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  1. Good times...
  2. It looks like one of the older Zoo frames - to establish the year, you may want to post some more pics. I'm a bit out of touch, but i reckon c.£200 isn't bad value.
  3. Do you ever feel that you're too hard on yourself? Today i presented a session at work which was not well received...i'll spare you the details. However, i do come away from times like these and beat myself up about it - what could i have done better, why did you phrase it like that, etc etc. In the past this reflection has pushed me to better myself, which is why i'm in a fairly fortunate position now. But, i now feel this is actually hindering me...i feel reluctant to give more..i'm tired...feel a bit "in over my head"...does anyone else ever feel like this? How have you dealt with it? N
  4. Thanks - I run a similar set up on my rear, but don't seem to get the power that you can from it. I'll keep messing with it, thanks. Neil
  5. @COCKY Could you confirm the brake set up you're running? Many thanks Neil
  6. I got 25 in a row! This is a great game - well done!
  7. I may have to give 203's a try thanks!
  8. Hi Nicolas What rotor size are you running on the back? Many thanks Neil
  9. I just checked my profile...joined in 2005...
  10. Tried something new at work (internal comms about my function) sent to all our offices globally and desk dropped was off brand...all but 2 people have been negative about it rather than positive. I can see the COO has emailed my boss...feel bad...i guess it had his sign off and he's not hanging me out to dry, but I've only been at the company 2 months...damn.
  11. Brought back some memories riding in Portsmouth...ahhh the good old days. Really enjoyed watching a bit of TGS! Some seriously big moves in there...up to rear from static on the uni block is a big one! X
  12. I have a "pretty much" complete Speed Race Fans 26" for sale. Let me know if you're interested - 07515030960 Neil
  13. Sure thing Well the offer is there - £200 posted for my GU - just needs a few bits to become a cracking bike!
  14. Get a cheap second hand dedicated trials bike for sure! It just so happens I have 2 that are up for sale. They're slightly older style geometry, which would give you a good balance between the street stuff and pure trials. I'm based near Reading - if you're local come up and have a try! They will be much more cost effective than a budget onza! Check out Neil's Big Sale thread in the For Sale section and drop me a line 07515030960. Even if you didn't go for mine I would still recommend a second hand trials bike! Neil
  15. Hey bud, I just so happen to have two 26" full builds (well almost full builds! ) with a slightly older style of geometry, but still modern enough to feel "trialsy". Both bikes are more durable than the newer style bikes and would be an excellent 1st bike. There are a number of pictures and spec in my topic "Neil's Big Sale" in the F/S section. I'm more than happy to have a chat if you're interested…or just if you need a chat from one of the elder members of the forum about "stuff". Neil