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  1. That'll look awesome when it's finished Alex, can't wait to see it! Fixed my intermittent brake light fault with a new stop light pressure switch. Gone round and fitted all new bulbs throughout too. Next up is fix the blowing exhausts, new flasher relay and replace the lenses on the parking lights.
  2. Just pretty boring to be honest. Most exciting thing there was a hill climb 205 that went like a stabbed rat. I suppose I was abit harsh saying it was crap but there's only so many mk2 golfs and 'drift' E36 you can walk around for a full day.
  3. Well that was a shower of poo
  4. Anyone else off to retro rides tomorow?
  5. I used to run a 140psi pressure switch on the old setup, fitted a 175psi cut off this time and it's given mad lift Just waiting on some 1/8npt push fittings for the back of the gauges so currently I don't know what's in the front bags but it's only for leak testing at the minute.
  6. Yeah original front and back on the bench seats. I did wonder about getting them repaired but I don't know if it would be possible, it's not ripped the stitching it's ripped the material where it's stitched so I don't think there would be my strength left in the seam. Carpet will be going in winter for a new smoke grey moulded piece. Headliner is ripped too so I'm chucking a new one in when I do the window seals.
  7. New airide control panel. Just need my fittings to turn up and were sorted
  8. All those leaves came off the top.of the aircon unit. I've not cleaned it since I bought It shamefully. It'll be having a new carpet, headliner and seat covers over winter. I originally was gonna go for a turquoise interior with painted dash, doors and matching carpet the full works but since driving it I love the minor wear on the door tops and dash. It's took 50+ years to get there so why spoil it now, it's not like it needs painting.
  9. Before.... After.. Removed the old air ride controls as I'm going to paddle valves, today I'm making a nice new gauge/switch plate that'll hopefully fit in with the dash. Removed the factory aircon unit as I needed somewhere to put the air ride controls that was more convenient, air con didn't work anyway as someone has removed the aircon compressor in it's lifetime. Hopefully make for a nice tidy install. Found loads of shitty wiring too that's been added along the way so after an hour it's back to more or less a standard loom behind the dash. I do have the glove box door, its just off to colourmatch for the new panel.
  10. Ha. Not even paid for my own wedding yet nevermind others!
  11. Proper.
  12. Just had a letter through the door from Jenny's brother and bride thanking me for Saturday and the band etc. I lived in hope I might be getting that mullah back f**k.
  13. Jenny's brothers wedding yesterday, got riggidy riggidy wrecked son. Feel horrendous. Woke up this morning to an empty wallet and just been told I paid for the band last night and told them it was a wedding gift. f**k..
  14. I've got 2 quater panel closers to fit by didn't wanna fit it all till I'd tested it for a few days.
  15. That's pretty tame for a 26 year old jap wagon Mike! Tanks held 175 psi for past 2hours so we're cooking in gas hopefully!