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  1. I get this too. Usually my ring finger. I changed to some ESI grips which reduced the issues. I still have the pain but it's slightly tolerable. If I'm on my AM bike it's horrid after a long descent.
  2. I'm in this exact boat. I'm 35 and have ridden for over a decade. I started on stock then moved to mod. Rode mod better than stock but my back gave out. Now i'm really struggling with deciding to move back to stock or get something like a Marino or different 24" secondhand. I always rode natural and really enjoyed it due to my local spot being quite good but 24" just seems more chilled and easy going. Really torn at the moment so completely understand where you're coming from.
  3. Or would 110 hub spacing cure it instead.
  4. A divorce?
  5. Really enjoyed this. Great style too. Looking forward to the next one!
  6. How does the hub fare for trials use? Seems to have plenty engagement points.
  7. @Ali C used to run this cable system on his Ashton back in the day and I recall his brake being amazing....that was on a V mind. I cant see it being different on a BB7/BB5 etc.
  8. I've ran bmx fork on mine recently. I only changed for some forks with dedicated v-mount forks (not bmx forks with v-adaptors. They were mega heavy and stiff! You can make anything rideable! Have fun!
  9. Thigh highs?
  10. leggings???
  11. Its a good question all in all. I've rode for over a decade now and trials has never died. It always grows to be honest. Social media has in fact made it more noticeable but because each individual rider chooses their own social media platform, forums like this do go quiet but trials definitely isn't dead. Its amazing that trials is so varied now. We still have a great street scene ( Inspired type riding ) and also there are a few guys still banging out some excellent TGS stuff (Adam Baxter etc). I don't see much natural stuff anymore I guess which is a shame but that was my favourite sort of riding so I would be biased. Best thing about trials at the moment is everyone has settled into a section of the sport they are happy with....just cracking on doing their own thing.
  12. Interested
  13. New tyres and seat etc. It made it a lot more tidy. Rides like a pig but it' so much fun! Front end need to be a bit higher for me so I have some zoot forks to put on once they'e been rattle canned etc.
  14. Delete