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  1. Yah boo sucks to far east manufacture, keep it homegrown How long before they develop their own suspension so they can have a 100% hope product?
  2. 1.37“ 24tpi British cycle thread rings a bell? Or is that bottom bracket? Shouldn't be too hard to measure the pitch and if you can grind a suitable tip on a boring bar then bob's your aunties live in lover Failing that, phone up hope, I'm sure they'll be able to tell you.
  3. Just run it with a phase missing, might knock out your rcd every so often
  4. Bilbo is home Appears to like sleeping
  5. 168 quid
  6. Even the wife said it's pretty
  7. He's called Bilbo (Reuben would accept nothing else!) and comes home this Saturday lunchtime My first dog and rather excited, he chewed my beard In other news, the thrustmaster steering wheel that I picked up for 50 quid as spares and repairs works 100% perfectly having run it through a bit of calibration software. RRP on it ranges from 200 to 300 quid!
  8. This one
  9. Thinking out loud... If it's a 3" decat stepped straight into a 2.5" link pipe then that will royally f**k up your gas flow and be putting a load of back pressure on the turbine wheel preventing it from spooling properly. If you put a conical section in there it should help massively compared to a step. Changing the length and position of the cone will affect the engine tune as well, but that's for someone with more experience to know about
  10. Picked up a thrustmaster tx 458 italia + stand for 50 quid, been after a decent force feedback wheel for a while but with a budget of the cost of a bag of crisps it's taken a while Going to add a progressive brake mod to the pedals and make myself a stand alone clutch pedal slaved from the logitech driving force wheel that I canabilised to convert my thrustmaster rcs rudder pedals to USB. Only thing I'll be missing is a separate shifter but that's not the end of the world as the TX has rotating paddles on the wheel. Now to design a mount so that it fits into the quick release socket on my pc chair that mounts the joystick for flight sims and make some brackets to fit the pedals in with the rcs rudders
  11. Basically I'm after a decent force feedback wheel to sling onto my pc, either thrustmaster or fanatec; there was a cheap fanatec wheel in Leeds which was perfect but pick up only hence the question. Unfortunately due to the good price it sold almost immediately so I'm now looking elsewhere
  12. Would anybody be able to do us a favour? I would like a pc steering wheel and pedals collected from LS13 Leeds and posting (possibly boxing as well if need be) to me Anyone local enough for it to not be out of your way? edit: No matter, it's been sold now, nothing to see here people, move along now....
  13. Reuben want's to call the pup Bilbo or Thorin, we shall see, it's worse than trying to name a child!
  14. Both are working stock, the sire is from a trainer in Shropshire direction and Tom (I actually went to school with him 30 years ago) went shooting with bitch worked 35 days last year and has been a regular working dog. Charlotte is going to train on clicker and whistle, going to be great fun literally following the dog up on cannock chase
  15. I think that's applicable to any dog, big jaws + big teeth = holes. The plan is to make sure it's fully socialised and acclimatised to as many possible situations as soon as possible to help it in later life. The boss has trained a number of dogs over the years and is happy that she'll not have any difficulties with this one. I'm a cat person but f**k me they're cute