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  1. Oil in the airbox/inlet tract?
  2. That's not oil, that's over rich fueling; black soot is fuel not oil. Have you reset the ecu since getting the lambda reconnected?
  3. If I see it floating around Lichfield I'll yell, don't hold your breath though!
  4. Back on topic, inspect the bike, other than the suspension and dropper post it's the same as any other bike. Check for smooth movement in all linkages with no clunks or notches; likewise there should be no sideways movement in the rear suspension at all. Generally if it's clean, things work as expected then it's worth what you want to pay. I would always work on 50% of the rrp simply for being second hand with no warranty, this can be adjusted either way for use/lack of. I dare say you could get more bike for your money with some research and luck but if it ticks the boxes then go for it
  5. I think perhaps you should look up the definition of oil cavitation in a damper. You're thinking of air that has leaked into an otherwise sealed and bled cartridge (such as fox fit or rockshox charger) which can negatively impact on damping performance. Cavitation is completely different, damping fails as a result of excessive pressure drop behind a piston /port, potentially causing inconsistent damping. In reality, modern bike suspension doesn't suffer from it because the dampers are designed correctly. Please check the information you're doling out to people is correct* *a bit like having to send a reverb off to sram to get it serviced...
  6. It's physically impossible to check a fork and shock for cavitation
  7. I know it'll work out a little more expensive but why not get a short term loan for the first years rent? Have a look at zopa, it's peer to peer lending and works really well, used it several times and it's consistently given best rates and flexibility. 7k over 12 months will probably only cost you an extra couple of hundred quid
  8. Live and work in Lichfield, had been down to Oxfordshire to do a site survey and was just getting back to the office
  9. Ah learned something new today, tendon sheaths are also called pulleys Over the years I've suffered with tendinitis in my fingers from gripping the bars too hard resulting in hands cramping into claws and general stiffness in the fingers. Unfortunately lots of rest fixes it but it's also very easy to start up again too soon and cause more damage.
  10. My initial thought would be tendinitis, although I would expect the symptoms to be apparent sooner than 20 hours assuming it was the deadlifts that did it. Can only say get it looked at properly, in the mean time regular ibuprofen will help with the inflammation. If it is tendon / tendon sheath damage I wouldn't expect it to be a quick fix unfortunately, rest seems to be the best thing. *not a doctor, just going on my experiences of tendon injuries and tendinitis *
  11. Did I follow you round Swinfen island just outside Lichfield, yesterday about 5:30ish? Yellow 52 plate mx5 with silly sticky out wheels?
  12. Helicoil
  13. Don't buy meat from the supermarket
  14. I ate 3 day out of date egg custard tarts the other day, best before is bollocks, if it's not mouldy or moving on it's own then it's normally fair game. Use your nose, if it smells wrong then don't eat it
  15. Did I just ask myself if I've got a bike? I've got four bikes, admittedly the trials bike is the least ridden these days! We ought to have a headcount of owned and ridden bikes in this section