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  1. You were ripped off. *hides from Euan Beaden*
  2. Didn’t plan on doing anything to the car today as we were out and about sorting other things out. Managed to find 20 mins this afternoon though so decided instead of getting started on anything on the daily, I’dd start pulling a few bits apart on the black car instead. Removed head unit and climate control unit, which will both be moving across to replace the original kit in the grey car which has seen better days. Also removed a few bits of trim, steering wheel and the clocks which are the roughest of the 3 sets I have, so will be ideal for playing with down the line. A few of the chaps on UK-MkIVs are currently experimenting with some cluster mods (ColourMFA type stuff) so once they have it all figured out for me to shamelessly copy I might get involved! With the car having been sat and getting a little damp, the leather wheel and gear gaiter had started to get a touch furry. Only early stages, but given the car won’t be going anywhere soon it’d only get worse. The gaiter I’m not too concerned about - so a wipe down with a baby wipe has cleared it up fairly well, however I’m not yet ruling out putting the wheel into the new car and as a result wanted it properly cleaned up. Cue a fairly brutal routine (I won’t be winning any awards for leather care on DetailingWorld any time soon…) of carb cleaner, bathroom bleach, boiling water, hot APC solution and another boiling water rinse. Should kill off anything that was planning on taking up residence! I made a point of getting in to all the stitching, joins and pores as best I could with a stiff brush and I’m relatively content with it being as organism-free as it’s likely been in years, so that’ll do for now. Currently drying between a radiator and big static dehumidifier to draw out any moisture from within. You can see above that the perforated side panels are quite red - this seems to be common with age/wear on these, and a lot of people recolour them with Cherry Blossom shoe polish but IMHO it gives as poor a result on steering wheels as it does on shoes, so I don’t really fancy that. I’d like to have it retrimmed with yellow stitching and band (which, incidentally, looks much better for a clean too!) but that’s waaaaaaay down the priority list so for now this’ll get dried out and put away in the garage for future use/sale. Wasn’t expecting to touch the cars today, so even a few minutes to pull bits off was good. I’d like to get the vehicle speed sensor replaced on the new car soon to stop the incessant beeping round corners, but it seems the one on my old standard box which is in the garage is cracked so not much point moving it across. OM part is about £60 from memory, so if it comes to it I’ll just pop one in rather than an unknown used item but I’d rather not have to drop that cash so will give the wiring a thorough inspection prior to buying one, just in case. I’m also conscious that there still aren’t any real photos of the new car in here. The honest answer is that it’ embarrassingly filthy at present and I’ve not yet given the exterior a proper seeing to. Will see how this week goes and figure something out on that front soon.
  3. I did consider a derv variant, but they're just not so fun! Car is good (as post above yours), nice to just be cruising about in a standard automobile for a little while actually, ride comfort and minimal niggles for the wiiiin
  4. Proper job, Alex. Some lovely repair work going on there. As always, envious of your workshop access and skills to get involved
  5. Another week has passed with no progress. Lovely. Managed to find a couple of hours earlier before heading out to watch some rugby, so pulled the car in front of the garage to do a few little bits. First task, pull out the seats so I could get in and give the carpets a clean. With the previous owner being a smoker who’d converted to vaping, there was a slight hint of smoke and an overwhelming stench of chemical nastiness that was supposedly cherry/strawberry. Not pleasant either way. Plenty of dirt/dust accumulated throughout in all the usual crevices. Gave the car a good vacuum to pick up as much of the crud as possible, followed by a wet vac (kindly borrowed from a colleague). Picked up plenty of dirt, and the smell has been largely eliminated.My parents have a cheap steam cleaner so I’ll pinch that at some point to give the interior plastics/leather a once over, and I’ll try and run something through the HVAC system because there’s obviously some residual ming in there too. Mats came out pretty well too. They still need replacing, but they’re acceptable enough that it’s not a major priority. I popped a small portable heater in the car to help dry it out fully prior to refitting seats. Seemed as good a time as any to move the Corbeaus across, although when I pulled the passenger seat from the old car I realised I never got around to sorting out a resistor the airbag