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  1. A pair of those ridiculous mini classic racer seats or whatever they're called
  2. Cheers lads. I'm going with the ignorant no news is good news and shes battered and bruised but doing good.
  3. Don't most folk fit lotus exige or Elise seats Robin?
  4. Witneessed something this morning that I think will stick with me for a long time and generally haunt the shit out of me. I was driving to the euro tunnel around 3AM and around the M25. There's a Fiat 500 infront of me and I'm on abit of a flying lap as I'm running late. I went to overtake the fiat and suddenly it veers to the outside lane then snatches back. I held back thinking it might of been abit of dickhead defensive driving, then it did it again. I dropped back another 50yrds or so and suddenly it veers into the outside lane and straight into the central concrete reservation, it hit it like a tonne of bricks and flipped onto it's side. I slammed the brakes on put my hazards on and got over to the fiat to find a 20 or so year old girl covered in blood from her face and shoulder screaming. I tried to comfort her while phoning the emergency services. I couldn't hear the operator over the girls scream so stepped away for a second and when I went back she was totally lifeless. I gently tried to wake her abit and whilst I was doing that an emergency vehicle turned up closely followed by the others. The highway patrol man took my best description of what happened and my details and told me to leave as my vehicle was vulnerable and I'd served my purpose. I am 100% sure she'd fallen asleep. I think I cried for the next 30 miles and threw up atleast 4 times. The amount of blood was haunting but the worst thing was the sound. The noise of her car hitting the wall was horrific but then it just seemed to fall silent after. Despite my van running and music It just sorta dissapered. The worst part was being on my own. It was almost orchestrated in the way there was no traffic at all around for what felt like hours but was only minutes probably. The panic of being alone with this situation and not knowing what to do to best help this person was the most gut wrenching feeling I've ever had. I've been home an hour and I'm looking for first aid courses as that was the worst. I haven't stopped thinking about her since it happened and although I'm not a religious person I pray she's ok. Driving away and not knowing if shes ok destroyed me.
  5. Working girls seem to serve a good burger too!
  6. Brb, just going to Holland..
  7. Your gonna get colour variation across paint manufacturers Mike, message the guy who did the work and ask for the paint manufacturer. That'll eliminate a fair bit of your variation providing both paint shops mix it right.
  8. Nice one Mike. Get a good cutting compound and a mate with a buffer and either at it or get it polished. I doubt it'll be exactly the same but I guess it'll take the edge off.
  9. It only took you 7 years or whatever to see the light. What brakes are you running dude?
  10. I heard about this on the radio earlier, apparently the film Space Jam hasn't had it's website update since the 90s, it's like a time warp
  11. I just can't get excited by it? I feel like everything is just ridiculously over the top for what is essentially a shell swap? By the time it's finished they'll have rolled out the petrol ban anyway.
  12. I feel like my mini, and prawns will be back on the road before that's anywhere near finished.
  13. That's made me laugh all over again, Facebook profile picture ahoy!
  14. Another Netherlands trip next week to collect some machines, I love my job.
  15. If even tackle fat Amy if it meant a sniff at the others..