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  1. In local elections, yeah. I still don't think you should be voting for the person though. Do I like Corbyn? As a person, yes, as a leader, probably not. Do I agree with his points more than any of the other parties? Yes. I'm voting Labour because of the policies, not because I think Corbyn is a great guy.
  2. Yeah I've reset the ECU, no difference. The smoke is definitely blue, even if that's just soot on the bumper.
  3. Mate just came to rescue me and then his car broke down too hahaha! My car is still burning oil, unfortunately, as seen on the rear bumper in this photo...
  4. Don't vote based on a person. Especially someone local. Research each party properly, not just what the media tells you. I'm voting Labour.
  5. LOL, what a twat.
  6. And again! Listen here:
  7. I always watch your videos too, such a beast
  8. I'll put a riding bag in your slot, you filthy spam monkey.
  9. I did the "Wild Boar Chase" at the weekend, here's a snap of me on the 'dale
  10. I've got a bit bored of the "standard" car photography, so also started to try different things... Granted it's nothing amazing, but it's a bit different at least.
  11. Live again, listen in
  12. Yep there's certainly not many left in the UK that aren't riddled with holes, that's why I had to get out and look at the red one earlier - clearly had lots of love over the years. Looked like a pretty recent paint job. S2000 is on my list to own after the Eunos - either that or a Boxster. I enjoy having the roof down so much I don't think I could ever have a fun car that has a solid roof!
  13. Saw a mint red CRX on my travels today, near Horsham. I actually pulled over to get out and look at it, it looked brand new. Always loved the older shape CRX.
  14. Maybe market it as an alternative, rather than a replacement? It's widely accepted that there is no replacement for a GoPro.
  15. MX-5 with a turbo is only around £3k. That gives you enough power to drift properly and £7k for parts when you inevitably bin it into a wall / kerb.