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  1. Forgot to pay the b*****d Dartford charge didn't I pissing thing...
  2. No, it was a play on the fact you've bought a Berlingo and spent 400 for the privilage. I was suggesting it should be in the angry thread.
  3. Is that in the wrong thread?
  4. £71 still too much
  5. Jenny always does that I always head up about 10.30 then watch tv for about 20 minutes. I think it's work related to be honest, stress and stuff creating an over active brain.
  6. Bagsy seconds
  7. Sock-less willy
  8. Yeah should be a good sized fathering in fairness!
  9. 9 of us then, should be fairly easy to find somewhere to venture!
  10. Being sociable...
  11. Woodworking tools have 100% of my respect now after running my middle finger through table saw a few years ago. My old boss used to laugh at the lengths I went to in terms of protection but I'll never do anything that stupid again, that was f**king scary..
  12. F'kin braver man then me..
  13. That's a nice idea, our wardrobes in their day were probably pretty expensive, they're fully inbuilt pine throughout but they're super 90's . Thinking of pulling the lot out then fitting a sliding track setup as the gap between the base of our bed and the wardrobes isn't massive so would help no end.
  14. Nice work Paul, I need to make new wardrobes for our house but don't have the time. It's the last job in our house though so its really bothering me .
  15. Sorry guys, getting married on the 8th so it's a no from me!