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  1. In contrast I upgraded my 4 year old installation of w7 to w10 as soon as the upgrade was available, it's been solid as a rock ever since. I recently put a fresh install of w10 on as I happened across a 500gig samsung evo pro and Reuben had my old crucial ssd for his pc (christmas present) installed and running fresh as a daisy, stonkingly fast and stable - i5 2500k@4.6ghz all day long. Your fault for even considering using a microsoft browser Also, as far as I'm aware a reinstall of windows has always broken any software installed on secondary/tertiary drives, the only example I can think of that is otherwise is steam libraries which isn't quite the same but hey ho!
  2. TB's stripping fluid is of highest quality, got my skin all pink and tender!
  3. I recognised pająk from when my old lodger taught me what tiny spider is in Polish That is all I have to offer
  4. So fitting a pro2 freehub to an xc shell and axle? My only reservation with spacing out the axle for the freehub bearings would be to ensure concentricity; easily solved by making it a snug sliding fit and a spot of 641 just to retain it rather than to fill a gap.
  5. Make the hub axle steel and you'll have much better results. Once you've contracted the aluminum axle and sleeve together it's going to be very difficult to apply heat to just the sleeve for removal. Also consider only heating the sleeve, if you have to freeze the axle as well in order to shrink it enough to fit then you're not going to be able to simultaneously freeze and heat the assembly for future. Work on the differential rates of thermal expansion for different materials and you should be good, as to what machining tolerance you need I wouldn't know off hand. My only real world experience of shrink fitting is dropping the main bearings into the crankcases on my rotax motor, they will not push on cold but drop in nicely with the cases heated to 80°c. edit: what's the application and what sort of loads are you applying to the sleeve? Why not try a loctite bearing retainer? Something like loctite 641 instantly springs to mind, get it apart with relatively low temperatures.
  6. They've estimated the cost to be 84 quid a month, that's with me saying that the insulation is average (it's actually pretty damn good for the age) and the electricity is used all day long (well it is, but not massive usage draws). Bearing mind I've been paying 127 a month and perhaps with more accurate meter readings they might be cheaper still.
  7. Cheaper than scottish power by 20-30 quid a month on initial estimates, not a massive amount but as a single income family it helps!
  8. Just signed up, does that mean you get an additional 100 quid credited to your account?
  9. See I knew there was a reason why I hadn't signed up yet
  10. I still have my triton in the cupboard, it won't be leaving even if I haven't ridden it in a few years now. I've mostly been riding the intense now although still struggling to find to time to ride it as much as I'd like.
  11. Had a quick look through the bulb quote and they seem a lot cheaper than my current supplier. With scottish power and paying £127 a month for dual fuel, bear in mind we are a family of 5 with minimum 3 people home at any one time, the range is always running, washing and tumbledrier get used at least once a day. Having said all that I'm currently £432 in credit according to their online account portal which is a nice thing for christmas, they've always been quick to refund monies in the past. Will discuss switching with the boss and see what she says (although I pay 100% of the utilities/mortgage/bills) and use your link so there may well be 50 quid winging your way
  12. It also looked mechanically controlled up to a set point, the increments in throttle input were too regular
  13. We've not worked around this issue yet, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it Perhaps have a little electric ring we can stash somewhere if need be.
  14. I didn't just mean the cooker is the pinnacle of my life, just my current situation is awesome Dogface has found his new spot