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  1. Welcome to the forum Muale, nice to have a new member amongst us x
  2. Chap wants £2.5k for the S Special... which isn't unreasonable, but not the bargain I'm holding out for...
  3. It's a Lotus replica, apparently lol. I don't mind the paint and it can always be blown over... The rest of the car is a total shed, so it's not of any significance now anyway I've found a nice S Special tonight, looks pretty tidy so I've messaged the seller to see if there's any bubbling / rust anywhere - it's up near Liverpool, so I'd rather know upfront rather than driving all the way up there to find it's rusty.
  4. Behold!
  5. From the list, no, definitely worse! Just has a paint job to hide it all.
  6. Yep, basically the chap bought it last year and put it through MOT in April this year. It failed / advised on: Corroded brake lines and totalled brakes in general. Emissions, in every sense. Like failed every test. Engine misfires. Seatbelt tower thing excessive corrosion. And a whole list of other, more minor issues. He's bought a lemon, done the bare minimum to get it through this years MOT and is now moving it on. Luckily I checked all that before going to view...
  7. Sooooooooo.... I'm no longer going to view that car on Thursday. I just checked its MOT history. Ouch.
  8. To be fair, this new one is intentionally different colours Anyway, I'm just going to have a nose, it may end up being out of my budget...
  9. It's red and other colours And yes, 1.8 may be the wrong engine, but I'll take a working engine and a clean shell if I can.
  10. Roger that! Though it does depend on whether I swap them over, I'm not sure which I prefer
  11. I'm going to view a 1.8 on Thursday, it's had sills and arches done and has a new mohair roof, new suspension and a roll bar already fitted. This means that if I buy it, I just have to swap wheels over (The ones currently on there are HORRENDOUS). The paint job is very marmite, but I like it We'll see...
  12. Brakes International. They're refurbed ones, but surely that means all the internals were new... They must use crap seals I guess. Greetings - I prefer the look with spoiler and at high speed it probably does have an effect.
  13. Went to change my rear brake pads today in preparation for Combe next month. f**king passenger side caliper is seized. I replaced all the brakes about a year and half ago and the caliper is f**ked already. I don't mind fixing old stuff, but I shouldn't be replacing parts that are less than 2 years old, that's BS.
  14. And.... Again...
  15. Make a panel for the front of them and mount a gauge of some sort in there. At the moment they look unfinished. Car on the whole is looking awesome though, great work dude!