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  1. Enjoyed this loads. One thing thats becoming obvious is how they are improving all the time which is always good. Every street rider brings something different to the table and I'll happily watch some one bitch crank their way across some obstacles if the riding is like that or not. As Flip says.....we're trials riders. Also @Mark W I think Manifesto is the name of Ali's cat....Ryan asked permission to use that name too....probably.
  2. Bloody brilliant!
  3. Green seal on the freehub body not located properly.
  4. I cant open the video.
  5. Dunno if that link will work but.....
  6. I saw this the other day. Tartybikes shared it on FB. Really enjoyable!
  7. Sick of this guy. I'd find his riding so much more entertaining if he just rode a trials bike.
  8. I've just came back after a couple of years and I think with age comes the ability to not give a s**t about how I ride, what I ride and what I ride my bike on. You've had a quite a hiatus and I think you'l come back to it and completely buzz off it to be fair. Get yourself back on it Kenny!
  9. Jitsie are good but I've not tried the 135 stuff yet. The only down side I found with the Jitsie was the drag, Initially it felt obvious but you get used to it only noticable when just rolling around. The tech nowadays is nuts, I'm sure you can hardly go wrong.
  10. I get this too. Usually my ring finger. I changed to some ESI grips which reduced the issues. I still have the pain but it's slightly tolerable. If I'm on my AM bike it's horrid after a long descent.
  11. I'm in this exact boat. I'm 35 and have ridden for over a decade. I started on stock then moved to mod. Rode mod better than stock but my back gave out. Now i'm really struggling with deciding to move back to stock or get something like a Marino or different 24" secondhand. I always rode natural and really enjoyed it due to my local spot being quite good but 24" just seems more chilled and easy going. Really torn at the moment so completely understand where you're coming from.
  12. Or would 110 hub spacing cure it instead.
  13. A divorce?
  14. Really enjoyed this. Great style too. Looking forward to the next one!
  15. How does the hub fare for trials use? Seems to have plenty engagement points.