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  1. Hoping to 4 link the back end too in winter and go for a Ford 9inch rear axle if I can find one for the right money but I'm not too fussed if I get hold of one. I just want to build a car that'll be capable of taking some reliable power in the future. A nicely built 289 and supercharger setup or something for mild power but not unusable.
  2. Just ordered a new front beam for the Fairlane compromising of... 4pot 11"vented discs, rack and pinion steering, new hubs with 2" lowered spindles, tubular top an bottom control arms, proper air bag perches and shocks. Gotta wait around 8 weeks for the batch to build up then shipping from the states but it'll be worth the wait! Gonna try and buy Granada rear discs and calipers so I can swap them all over at once. Tempted to use a wilwood pedal box so then I can fit a clutch pedal at the same time for the manual conversion that'll be coming next winter!
  3. Slided in2 ur DMs
  4. 1.56 is one of the most could'a gone either way unlucky guys ever. Styling that out would've felt heroic. That last guy
  5. Not sleeping very well at the minute and it's buggering up productivity. Went to bed at 10 last night after feeling shattered following a busy weekend, woke up at 3 with an over active brain..
  6. Text the guy, he built the car in 2009 at a company called Kustom Coach Werks (cringey as f**k)... he ran it for 2 years then sold to farm fresh, in that time he managed 20k miles going to shows and stuff across the states, he's sent me some pictures of it at Sema and stuff (not on show at Sema, just there) and a few at other cool places in America. He owns a VW resto garage in Colorado now building split screens. It's a shame he doesn't have any documents for it etc but the tales are cool.
  7. Yeah thats mine for sale when Farm fresh bought it, then imported over here around 2010-ish. The bloke who i bought it from ran out of money building a boat to live on so was keen to sell it so took my cheeky offer, didn't cost much more to be honest. Looking at those pictures the only thing it's had is a gearbox rebuild, lumpy camshaft and then the new air install I fitted last year. Oh yeah and some bell ends stuck some gross mexican blanket over the rear bench for some reason, need to take that off! I've got the email of the guy from that advert via the fairlane Facebook pages so I'm gonna fire him an email and see if he has any other history on it. I've got some other bits but not much from it's life in the USA. I knew straight away it was mine, there's a rusty dent on the o/s rear quater just by the rear lamp and gave it straight away. Plus it's still on 17/18 staggered Cragars for some reason. Not for much longer though..
  8. Just found this online when looking for something totally different... It still has the cracked windscreen
  9. That was the angle I was going for, anything else is fake news
  10. All the poon would be up for grabs.
  11. Such want much wow too cools. I want new wheels for the fairlane (it needs new tyres and the fronts are battered, more or less square so I don't think a tyre will seat on them). Found this which was for sale a few years ago, 62 galaxie station wagon with a 454 big block in there! Too f**king cool.
  12. Haha, they are all the message Facebook sets up when you make a new friend. I don't even know 8 people
  13. Come again??
  14. Oh shit!
  15. Good talk bro, see you at Easter.