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  1. I think that's applicable to any dog, big jaws + big teeth = holes. The plan is to make sure it's fully socialised and acclimatised to as many possible situations as soon as possible to help it in later life. The boss has trained a number of dogs over the years and is happy that she'll not have any difficulties with this one. I'm a cat person but f**k me they're cute
  2. I like whippets but the choice for the lab was based on having small people, we need a dog that is easily trainable and will be a sensible dog when grown up Both bitch and sire are pedigree working gundogs so good training genes should be there, Charlotte is at home 100% of the time so training during the most important time in it's life will be done. Bonus is I should have a traildog
  3. Today we looked at puppies Picking one out in a fortnight and collecting a week after.
  4. Well if you will f**k off and not be associated with the bleeding edge of the Internet that is trials forum!
  5. I think they would look a lot better if they exited out of the dash moulding and then bent forwards 45° or so. If they were finished with a foot plate with a couple of fixings in it would look even better imho
  6. The father in laws is a 1.8, 95k on the clock. Don't think he's selling it though
  7. Looking at the updated photos... The sprung valve with a handle looks to be some sort of adjustable safety, the valve behind it looks like a high pressure blow off valve. Is it a piston or diaphragm compressor, obviously a piston variant will need lubrication so don't neglect that. The massive drain plug is just a tank tapping, pressure switch could go in here if need be. Looks to be 1 1/4"ish so fairly small. Drain tap at the bottom is a bog standard ball valve, suspect the handle had snapped off, easiest to replace the entire valve so you can drain condensates. Air tool connection on the side looks to be some sort of quick release coupling, take it out and plug up or use as your main tank feed. All of the fittings are almost certainly going to be bstp (British standard taper pipe) thread so will be off the shelf from any good engineering suppliers. If you want to check references or dimensions, look at the georg fischer website. edit: these are the bits you need
  8. I have a pressure switch spare, was going to plumb it onto my little airbrush compressor but realistically I'm not going to get round to using it and my needs don't really justify it. It was a spare that was ordered extra to a contract at work and iirc is adjustable from 5 to 150 psi or something like that that. Very expensive, in the region of 300 quid but it's yours for postage It should be connected onto the a tank tapping and obviously wired onto the motor supply. I'm presuming you didn't intend to link the same photo each time, we do quite a lot of compressor sets for sewage ejectors (although looking at 7.5+kw compressors and 6 foot high air recievers) so should be able to advise a bit more with sensible photos
  9. Oil in the airbox/inlet tract?
  10. That's not oil, that's over rich fueling; black soot is fuel not oil. Have you reset the ecu since getting the lambda reconnected?
  11. If I see it floating around Lichfield I'll yell, don't hold your breath though!
  12. Back on topic, inspect the bike, other than the suspension and dropper post it's the same as any other bike. Check for smooth movement in all linkages with no clunks or notches; likewise there should be no sideways movement in the rear suspension at all. Generally if it's clean, things work as expected then it's worth what you want to pay. I would always work on 50% of the rrp simply for being second hand with no warranty, this can be adjusted either way for use/lack of. I dare say you could get more bike for your money with some research and luck but if it ticks the boxes then go for it
  13. I think perhaps you should look up the definition of oil cavitation in a damper. You're thinking of air that has leaked into an otherwise sealed and bled cartridge (such as fox fit or rockshox charger) which can negatively impact on damping performance. Cavitation is completely different, damping fails as a result of excessive pressure drop behind a piston /port, potentially causing inconsistent damping. In reality, modern bike suspension doesn't suffer from it because the dampers are designed correctly. Please check the information you're doling out to people is correct* *a bit like having to send a reverb off to sram to get it serviced...
  14. It's physically impossible to check a fork and shock for cavitation
  15. I know it'll work out a little more expensive but why not get a short term loan for the first years rent? Have a look at zopa, it's peer to peer lending and works really well, used it several times and it's consistently given best rates and flexibility. 7k over 12 months will probably only cost you an extra couple of hundred quid