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  1. I worked in the sector over a 5 year span at various levels, so saw it from all angles and from the changes to the system from £1k fees shortly before I went to uni myself, through to £9k when I was working for a couple of them. Afraid I don't have the figures to hand, although I'm sure a little hunting online would pull them up if you wanted them - plenty of studies from a number of bodies all pretty well correlated to show that more thought was going into deciding whether or not to go into HE. If people want to go to uni for the hell of it then they're more than welcome, but the taxpayer in general isn't going to be quite so keen to pay for Billy to go and get crunk for 3 years than someone who's going to bring a little increased value to society Current threshold is £21,000 at 9% of the excess yeah. When fees were £3k the threshold was £15,000 at the same percentage. As a result, and bearing in mind that you pay back relative to your earnings, not to what you borrowed, the monthly repayments on the newer (current) scheme are lower than they were previously. Obviously there's the likelihood that students will be paying them back for longer due to the increased amounts, but you have the option to overpay if you choose (though why you would is beyond me) and it still gets written off after 30 years if you've somehow not paid your dues by then.
  2. Not really sure why it's taken me a month to realise this but I'm currently working in Carmarthen and rather than heading back to my B&B each night, it'd be nice to get out and about to make the most of my time here. I've spent a few evenings driving through the Black Mountains which was very nice, but if anyone is in the area and fancies a pint one evening let me know. Will be around on and off for the next 6 weeks or so. I'm staying in Brechfa, so to the NE of Carmarthen itself, but happy to head further afield, down to Tenby, Milford Haven, up to Cardigan etc. for a social.
  3. The introduction of tuition fees actually had a pretty significant impact in HE in a few ways; 1. Students put a little more thought and consideration in to whether or not it was worth them going to university. Some of those who were juts planning on going "for the experience" decided against it as their hopeful career path post-uni didn't require a degree, so it seemed counter intuitive to spend those figures on something they didn't need, ad they could go and work whilst still having friends and getting pissed a few nights a week. Those who either wanted a career requiring a degree, or genuinely wanted to learn more about a subject which didn't absolutely insist on one were still able to go to uni and do so, simply valued that opportunity enough to justify the cost. 2. With increasing tuition fees, universities themselves found themselves under increasing pressure to justify their worth and provide more value for money in order to get students through the door. I'm aware that some rested on their laurels a little here, but the vast majority of UK courses were analysed and reshuffled in line with a number of changes from HEFCE and the like to meet new guidelines. The more proactive institutions had no issue with the extra workload here as for many it brought in higher numbers (once caps were lifted) than they'd previously seen, though of course there were issues with costings here as despite tuition fees going up, may were left with lower net funding as the money was taken from elsewhere. 3. More and more apprenticeships started popping up, and are continuing to do so to this day. The quality of these is also increasing, which is partly to do with the above but also to do with the introduction of the "work or education until 18" mandate. Those who leave school prior to 18 would typically find their way onto apprenticeship schemes, with many of those leaving after 6th form going down a similar (though typically slightly higher level) scheme if deciding not to work/go to uni as it offered a valuable way into a career which was more vocational and offered OTJ training. Bear in mind the way the student finance system works, and is effectively a graduate tax in the way it's paid, the vast majority of folk who suffered at the hands of the increased fees were actually better off than those who were on the older (lower fees) system due to increased payback threshold. Many aren't ever going to fully pay back their loans, but it's an effective way to subsidise an expensive level of education. We're not talking primary school teachers here, we're talking experts in their respective fields in most cases (not to take anything away from primary teachers of course, who face a very different set of challenges) I've waffled on a bit here and about to shoot out the door so I've not had time to proof read (apologies if the spelling/grammar are a bit iffy, or if I've worded things poorly) but to summarise, tuition fees alone aren't a bad thing, you have to take into account the level, application, and impact on the sector before deciding that.
  4. The current political arguments are bad enough, let's not start that one too...
  5. Seems relevant.
  6. Running a catch can at all? Would help to reduce oil through the PCV if that's where it's coming through (I only skim read your post on FB about it, you might be looking elsewhere by now)
  7. On that note, worth reiterating that 2359 tonight is the last chance to register for those that wish to do so. Get on over to and register. Even if you're on the fence, it's better to have done it and not vote, than to want to vote but not have registered. are currently updating things to reflect the current situation - if you want a bit of clarification on who best represents your personal views and not just who can buy the media or shout the loudest, it's a pretty good tool, though as usual do your due dil and fact check/do some extra reading too
  8. It's all a bit of a clusterf*ck really. Of the two most viable options, neither is really putting forward a particularly viable "solution". Labour are writing a lot of cheques that they can't cash, but then the Tories haven't really costed anything at all in the grand scheme of things. The former certainly seem to be doing everything they can to crush any incentive to push things forward, with punitive taxes left right and centre mind. Tax the "rich" (surprisingly the thresholds are not so high as people seem to think) and they'll start putting considerably more money/effort into taking their money elsewhere, risking having even less funding than at present for the numerous schemes they're hoping to bring in.
  9. Looking good, Josh
  10. Shall have a look on Monday when I'm back there. From similar threads it seems a similar issue was patched with new firmware but got to be worth a try. Cheers dude
  11. Yes. The password is the serial number.
  12. Question, any help appreciated: I need to log in to a router config page to set up port forwarding. User/pass are set to defaults, user being "admin" and password being the serial number of the router. Sadly, the sticker displaying the router SN has been ripped off. Is there any way I can find the serial number? I'm sure that if I could log in then it'd be displayed on the config page, but to get there I need it to log in of course! I'm connected to the network. Router is a Technicolor TG582n if it makes any difference.
  13. It's an independent hotel rather than a chain and isn't massive but being in Carmarthen 90% of its clientele are pensioners on day trips, so I suspect the standard of driving isn't the best. Sadly they have no CCTV and no way to track anyone down, other than a list of ~200 vehicles that I could potentially work through one-by-one, which really isn't worth it. Ah well, back to parking as far away as possible again!
  14. So I'm currently working in Wales for a couple of months and the office I'm based in don't have their own dedicated parking, however the hotel next door are happy for us to use theirs. First week I was here, someone clipped my rear bumper and took off a fair bit of paint. Nothing structural, but looks a bit shit however given my rear bumper was already a little worse for wear I decided against doing anything about it, I'll throw some paint at it down the line. Since that happened, I've been parking in the furthest corner of the car park away from anyone else to avoid a repeat performance. Got to work this morning, it was torrential rain. Parked a little closer so as not to drown on my way in, and came back to the car this afternoon to find someone had taken a load of paint off my front bumper. Assholes. Will be going in to the hotel tomorrow to see if they have any CCTV, though from a quick look I couldn't see anything more than a Parking Eye type setup so not holding my breath for much success...
  15. A guy I went to school with used to ride unicycle trials. When he moved to Bristol for university, he used a unicycle as his predominant mode of transport. Casual.