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  1. Euan Beaden. He made mine and it is ace!
  2. I recently asked Euan Beaden to make a conversion for a Pro4 that turns it into a 10mm bolt up. Worth dropping him a PM
  3. I've looked at the MT Trail set on Tarty but then I hear about brakes feeling a bit soft. With Shimano Deore/XT etc I hear about pad knock. With Hope Trialzone (my current brake) every day is different and no how much centering pads, bleeding can change that. I keep dwelling on BB7 just for simplicity. Basically I didn't myself into a frustrated state and then don't buy any brakes. I'd really like to have a try of each to see but that's an impossibility until Tartydays (hopefully with the help of some volunteers).
  4. Absolute tech lines there! Great video!
  5. So ended up putting the matching forks onto the Zoot. Reduced the wheelbase slightly but felt a lot stiffer. I've asked Euan Beaden for a bolt up front conversion too which should stiffen it up even more. Jobs a good un!
  6. Street ride from tonight. Felt so rigid on the bike tonight but good to be out and about.
  7. He's an absolute weapon!
  8. That looks like such a good spot to ride. Good riding too!
  9. Buthiers! Some of the best natural I've ridden!
  10. Very nice to see you both kill it. always good to see some natural too
  11. On a side note to this Mark, do jitsie pads make a substantial difference at all?
  12. They'll handle anything you'll throw at it. They'll lock your wheels up no problem at all. They'll also be nice and quiet with modulation too.
  13. If you've rode for that long you'll adapt quickly.
  14. I just made the move from riding mod to a 24 and I love 24. I ride everything from street to natural. The beauty of a 24" is its like a swiss army knife with several handy functions rather than a mod which in many cases is a sharp as hell knife. I don't think you'd be disappointed at all with a 24". Basically the same thing Mark said.
  15. Insane riding. He's got some serious balls.