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  1. I thought I was the only one F***ING SICK of Brumotti.
  2. I've gave this some thought. I initially didn't know what to think about it but i'm warming to it. Now get out and ride it!
  3. That looks like heaven!
  4. Thats awesome! Aran is a legend! Congrats!
  5. If your after some sort of support have a google at Smith Knee Gaskets. My thighs are 22 inches and larges fit great. They're supposed to be used as an additional support but mine feel nice and snug until I can sort my knee brace.
  6. Just to clarify you cant class your right hand as a wife and kleenex as kids. Why you bother coming on this forum being a bell end is beyond me. Id personally pay Bing to fly where you are and punch you in the face but since you all f**ked up the airspace above your heads it isn't possible. Bell end!
  7. Sorry if this has been covered but was it making the noise before it was powder coated? If not then the heat of baking might of made a weak weld fail maybe?
  8. Bike testing within the cycle industry is a joke and is always biased to one or another company. The issue is that test would have to be by a person who was rediculously good to appreciate the subtle changes between geo etc and unbiased to a company or shop. Freelance pro would be a better way of putting it.
  9. I usually get out the car,jump on my bike,do a tiny gap then slip a disc...if I'm really unlucky its a new one. I don't think people realise how much trials kicks the shit out of your body. I'm 32 this year and now forced to quit thanks to multiple disc issues in my back. Get stretching boys and girls!
  10. 12-21 and a 22t ring with a sram road mech. The spring tension on sram short cage stuff is crazy good!
  11. I swear by the geo of Trialtech high rise bars. I run them uncut too. In my head i've convinced myself that if you run narrower bars (ie shoulder width or less) you utilize less muscle groups then you do with wider bars. For example biceps,chest and triceps for narrow then biceps,triceps,chest back and lats. Wider=more power for me. That's not to say its a fact for everyone else. Narrow bars also make you look like a T-rex (you've just put your hands in that position while reading it!) Just for reference I just rode the tried the montys and went back to trialtech. I'm sure the Koxx bars wont be far off the geo (starts trawling through tarty bikes). Try both for a substantial amount of time and see what suits your riding buddy.
  12. WTF man!!! Well I'm givin up after seeing that! Ill put it in the wank bank for now!
  13. Some impressive riding! Props for the filming,natty is so so hard to film and even when you think you've managed to get the right angle,it still looks like its not that difficult. Really enjoyed it Mark. Looking forward to the Tarty days video.
  14. I'm going to have to cancel since I've slept in. Impossible to make it by 10. Gutted!!
  15. Is there space to bring Prattley?