system. Wasn’t able to find my solder, so had to get a little creative using some hacked up solder-shrink stuff. Not overly happy with it so I might revisit this at some point - no biggy as I need to redo the driver’s one anyway to shorten the pigtail, which I left long previously until I knew it was going to work. In case anyone finds this thread searching for info, I used a connector from a Polo (not sure on year) which is part number 6X0 972 783, and whatever the resistor below is (I'm too lazy to get a colour chart and check). Lop the end off, solder in resistor, heatshrink to protect a little, done. Worth noting that you don’t want to turn the ignition on between taking seats out and refitting, as if the system detects an open circuit it’ll throw a code/light and you’ll need VCDS to reset it. That done, seats could go in. Point of note with the seats - because the seatbelt needs to pass through the harness hole on the seat, it needs unbolting at the bottom of the B pillar. To gain access you either need to pull the carpet out (no thanks), or do as I did and simply make a vertical slice with a sharp blade through the carpet and matting. This all sits back neatly and is virtually undetectable after refitting, though it’d be easy to throw in a small patch of double sided tape to close the join fully if you wanted to. Also moved my aero wipers across from the old car too. The setup on before was ugly and ineffective, so it was a win:win really. Gave the arms a quick squirt with some satin black paint as they had a few little dinks. Much improved. Oh, I also had a 10 second check under the car earlier. When I’d picked it up, I gave it a cursory glance as he mentioned the cats were replaced 18 months ago. He claimed they were a stock setup, but I remembered seeing a small plaque on there which isn’t present form factory. I’d not given it any real thought, but figured I’d see what the score was. Turns out they’re a pattern part (no issue with that at all) from “Euroflo”. Seem to be pretty generic, and not the world’s best quality, but will do the trick just fine until it’s upgrade time at some point in the future Need to make some time to move across necessities - AC control unit, lambda sensor, VSS, jacking cover (once I have paint) etc - but it’s in an almost acceptable state now. Exterior deep clean and protection needed, but that’ll likely be after the interior has seen a little more love.
  6. I was considering it, or possibly even quad-xenons 4 t3h lulz. Round here in the lanes it'd be epic - not only would you see the pheasant you are about to hit, but he'd be cooked by the time you made contact too
  7. It's always an eye opener looking back at earlier pages of BOTI to see what qualified as "Best" years ago. Not sure whether that says more for the internet or us lot mind...
  8. Yeah, the HIDs replace the low beam so that's a direct swap, hence not mentioning them. The solenoid just needs to activate when there's power to high beams, hence the simple thinking. Seems to be a winner by all TF reports, cheers gents
  9. I expect it'd come down to being E marked or not. It's possible to bit complete units that are, so I'd imagine they should be ok but I don't expect retrofitting the projectors yourself quite meets the requirement, even if the projectors are individually ok. That said, whether it'd be picked up or not is another matter again. If you take the time to properly align them etc they should be undetectable from another driver's perspective.
  10. Cheers man. Stock setup is all single-filament bulbs, so that shouldn't be a problem. The solenoid should only draw a small amount, so I plan to try it in parallel with the halogen full beam first and if I have any issues I'll try and think about it a little more "properly"
  11. Folk who are semi-competent with electrics, and therefore far more qualified than myself, a little help would be appreciated. I'm retrofitting bixenon projectors to a spare set of Leon headlights. I actually pulled them apart and physically installed the projectors a while back but life got in the way and I'm only now getting around to wiring them in. I've seen lots of conflicting information on whether it's necessary to install additional relays, resistors etc in to have them function correctly, and would like to keep it all as simple as possible (as is about my level!) The wiring in the headlight looks something like this: The factory low beam will be replaced by an HID kit, so those wires will be redundant. The sidelight will remain as is, so no wiring needs to change for that. The factory halogen high beam has an earth to the casing and a single purple/black wire to the bulb itself. The solenoid for the bixenon flap is a 2-wire affair (red and black, though that's irrelevant I suppose) Can I simply wire the solenoid wires to the high feed and earth and expect it to work? Surely provided there's a live feed to the solenoid to activate it, and it's above a threshold voltage, the flap will flap.
