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  1. It generally goes one of two ways with things like this; either they sort you out relatively quickly and painlessly, or they're a real PITA. My old man recently had to return an item he'd bought (power inverter for a campervan, thrilling...). Booked himself a courier, collected fine, fully insured (~£350 IIRC) and picked up the next day. Happy days all round. It didn't ever arrive at the destination, despite having their address in large print on 3 sides. Tracking showed it having been collected, then literally NOTHING else. Cue initially polite emails/calls asking for confirmation of it's progress/location, getting no reply, escalating things slightly with all their internal procedures (similarly involving hard to reach phone lines and a few automated email replies). They did absolutely everything in their power to wiggle out of it, and then finally paid out so stick with it. Karma's a bitch really - a few days after they'd issued the refund, the package turned up back at the office he'd sent it from. 3 massive delivery addresses and they couldn't figure it out, yet one small print "Sender: " line and it came home. Booked another courier that day and 24hrs later all was right with the world again. Sadly there's not really anyone you can forward things onto at the moment, just keep hounding them and you'll get there in the end. Seriously though, become the biggest pain in their ass you can. Make them want to do anything to get rid of you, and hope they don't hire a hitman.
  2. Strong music choice Enjoyed the vid, nice once gents.
  3. Office is quiet this afternoon, so I've been digging out some old playlists and tweaking them to suit. Just had a pair of elderly clients walk into the office with Wu Tang blaring out. Not sure that's what they were expecting, but they seemed cool with it
  4. Tell you what, I'll get them to double it and stick it in your account for you
  5. Unless your current supplier are going to run you for hundreds, it's a minor difference. That said, I had a letter through from nPower yesterday to say that everything was in place for the switch, and they'd send a copy of the final bill (inc. exit fees) to both myself and Bulb. Given nPower are notorious for being a bunch of bastards, that was a pleasant surprise. Imagine other suppliers would do something similar. George - They've always been pretty good on the webchat when I've used it, but from a few reports they're relatively quick on email too
  6. I put in as much info as their "detailed quote" or whatever they called it would allow and it wasn't too bad. As a point of interest I pulled up our last annual bill from nPower and compared the like-for-like costs and it worked out better than they'd implied online. The rough quote was always going to be out as we have a relatively large place but just the two of us in there, so our unit charges currently make up a lesser total than most. Sure that'll change down the line though!
  7. £240-360 a year isn't to be sniffed at though, especially with £100 on top for switching. Level up again if you share your link around too IIRC they've reduced their prices twice this year so may come down a touch further. Would be rather nice but I won't hold my breath
  8. We both do Will put some of it aside to get the first round in next time I see you
  9. Was little more than politely asking if they could hook a brother up, really. Top marks for customer service - bearing in mind I've not paid them a penny yet, they've credited my account £100 and paid £40 in exit fees from my old supplier.
  10. Bulb have just increased their referral credit to £100 each for new customer and referee. I used a £50 link, but 2 minutes on the webchat has just seen both myself and the guy who referred me get another £50 each no questions asked. For anyone who's thinking about it, here's mine again. Hook us both up yeah?
  11. Local chap bought a pair of eBikes for himself and the wife as a means for getting to and from the nearest pub (~3 miles from their home). In theory, this is a resonable enough idea, but he bought a pair of 1250W bikes from AliExpress and they're both tiny with no real strength/coordination so neither of them are remotely in control. Dark nights with no lights through country lanes whilst pissed might not be the best idea
  12. Done. Now please stay away from my family...
  13. Bloody hooligan.
  14. Lads, I know we're old and past it, but that doesn't make 2pm "late night". Naptime perhaps, but not late night. Everyone knows that means 7pm.
  15. This. No proper community feel about things anymore. Trials is a small sport, and when we were all gathered either here or on OTN the community came together really well. Ok, it meant a higher number of bellends to deal with too but I'd take that over the ghost town any day. A local FB page for each area and some instagrams seem to be where things have gone now, which on the face of it is fine but doesn't do much for that vibe we once had. That, plus we're all old and boring now.