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  1. This is less impressive if they were the only competitors.
  2. You've got the "standing on a rock with your bike looking steely" vibe down to a tee Lots of spots like that on Dartmoor if you find yourself down south at some point.
  3. It's a shame really. His frames are pretty good these days (compared to when he first started) but the service side of things is a real let down. Don't get me wrong, people often expect too much given he's still "just" a bloke in his shed in Peru knocking out bike frames, but there's a whole load of expectation management which is way out of whack.
  4. Jesus, that's pretty brutal. Could ask Yankee Candles for a sponsorship deal? I hear Citronella is pretty much the best bet for keeping them off you.
  5. Marino has wildly varying timescales and contact timelines. Sadly we can't tell you any more than you already know. Keep hounding him via email/Facebook, and if you've nothing to go on with the deadline looming, get PayPal involved - it'll probably give him the rocket up the backside he needs.
  6. Lance was Cirque du Soleil and retired from it very recently, if this is accurate I was fortunate enough to meet Mr Trappe at some point circa* 1998-2000 or so. Came across as a fun bloke to be around. *see what I did there?
  7. Sounds about right - The 24" ET was the same length
  8. Did ATS pay you for the R134a they took? That shit ain't cheap!
  10. Sister in law pissed me off at a family BBQ...
  11. Cool stuff. Some of the cleanest, most natural riding I've seen from Thom which was nice to see too
  12. Weirdly coincidental, but turns out it's the 10 year anniversary of discovering those forks were bent. How odd!
  13. I had a set that ended up doing something similar. Think they had about 100mm of rake by the time I replaced them - BB dropped by around 15mm and the wheelbase grew significantly! Mine were second hand so I didn't ever approach Ashton Bikes about it, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was down to iffy heat treating or something.
  14. Meh, sod sugar coating it. If in the first minute you've had to redo it, haven't edited it out, have announced that you've not done a test run when CLEARLY you should have done, and feel the need to edit it with the world's choppiest black flashes* and intermittent music from your nan's skipping minidisc player, perhaps this isn't for you. *Not suitable for epileptics
  15. If it's anything like the Golfs/Leons/etc of the same vintage, then locking modules tend to fail on them. You can pull them apart to replace the microswitch and/or brittle solder which fails, but it's easier/more convenient to just pick up a replacement (eBay ones are typically just as good as OEM) and swap them over. I've one a couple on Leons over the years and it's usually a case of door card off, inner door card off and you have access. For reference, here's a post shamelessly half-inched from the Briskoda forum: "The two microswitches just above my index finger sense the key being twisted one way or t'other; the two in the middle of the pic feed back the motor's effect on the mechanism, and the one out of shot on the ends of the red and blue wires senses whether the door is open or closed." Hardest bit is getting the door open so you can get in there and replace the module. May have to try and dismantle door card if you can't access all the usual screws in the lower edge/similar. Worth a read of some of the threads on that forum (such as this one: ) to help diagnose the cause a little more accurately before pulling it apart