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  1. Spam fam
  2. I really enjoy the modern marvel stuff, super easy watching, nice actors, interesting stories and just a good film. But Godzilla was remade what, 6 years ago? It's probably more but it hardly needs a resurgence now..
  3. Why do they just keep remaking shit? It's getting super boring now.
  4. Effort points rewarded
  5. Y'all Nazis up in here
  6. Your not trying hard enough
  7. Genuinely abit worried about typing that..
  8. [/endforum]
  9. I'd love it if that was the end of TF, Danny or Tom just thought f**k it, why are we keeping this going and that was the end of it all.
  10. Bunch of ■'s
  11. The Fairlane was still getting abit warm on runs, so swapped the water pump and all hoses anyway.. Found the reason for the warm running.. Impeller had come from the drive shaft so was just doing nothing, then I guess when the impeller came off it shat 2 of the blades that were cloging up the water way. It's a miracle it lasted so well!
  12. Bear with.. I'll find the pictures..
  13. Mike, yes, but trying to hash out the deal really. I'm not getting hold of it till October time though. The guys in no rush and I want my fairlane for my wedding. The caravan was with it when it came into the country, got split in the deal as it was too much. Caravan was on air too Just discovered it has a rebuilt Ford 390 in there with some silly cam, edelbrock inlet and holley carb and some awesome headers. The fairlane is only a 289 (4.7l) and that goes like a rocket, this things a 6.4l with goodies so should track along nicely!
  14. Hard boner ensues...
  15. I don't know why your using it to be honest, when this 3m chrome DiNoc is just as good and has similar strength properties.. It's also self adhesive!