  12. Looks tidy, Sam. Seems to be in great shape. Rainbird update: So, new year, new car. After a frustrating 2017 of chasing numerous issues, fixing them and uncovering more (rinse and repeat), plus picking up a very tidy Platinum Grey LCR for my friend Chris a few weeks back, I had those urges every man knows all too well. Hopped on a train: 15 minutes later I was back where I started Passed this en route. Anyone know what it is? I think it might be a '59 Impala/similar (Here's looking at you, @Tom Booth ) Brief stop at Reading station. Last time I was here was December 2014, picking up the black LCR, when I met Jardo (TFs very own @Pashley26 ) for a lift in the RaceTaxi. Some 5 hours after I left home, I arrived here Was picked up from the station by a chap I'd spoken to online. Met his ridiculous RatDog. Had a chat, he repeatedly told me what a gangster he was. Turns out he wasn't lying... Lulz. Keen to escape, I got on the road as soon as possible to start the trip home. But first... A day trip to Bedford and a half tank of fuel later, I was the owner of another LCR. It's by no means perfect, but given it's 15 years old I can forgive a few niggles and I have a spare car to pilfer parts from now anyway. Having wanted a PG LCR for the better part of a decade I have finally ticked the box, and it's given me the bug again which can only be a good thing. The car has covered more miles than I'd have liked at 150k, however when driving it feels as tight as any other 1.8t I've driven and there's a reasonable service history with it, showing a cambelt and waterpump change in Oct 2017 which is encouraging. Issues needing addressing in no particular order: - Splitter needs replacing - Passenger mirror electrics not working - Passenger front window motor failed - Top lambda sensor failed. - Intermittent Vehicle Speed Sensor issue. - OSR jacking cover missing - Inside stinks of chemical bullshit, previous owner was a vape mong Mirrors were first - simply swap across the mirror with the black car and switch the plastic caps so it's the right colour. Incidentally the mirrors on the black car were Platinum Grey when I bought them years ago! Good chance to clean behind the base while it was off. Next task was addressing the window regulator. Previous guy had ripped the old motor out and made a mess of the regulator cables. He kindly included not just one but two dead motors though, which was good of him. Rather than messing about trying to repair the existing regulator and motor assembly, I just swapped across the part from the black car again. Either way I'd need to pull the entire panel from the new car so it wasn't much more work to do so, so I pulled it out and cleaned it up ready to go. Had to reseat on of the cables which was a little awkward, but a bit of thinking soon sorted that. There'd previously been ludicrous quanities of butyl tape on the panel, which is pretty commonplace as the factory seals on these were diabolical. Took a while to remove but did so and has been replaced with a more realistic amount and bolted back up to the car. All tested and working fine, so door card hung and another job ticked off the list. So the list now looks a little more like this: - Splitter needs replacing - Top lambda sensor failed. - Intermittent Vehicle Speed Sensor issue. - OSR jacking cover missing - Inside stinks of chemical bullshit, previous owner was a vape mong Relatively logical process to sort that out: - Splitter gets replaced - Top lambda from the old car - Need to investigate VSS, not sure of cause at this point - I have spare jack covers, but need to find correct paint which is proving a little less straightforward than usual - INSANELY DEEP CLEAN NEEDED. Thorough wet vac needed, plus I hope to steam clean what I can. Exterior could also do with a proper going over when I get a decent weekend to spend some proper time on it. Would like to give it a really good clean before it gets too much use so I know it's protected as well as possible. So that's where we are. Grey LCR has finally happened, Black LCR isn't all that happy about it...
  13. Loosely related, though on a lower budget: My parents go away a few times a year in their campervan, usually once skiing, once in the UK and once somewhere sunny. They normally bring back a few phone photos to show where they've been, but I think mum would quite like to get a decent but cheap DSLR to take some better shots with and maybe learn some basic photography skills too. I always remember BITD the likes of Westlake/Purdon and a few others using Canon 550Ds for video duty and occasional stills, and they seemed to give a decent result to my untrained eye. They can be picked up second hand for around £200 with an 18-55 (IIRC) kit lens. Would something like that fit the bill, or would funds go further with something else? I'm aware the 550D is a relatively old model now, and presumably tech has moved on so there may well be something entry-level for that sort of outlay or less offering better value for money. Her birthday's coming up this summer so it'd be a good excuse to treat her, and if she doesn't end up getting into it then I can always pinch it for car/bike/homemadeporn stuff.
  14. Updated for you:
  15. What lengths are you trying to go to/from? Often cheaper and safer just to buy the part if it's an option, but if you're after something a bit special/one off then of course that's not always the case.
