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  1. We've not worked around this issue yet, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it Perhaps have a little electric ring we can stash somewhere if need be.
  2. I didn't just mean the cooker is the pinnacle of my life, just my current situation is awesome Dogface has found his new spot
  3. My life has peaked! No actually I think it has
  4. Just to urinate on precipitationavian's washing machines woes Machined some new delrin hinge bushes for the two oven doors at lunchtime. The original polyethylene ones had disintegrated and the doors had dropped causing sketchy seals and the handles to not click shut cleanly. Pulled the old ones out, pushed new in, reamed to size and dropped them on the hinge pegs. Fiddled with the eccentric pegs to get the door straight and true again then dove into the fibreglass insulation to adjust the stops on the catch mechanism. Doors all swing nice and easy and close with a gentle click when you lean on them
  5. You'll get there one day!
  6. Bearing in mind that esse have been making stoves since 1854 and were used by Shackleton and Nightingale, hardly a new player There are a couple of minor niggles like the left hand cover doesn't quite sit concentric on the hotplate, they can be adjusted on the hinges but there isn't quite enough wiggle space. I may strip the hinge and take a few mm off the end of the arms to allow it to sit better but it's not a massive issue.
  7. To be fair, from cold the esse got the hotplate up to temperature in about 15 minutes and the oven to 250ish°C in about 30-40; a fair amount of condensation but that is to be expected when rapidly heating a large lump of cast iron Although since when do we get warm weather in the summer these days?
  8. I'm thinking that the doors will be open 24/7 On slumber mode it's kept the entire kitchen, dining room, bathroom and back upstairs bedroom warm. Central heating has been turned down a couple of degrees as well so we at least get a cooler part of the house we can retire to!
  9. Dunno, good luck or people just don't want to buy 300kg of cast iron when they have to go collect it? Fortunately the father in law runs a small transport company (collection from Guildford and delivery to Lichfield sponsored by Corrick Transport of Dorstone, Herefordshire!) who said he would be happy to go pick it up Bizarrely enough this was the second gas fired esse range I bought on ebay within a fortnight, the first one also sold for 50 quid, however we realised that it would be physically impossible to fit it due to needing a flue and the seller kindly relisted it. I didn't expect the newer flueless version to go for the same money but hey ho, I'm not complaing I won't mention the double belfast sink with a 300 quid set of taps I picked up for 40 quid! Edit : holy f**king shit, 2 minutes to bring a pan of cold water and frozen peas to the boil. The kitchen is currently 26°C and the doors and windows have been open all afternoon, the bathroom above the kitchen is super toasty
  10. They were on the towel rail, I took them off whilst doing the initial burn in, access to gas controls and all that jazz The hotplate surface temperature was 330°C last time I checked edit: now the cooker is in I've got to design and make the rest of the kitchen, from scratch, by hand, in proper wood, to wife approval standard!
  11. After almost three weeks since ripping out the kitchen and having no method of cooking proper food, we're getting thoroughly fed up with take aways. Just got this installed and commissioned this morning It's an Esse Cat, 2007 vintage, RRP 5ish grand - same as used by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in the river cottage kitchen. 300kg of gas fired, flueless cast iron range cooker. 52 quid on ebay, 115 quid on service parts and 105 quid to get it setup. Toasty warm kitchen here we come (not that it was cold anyways!) Bonus husband points for me and the wife can make cakes now!
  12. I believe mike makes it go up and down, occasionally making sucky squidgy noises (the shock not mike!)
  13. If you're not interested in overclocking the tits off it for gaming/3D cad then go for an i5 2400/2500 (non K) based unit, it will be a lot cheaper and will at a push still run solidworks and the like pretty well. The sandybridge K chips still hold their prices reasonably well for their age because they are so stonkingly good. If you are interested in potentially overclocking it then make sure you get a decent motherboard with it
  14. I'm still using my 2500k@4.5ghz and it flies, runs solidworks just as well as my 4770k at work. It's coupled with a gtx780, 16gb 2100mhz ddr3 and a crucial ssd and runs all current games at 1080p just perfectly Something similar might be a little overkill for office
  15. A friend from work took his 05 ibiza to a national car fixing place forservice. For 125 quid they changed the oil and filter and gave him an 800 quid list of things that needed doing. He wasn't sure on the list of stuff that needed doing so dropped it on my desk to have a look over.... Other than a pair of tyres (quoted budgets with 20 quids worth of sundries per wheel) the only thing that needed doing was an arb drop link with a hole in the gaiter and some play in it. I checked their prices against Halfords and they had a markup of a minimum 100% and charge 87 per hour labour. I shudder to think how many thousands they've scammed from people who trust them edit: off the top of my head the list ran something like this: - New front tyres - 120 with sundries. Tracking - 40 bearing in mind the car drives true and the tyres wear evenly. New front disks & pads - 100. Brake bleed - 40. New arb links - 50. Pollen filter - 35. Spark plugs - 40.