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  1. Bunch of ■'s
  2. The Fairlane was still getting abit warm on runs, so swapped the water pump and all hoses anyway.. Found the reason for the warm running.. Impeller had come from the drive shaft so was just doing nothing, then I guess when the impeller came off it shat 2 of the blades that were cloging up the water way. It's a miracle it lasted so well!
  3. We have a trials video section, bmx videos, why not a MTB video topic? I'll begin...
  4. Bear with.. I'll find the pictures..
  5. Mike, yes, but trying to hash out the deal really. I'm not getting hold of it till October time though. The guys in no rush and I want my fairlane for my wedding. The caravan was with it when it came into the country, got split in the deal as it was too much. Caravan was on air too Just discovered it has a rebuilt Ford 390 in there with some silly cam, edelbrock inlet and holley carb and some awesome headers. The fairlane is only a 289 (4.7l) and that goes like a rocket, this things a 6.4l with goodies so should track along nicely!
  6. Hard boner ensues...
  7. I don't know why your using it to be honest, when this 3m chrome DiNoc is just as good and has similar strength properties.. It's also self adhesive!
  8. Is the 304 self adhesive?
  9. Boooooo. A buddy of mine used to own a boosted b18 DC2 and it was violent for want of a better word. It had something like a gt25 on so spool was quite late in the range, vtec liked slightly after and it was nuts. Made such a beautiful noise though.
  10. They tried, it couldn't keep up..
  11. I always think that when they get the Galaxies out too, they're huge haha.
  12. Those thunderbolts are the thing of legend. Held drag records across the states well into the 70s. They built the Boss 302 mustang to try and trump them, failed haha. Balls to taking the fairlane on track, just getting throigh each day is scary enough.
  13. I've included it in the deal with the fairlane. The deals kinda done, but not happening till autumn time as I've got a shed load on at the minute, and the current owner wants to do the rest of the show season in it which suits me too. It's not that big anyway, only 19ft....
  14. So about a year ago, this came up for sale down in Plymouth area.. I pissed about for too long and missed out.. Went to the hot rod meet last night and there's a guy there with a 51 Cadillac convertible, talking to him for a looping time and he mentions his 58 mercury. I think nothing of it and keep talking about the fairlane and his Cadillac, then he mentioned his mercury station wagon on air. So I asked about it some more and he shows me a picture and it's that car. I asked him a bit about it and got chatting and he tells me he's looking to swap for something different. I offer him the fairlane as a PX and he's really into it. Swapped numbers and he's gonna call me in the morning.. Long story short I've just bought a f**king sick station wagon on air.
  15. Yeeeeeeeeah. Good work Sam. Went to a hotrod/yank car meet last night, really enjoyed it!
  16. Massive spotty crack. Took the fairlane out today and smashed about 60 miles, used a little water but I think I've got a colaping bottom hose, the symptoms would suggest so I'll swap out when I get the electric fan on along with all the other hoses, new rad and water pump. Ran like a dream though, I think the issue has been underlying since I bought the car to be honest, it's never ran so smooth and it goes like a rocket.
  17. Found it... Took the inlet off and decided to do it right so took the carb off to get to all the bolts torqued properly and in order. Noticed when I'd took the carb off there was 2 vacuum take off blanking bullets that were bone dry and cracked - found the leak... Replaced with folded over rubber hose filled with rtv paste. New hoses throughout too and it's great. Runs like a beauty and goes like a train. Sounds fantastic too! Don't think it's ever been right so it's a pleasant surprise!
  18. I've always been abit bummed out regards not being a traditionally good looking lad, I've always had good looking girlfriends and the woman I'm gonna marry in 2 months is a 100% smokeshow. Recently for the wedding I've lost abitta weight, shaped up abit and found my 'style' if you like. Feeling good about it and got a good vibe from a few women in the bars last night which was a waste of time but super sick.
  19. No Builders crack ahoy!
  20. Heady gasket done... Been a run around the block and it has a huge air leak somewhere. I don't think the inlet has sealed to the heads so I'll whip it off tomorow and get some RTV round it too. Casualty - one back where t shirt and shorts didn't meet..
  21. Some wank stain walking home from the pub slumped outside my house leaning on a lampost shouting "ITS COMING HOME" is not the one.
  22. Yeah but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to read a date and realise it's old content. f**king Linda, stupid whore.
  23. f**ks sake Linda
  24. Struggle is real.
  25. What the hell happened to that blade?! It'll be a full on inception moment when you try to cut a blade in half.