  16. I wouldn't want to go using a particulate spray like Febreeze, but cans of compressed air are often used for cleaning out computers (mainly of dust mind) so get the compressor rigged up and give it a blow through - ideally at lowish pressures and without an inline oiler/similar though Edit; In terms of my qualifications to advise on this sort of thing, I've never had shitparticles infiltrating a machine, but back during nuclear course I got blackout drunk and woke up to find about a litre of mixed drinks flooding the insides of my laptop. Took it apart, rinsed through with distilled water, thoroughly dried it out and I'm writing this from it a couple of years later so I do have some experience of getting shit out of them
  17. Teg. Teg. Teg.
  18. Clio's looking great dude, bet you can't wait to get back to boosting around now! I've done the exact opposite with mine and its constant desire to be a right royal pain in the ass. Seriously close to taking it off the road, stripping the good stuff off it and picking up a fresh car (without years of neglect and poorly-executed mods) to start afresh.
  19. I stand by my previous statement
  20. As some of you may have seen, I picked up a dirty cheap Arcade back in September. What you probably didn't see was the rest of the story... September: Left the Royal Navy, had a little bit of time on my hands, fancied picking up a trials bike again. Primarily for the social side of things that is. As those of you who know me will be aware, I'd always been a bit of an indecisive bugger and was constantly chopping and changing between 24" and 26" wheels. With that in mind, I was pretty open to getting hold of either this time around, so started hunting on here, FB, PB etc to see what was about. I ended up tracking down a stock via @hill_393 on PB, and sent some funds across to him shortly after. It was posted the next day and job's a good'un. However before the 26" was delivered that Arcade popped up here on TF at a price which couldn't be turned down so I bought it on the spot. 9 months later, I've ridden the 24" half a dozen times and the big bike hasn't even been unboxed. Wedding soon, car needing a few bits and so on, I sold the Arcade on to @The Foamoi Refresher who'll no doubt give it a much better life than myself. Hope you're enjoying it, Luis! T'was a hot day today, so the cats and I have been enjoying the sun. Seemed as good a time as any to dig out that 26". So, one dusty, still sealed box: One slightly less dusty slightly less sealed box: What have we here then? Looks like a set of (2.2"/2.4") Mountain Kings Well these are a little bigger than the Arcade wheels. Hope QR skewer needs to go. Not a common rimset these days Classic... Should I be concerned that a handful of spokes were loose in the bottom of the box? Fortunately, nothing to worry about Pulled out the rest of the box's contents. Not too sure on the stickers but that's an easy fix. These guys have done a thorough job of the coating, though it's taken a bit of abuse so if I end up hanging on to it perhaps I'll give it a fresh coat TT crankset, 16t, plastic Nukeproof pedals. Gratuitous downtube dent. Rear end's a Pro II, Rohloff and (narrow) 14/(wider) 16t sprockets. Will rectify that at some point. Rear brake is an '05 HS33 on (real) Cousts, old school booster and Tensile offset mounts. Harshest grind I've ever owned, though still significantly less abrasive than most folk seem to run. Front brake is an SLX. 203mm is nice to see, but this might get swapped out for something a little more suitable. And for anyone who's not quite pieced it together yet Had a very quick roll about on the decking at home. Brakes need to bed back in and need to sort out the gearing, but the bike feels far more capable than I do so that's good.
  21. I'd be looking at skimming the inside race of the bearing rather than the forks if possible. Far cheaper and easier to replace if needs be . Pull the bearing out of the frame and try to slide the crown race and bearing down to the bottom of the steerer. Do they fit ok? Shouldn't make any difference all being well, but stranger things have happened. If you're able to find another bearing to try it'd be worth doing so as well to rule that out, although from the last photo it seems as though it's been used before without problems.
  22. Cool stuff
  23. Right hand chainstay somewhere near the seat tube it is
  24. Indeed. Sadly to replace this frame would cost more than I paid for the bike which I can't justify for a garage ornament and dry gatherer. I was just going to run an HS33, or convert it to vee, but if anyone has had success retrodiscing it then I'd like to know more
  25. Cheers John. Has he stuck a disc mount on a Hex for you? I'd love a DD Hex, but have always been put off by the expense of heat treating etc - as much as I've had hairline cracks welded without treating before I'm not sure whether a disc mount would be a little much. Edit; They're 7005. I seem to recall that being a little less critical with heat treating, but may well be completely wrong on that. You've started naughty thoughts in my mind, Shrewsbury, and not just the usual ones...