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  1. New gigantic TV, so watching Wonder Woman in 4K. Dunno what gives me more of a rod on, Gal Gadot or the epic picture
  2. Mega bump... 2 sessions has created this.. All work by the incredible Sam Ford at Silver Needles. Super pleased with it, one more session to finish up the tiki and the hibiscus.
  3. Sausagometer
  4. Didn't even see that bit, Jesus what a mong
  5. Amazing. Gotta agree with Dan though, stop trying to f**k suicide girl types and just find a normal girl.
  6. Had an awesome few weeks, bought some nice stuff, done some good paying work for a solid customer who pays when he collects, had a wedding planning meal with the family and the in-laws, back for my second tattoo sitting in a week, had a measure for my wedding suit saturday and just done some cool things. The past few weeks has really taught me work smart not hard, it's really paying off too!
  7. Saw that on facebook then lost it on my feed, looks awesome Mike! Perfect timing
  8. I'm the same Paul, sometimes I have more fun making tools, solutions or templates then I do actually doing the job. Yesterday I spent the whole day making laminate templates for a machine I'm restoring, there's some horrendous shapes going on there but enjoyed that far more then actually doing the machine
  9. f**k you Dan
  10. Can we have a bin/recycling gripes thread?
  11. We did have that.. Now they have given us a blue bin for glass, so now we have 4 bins and we got to keep the box! If I remember rightly it was 'ours to do whatever we liked with!' Generosity is off the chain.
  12. I dropped a glass bottle in the recycling bin once by mistake and they refused the lot! Had a full bin for a month nearly...
  13. 20th October. Be there or * be square... * Or don't, depends if life gets in the way...
  14. I'll say yes, but I know I won't show up..
  15. Push back to October.. should be ok... ... ...... ......... ............. ............... Should be