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  1. Thank god for mrs wife being a stay at home mum / home educator / dog trainer / master cook/baker / decorator / garden designer / seamstress /herbalist and so on so forth Add washable nappies into the mix and the fact she eats anything apart from egg* and Persephone is nice and low maintenance as far as toddlers go! *although who has a baby that is allergic to egg! You try cutting egg out of your diet completely and see how much it's used in everything!
  2. I done gone made a thing! Set up the elu table with the kw779, mounted it onto some 3/4" mfc I had left over from an old vivarium build. Replaced the shonky jaws on my workmate thingy with the mfc sheet and now have a good height, stable router set up. Gives me a reasonable size flat area to build on and clamp to. Got a record underslung vice and marples mitre jig that I'll attach later for added utility. The whole lot will fold up to take less space in storage. Bought a 1/4" dovetail cutter (only a 10 quid screwfix job but all I could instantly buy) and with a bit of trial and error made a door frame with dovetail corner joints Rebated the inside to take the t&g planks to infill the panel and glued the frame together. Unfortunately I cut a couple of the dovetails a bit loose and the back split out of them but have been thoroughly glued and clamped. By the time the panel is glued and pinned in it should be a very solid assembly. Will sand and plane it to fit the slightly out of square frame (which is built on an out of square floor ) before slinging some hinges on there. I initially left 1mm clearance on all sides when taking the measurements, squaring up the outside should open some of the gaps up but should I be aiming for a little looser?
  3. Sloppy or tight? Well I suppose that depends on who you're addressing
  4. Not the end of the world, we can sex next time @Luke Rainbird
  5. See, having learned to mill on a machine with 3/4" backlash in all slides I always take smaller cuts than required. That rig up was taking 2mm x 8mm cuts, high bit speed and slow feed. One hand steadying the machine and one pull feeding the wood across the bit, at no point were my fingers less than 2" from the spinnywhirlyfingerchopper If it were a bigger lump of wood (rather than 20x8 mm strip) or bigger cuts I wouldn't have considered it.
  6. My dad introduced me to machine tools when I was about 6 with the watchmakers lathe, then loose on the hand tools (metal and wood) around 8. I progressed onto the miller and full size lathe around 12. The only machinery he wouldn't let me touch was the radial arm saw. He did have a minor paddy when he caught me swinging an adze towards my shins instead of away Oh and then there's the incident with the bill hook
  7. Was only trimming the back groove off some t&g, very slow and careful mind! For reference, the router is held in the wobbling bench thing, the broken fence is held against the foot plate with the quick grip. It was surprisingly stable
  8. Super ghetto broken router fence rig up Works to a fashion but far from accurate or safe! Also just realised that I don't have any 1/4" router bits to go with the new machine. What should I get? Want to buy a couple of decent bits, is there a general go to choice?
  9. Yes it is a tiny table, I figured it would be only for small jobs, not running a 6 ft rebate. Reassuring to hear the recommendation on the router, black and decker was always a reasonably good brand when I was young, however I got one of their jigsaws a few years back and it was cheap diabolical tat. Took a flyer on the router because its obviously of an older generation. With the duff speed control could I just bypass it and the main trigger and wire in a toggle switch? The erbauer doesn't have a latched switch so using it on a table could be tricky! Or zip tie the trigger on and plug it into an external switch? Stop showing off with the doors!
  10. Not good enough!
  11. 2015 was 42 miles, 2016 was 32 miles so sitting nicely in the middle. I found 2015 much harder because I screwed up my hydration, 2016 was comparatively a breeze
  12. After a hiatus last year, the brecon beast is back this year for the last time, 9th September. I've signed up for the short route (only 37miles because I'm old, and a girl), who else is coming along for a TF bimble? @MadManMike @Luke Rainbird @Tom Booth @CurtisRider @Adam@TartyBikes @Ali C who else? edit: eh? I'm sure I put this in bike chat! Can a mod move it? Do we have mods?
  13. Picked up a smaller router, a black and decker kw779 of ebay for 20 quid, it should fit the elu table I have and will be a bit more handleable than the big erbauer. It's only 1/4" but should be fine for the smaller jobs. Will make a table to fit the erbauer, been offered a 1200 square oak worktop for nowt that I'll use part of to make into the table and use the rest for shelving. With a bit of imagination I can use the fence and accessories from the elu table.
  14. Oh to have the luxury of a table saw But yes, that sort of style but with the T&G infill rather than ply. I think once I have a router rigged up with a fence it should be pretty straight forward.
  15. Was your will previously incorrect then? I trust you've left it all to Ted now you've corrected it