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  1. We have a trials video section, bmx videos, why not a MTB video topic? I'll begin...
  2. Imma bowt to get lucky boiiii. Earlier on I may or may not have ripped a little burnout in the fairlane that threw a stone that chipped the windscreen on my brother in laws 6 month old Jag XF... Whoops....
  3. Is that Flux Fabrications on Boughton camp dude? I've heard good stuff about them if so. Should've called in too! I'm like 15 mins from there..
  4. Funny really, I had my hair cut yesterday and the barber was telling me how he's buying some Merc that's not quite an AMG but still 5.5 v8 or whatever... He's around my age I'd say so late 20s. Was talking about insurance for it and how it's about 750 a year to insure and how expensive it was . Old before our time. I'll stick with my fairlane at £180 a year haha.
  5. I love being old and not buying something on what it costs to insure.
  6. My issue is finding someone I can trust to prep something to my level, knowing stuffs not coming back in 6 months with flakey paint or peeling laminate. It's mainly due to the fact it's show season in a few weeks and people are flapping to get machines ready. Good for me as I make on all the dealers that need help, then I make on my own machines too. Downside being this hectic rush a few times a year.
  7. Possibly.. I'll put it to the board..
  8. Go self employed they said, it'll be fun they said.. Working 8 till probably 2am again today, as it was friday, and probably will be tomorow, Wednesday, Thursday and friday...
  9. Niiiiiice.
  10. Could you not just hold hands while pumping? To answer your question Danny I've got a eBay special in a slightly bigger cab that's stand alone and it's really good. Could probably fit an get round a 16" wheel at most. All parts are super easy to get and easy to fit if anything goes wrong. I use mine daily and have done for nearly 3 years now, couldn't be without it. The only issue is the amount of air it consumes. You'll need a big compressor to keep up with it.
  11. Yeah exactly the same deal really. We're planning a day in Vegas (don't think I'd cope much more) then drive to San Francisco in a mustang or something else super stereotypical. We're really excited about SF as it really appeals to us.
  12. Shitfaced. That's savage, how have you found Cali and Vegas Luke? We're doing pretty much the same trip for our honeymoon in September.
  13. Working Sundays sucks
  14. Gaz were toss when I spoke to them regards some stuff for my Caddy. I had set up a group buy for 5 of us so a fair whack of money and they weren't interested in replies!
  15. Forgot to pay the b*****d Dartford charge didn't I pissing thing...
  16. No, it was a play on the fact you've bought a Berlingo and spent 400 for the privilage. I was suggesting it should be in the angry thread.
  17. Is that in the wrong thread?
  18. £71 still too much
  19. Jenny always does that I always head up about 10.30 then watch tv for about 20 minutes. I think it's work related to be honest, stress and stuff creating an over active brain.
  20. Bagsy seconds
  21. Sock-less willy
  22. Yeah should be a good sized fathering in fairness!
  23. Right bitches. TF CAR MEET. I've volunteered Rainbird to help with this too. I'm voting somewhere Oxford way as it's fairly middling for most. I get there's people further up then me but f**k em. Prospective date.. June 3rd. Dunno why but seems far enough away for people to get time off or get organised etc.its a Sunday too and the chances are weather should be fairly deece. Time - Meet around 11.30 I will be making a new topic for this, people local to Oxford etc please suggest a potential pub with decent parking, preferably with a link or something if possible. Potential numbers and the car you will be bringing.. 1. Tom Booth- '64 Fairlane 2. 3. 4. 5. (Don't you bitches leave me hanging)..
  24. 9 of us then, should be fairly easy to find somewhere to venture!
  25. Being sociable...