll have time to fix the headgasket on the fairlane in time, but if others fancy it I'll come in the Van haha
  5. I'll unleash 3.25 inches of fury on there bumholes.
  6. Anyone got any good security ideas? Whilst I was out yesterday apparently a white van drove past my house yesterday 4 or so times, then when they parked on the 5th pass my neighbour caught them snooping round the car. Thinking of an anchor point on the drive and chain the rear axle down or something...
  7. I usually drive on 2 ramps then axle stands. Seems the safest to me!
  8. So. Much. Want.
  9. I rode my buddy's carbon Bronson the other week and reaaaally couldn't tell a difference to my Five, obviously the geo felt funny for 5 mins but after that I wasn't blown away. It probably slots up hill easier but I thought it flexed the same and took hits the same. Couldn't really see the upshot and the extra 2k it cost him or whatever.
  10. MustangManiac - FelPro headgaskets priced individually at £48+VAT.. RockAuto - Full FelPro headgasket and top end gasket kit -£45 plus shipping.. Why do these specialists go for such dick prices? I'm sure it's so when they have your car in for repair they have you by the balls for a 50 quid gasket..
  11. What a day! Blow out on the A38 this morning at 70mph in the Fairlane, threw me into the next lane! Luckily no traffic around so managed to get it parked up and called recovery... New tyre fitted and off to Matlock we went as it killed out plans. On the way home the left bank head gasket has let go! Mother f**ker! It's parked now for the foreseeable, haven't got the time to sort the issues so it'll have to wait..
  12. K I think, but I'm not certain.
  13. Buying records pisses me right off. Buying the best records I can justify and there descriptions are f**k all like the actual item. I've sent 2 back now and getting bored of not receiving what I've ordered really!
  14. 2015 thanks you.
  15. you think?