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  1. Don't swear.
  2. Alternatively, two could get in touch and make an application. Great opportunity for someone who's into bikes and has the right attitude
  3. Just keep the clip and sort it all the issues.
  4. Lots of similar batteries on eBay. What's your budget? Whilst going for something more "branded" like an Odyssey will be a bit pricey for a cheap protect, there are plenty of unbranded/Ritar/similar units about for a little less cash. Might even be able to find one second hand if cheap is king. Lawnmower/golf buggy/mobility scooter or even some motorbike batteries would likely fit the bill.
  5. If you have a 50mm there, and you have some form of cutting tool, then you have a 45mm bolt (+5mm of spare threaded bar...)
  6. Does the bolt have to be 45mm long to reach a certain point, or would any M8x1.25 bolt plug the necessary hole? Would certainly open up your options somewhat and make it easier to sort in time. I'm assuming that the 700mi trip is to enjoy the car, so taking the Golf isn't an option?
  7. Excellent. Having not really played around with the VBA side of things much it's always nice to get an insight into how folk in the know approach things
  8. Ah brilliant, glad you got it working. Fancy sharing the code out of interest?
  9. She's casing to vehicle for tools. She'll be back tonight having swapped the bloodhound for a balaclava.
  10. Assuming computer bits arrive, I'll try and take a look this evening for you mate. Currently knee deep in laying a large concrete slab so only skim read the above post but will holler if I need any clarification
  11. Haven't done much in the way of VBA but have played around with Excel a fair bit over the years. Fire a copy across and I'll take a look tonight (if the laptop parts arrive today...)
  12. Your words and the clusterf**k of a taped up loom Y-piece seem to conflict... Looking like solid progress again though mate, I'm strangely excited to see you get it up and running and hear how you find it.
  13. Oh here we go...
  14. This is excellent. I'd love to have the chance to do this, but it'd just be my and the old man plus a 50 mile round trip so slightly less convenient! Another incremental bit of progress: This is "Trevor", or so the message from DPD told me. Turns out his name is actually Ben, and he's a nice chap. He brings me gifts. Boost and Felix approve. TrevBen can visit again.
  15. Thanks mate. Cool to see the Porsche all in one spot - will be good to follow it Looking forward to getting it in (giggity) once I can work out the best time - I'm away for the next 5 weekends so those are all out of the question, and with a potential new job starting in the first week of April with a few weeks away that pushes things back further. We'll see. Small update: Ok, not so much, but I did receive some parts off a slow boat from China... New reducing elbow for the 80mm TIP and a Coldside DV relocation kit as I've decided I can't be bothered to try and cram it all in on the hotside as that corner of the bay is tight. Won't look quiiiiiiiiiite so clean, but with a bit of work should do the trick. Quick test fit (using 63mm charge pipe as I don't yet have a TIP made up...): Initial impressions are decent. Hoses are nice and thick/stiffer than many I've used/seen before, despite costing a fraction of the usual UK prices. I'll likely cut down the DV takeoff on the relocation hose as it sits a little high (below) but that can wait until it's in the car. Excuse the fact the DV itself is in the wrong way, was only really there to hold things together! Need to get the metalwork welded up (annoyingly I don't have the skills, which would speed things up a bit) but then it shouldn't be too long before I can think about getting it in the car. Only minor issues being I have no free weekends for the next month and potentially start a new job at the start of April with a month away from home - doh!