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  1. Looks good.
  2. From the people who brought you "Koxx", you can't really have expected great things...
  3. @Rago muffin representing the rubberface. Good call.
  4. Turbo.
  5. Looks smart mate. Nice and stealthy!
  6. Good luck. Any more and you're moving into the territory of needing either something that can contract around the top of the plug, or needing to adhere something to it.
  7. Thank f**k for that
  8. Good to see progress, but I still think you should keep the old plate in the recess for daily use but on removable mountings (quick links, velcro etc) to expose the holes for track use.
  9. May be something as simple as the rubber insert from a spark plug socket having been left on that plug and since melted. Doesn't help you to get it out, of course, but might explain the source of the melted rubber/similar. Is it the fact that that's on there that's the tricky part of removal at present (ie. you can't get the normal socket on at all)? Hopefully a bit of PlusGas should sort out any seizing of the threads if you can get past that.
  10. So long as you're not taking a pressure washer to it daily, you'll be fine. That said, most people won't spend nearly so much time doing so. I reckon I've properly washed trials bikes less than a dozen times in around 15 years or so, though a little bit here and there to clean off anything particularly nasty in amongst that lot too I suppose
  11. Eurgh. My Leon had lots of similar-style, badly wired in boxes throughout the car. Removing them helped every time so well worth getting rid if it's not supposed to be there
  12. Sorry dude, I'm up near Notts/Derby (briefly seeing @dann2707 while I'm at it) Soon for sure
  13. Due to a combination of a little complacency on my part and a lot of being a mong from someone else, I managed to get a drywall screw threaded about 3mm into my finger yesterday. Hit the bone, hurt a lot, now rather swollen and pussy. Went to pull the thing out and it wasn't going anywhere so had to unthread it - lulz.
  14. You appear to have accidentally merged your pros and cons list. MiniDisc changer ftmfw!
  15. That was painful, had to turn it off partway through.