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  1. Oh TB I love you.
  2. I hate to break it to you, but I don't think you've cut them all the same length.
  3. Top stuff, nice one Sam
  4. You can pick up a lot of car for £4k, so might need to narrow it down a touch further. If you'll continue to do 350mi/wk then looking at something derv is certainly wise, though if it's only a temporary/shortish term thing then I'd lean back towards something petrol again. I've just come to the end of a 3 month stint of doing ~600mi/wk using the LCR and other than a slightly increased fuel bill (yeah I said "slightly" and I'm sticking to it, shhh) it's far from the end of the world. Something along the lines of an A3 or a 1/3 series depending on size wouldn't be a bad shout. Nor would giving me your LC so I can finally have the Platinum Grey one I've always wanted.
  5. What's happened dude?
  6. £109
  7. How many jukeboxes can you squeeze in the back
  8. You are such an old school Yank Looks tidy dude.
  9. Yep, perfect way in
  10. The plus is a noticeably better specced bike in a few areas, but as mentioned it all depends on your budget as to whether or not you can justify the 50% price increase to to Plus. Personally, I'd either check out the second hand market for a used bike around the same price, or look to buy whichever bike fits most comfortably in your budget then keep any reserve funds to upgrade/personalise the bike.
  11. Both a good way back into things. Buy whichever best suits your budget, or use the same rule to find something second hand
  12. 3 vibration settings and a range of oscillating attachments?
  13. The sweaty tit prefers to be called Chris/dad, but has answered to worse.
  14. Great stuff Ads, nice work! Where were you? Lovely weather for it too Had my stag do this weekend and we ended up karting at Thruxton yesterday - properly good! Outdoors and the karts are a bit more serious than the indoor (Teamsport-type) places I've been before. Happywith my driving improving through the day (best lap for me was a 52.657s), and managed to keep up with a few folk I thought would leave me for dust which I was happy with. Kennard had an absolute blinder in the final race, top shit Ash. Frustratingly my timing transponder cocked up in the final race, so I don't have all the data to geek over and confirm but certainly seemed to be my most consistent session by far. Makes me want to get out on track more, so once I have a little more spare time/cash that'll be happening. Might have to book you in for some tuition, Adam! A fairly TF-heavy crowd for the day too, thanks to @Prawny Baby, @RobinJI, @Bigman, @Ben Moore, @J.KYDD, @Ash-Kennard and @Rich Hill for getting involved and making it a good'un!
  15. Just make it as big and as smooth as you can throughout, essentially (up to the 3" size, that is!)