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  1. Given that most riders still use ISIS, or even square tapered bottom brackets, I wouldn't expect anything soon
  2. IIRC the bulk of the exhaust is complete, though I can't remember if they've got a full downpipe section squared away yet (in fact, have they even completely figured out engine placement/similar?) Given the time taken focussing on the small details in each component, I don't think it's worth the time trying to figure out what's left in terms of getting it functional as we all know they won't stop at that level
  3. @Tom Booth might be the best man to advise on this
  4. Let's move it on a touch then - when do people think projects might be road legal?
  5. Can always postpone until the summer/whenever folk will be able to do it. Might risk it going the way of almost every other TF event ever though... Would be nice for folk to have their cars all sorted though, given how many people have projects nearing kinda-useable.
  6. Depends what you want to achieve, really. From memory those were fun little bikes and would be a good laugh on streety stuff, but they are relatively dated now of course. The good thing is that with trials being rather behind the times compared to the rest of the MTB world, compatibility won't be a huge issue on the most part. Looks like you're stuck with a rear vee on that frame, which some would be put off by so you'll need to make the call there. If it's for occasional use and just having a bit of fun on, I'd keep it mostly as is and enjoy it as a (presumably) cheap bit of fun. Switch out the contact points (bars/stem, grips, pedals) to tailor to yourself and leave the rest until you've ridden it enough for niggles to present themselves. If you're wanting to get back into trials a little more then ride it as is for a while, until you're able to pick up something a little better specced and you're golden
  7. Just another reminder gents. Still up for it if you lot are
  8. What an utter retard! Presumably you've checked the rest of the setup and will be replacing with meatier cable?
  9. Such a fun road. While I was staying near Brechfa for work for a few months last year I'd detour and drive up and back at least once a week
  10. Getting bummed by an angry TB.
  11. Decent CCTV camera and some Home Alone style vigilante justice. The camera is so we can all watch the live stream.
  12. For a bit of casual playing around and getting a feel for it it'll be fine. Never going to be as suited as a DJ specific bike of course, but to give you a taster or for the occasional session in the sun just get involved
  13. Pffffft. Only a Widowmaker for me thanks. Nothing but the best.
  14. #becauseracecar, right? Extreme weight saving - no engine, no gearbox, no interior, no brakes, no suspension. Not too sold on the extreme rake or 3" front wheels mind... Hopefully have a flatbed w/ crane here late this week or early next to take the shell. Local chap needs a few parts for his car and is keen to take a load of others off my hands to sell on too. Could be a win:win
  15. Mine's faster...
  16. Will be fine driving it on 4/5 for a little while, provided you're not thrashing it around track/similar of course. Youmention that they're nuts rather than bolts so it'd be with checking how they're fitted: factory studs I'd imagine to be pressed in from the rear rather than threaded in which is a shame as else you'd be able to unscrew the offending item and replace. Still potential to grind the head off and drive it out of the hub though not the easiest location to work, especially with the wheel in situ. What shape is the broken nut? Can you hadn't over a sacrificial socket to remove the b*****d?
  17. "What use are numbers when you can't see?" "I love the sound of fun" That's brilliant. I wonder how well received it'd be if it were released today...
  18. Cliff notes: With wife heading up the country to see family at the weekend, I wanted to get her brakes serviced as they were a bit lacking. Uneven disc/pad wear and an increasingly poor handbrake not ideal, so full refresh and sorted out a pair of seized sliders on the rear which explain the issues it was having. One particularly crusty rear splash guard could do with replacing at some point too! Weirdly she wasn't too keen when I offered her a brake upgrade... Old car is now largely ready to disappear. I have some dollies to get it moved as required, just need to book in a collection with a crane to take it away really. In the meantime it's doing a fine job as parts storage (both for those being chucked with the shell and for some of those that are being kept. It's also rather convenient having an oversized "safe place" for parcel deliveries rather than having to visit the DO Garage is now overflowing, sadly. Prior to the shell going I'll try to get in and have a clearout of stuff so I can look to get things more in order. Could do with selling some bits too, really. Haven't done much to LCR due to lack of time. It's in for MOT on Thursday and whilst I don't have any major concerns, there are a few little niggles that will likely crop up: knocking top mount,soon to be replaced with solids on coilovers; broken splitter with ankle-slicing edges, replacement inbound; dead lambda previously mentioned, so clocks and electrical tape may come out this evening... Otherwise it's just been meeting daily duties without batting an eyelid. Even gave it a quick squirt down before @Ash-Kennard's stag do at the weekend.
  19. Soundtrack, hazy video effects and shirtless Pearson. What year is it?! Nicely done gents
  20. Forgot all about it to be honest
  21. I enjoyed it. Yes it was cheesy but overtly so, so I assumed he'd gone over the top with it deliberately. Huge riding regardless, smashed it.
  22. Ride faster.