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  1. Awesome, cheers. My current riding shoes are destroyed, so these are now on order
  2. "#outfitonfleek" - ouch
  3. Replaced the headphone socket and USB charge port on my phone. It was super quick and works perfectly
  4. That last one is great. "Oi no no no no no, not homo, f**k off"
  5. Chrome is a plating, rather than a paint, so you'll need to find a metal finisher that can do it. As Luke said, Tom may have a contact that can do it, he seems to do a lot of chrome bits and bobs
  6. That looks amazing. Reminds me of climbing Snowdon and wishing I had my bike with me. I'm not sure I'd have made it up Snowdon with the bike though, to be fair.
  7. My car has been a twat lately, but if it survives the Rockingham weekender this month, I'm up for it.
  8. Yes. It went from correct gauge, to speaker cable, to correct gauge. Unsurprisingly, it got rather hot and made lots of smoke.
  9. I didn't get many of it in place, but here's one of how it was connected to the main earth strap, then the cable once removed.
  10. The rest looks OK. It looks to me like the original one snapped, so they crimped in this 6" section of speaker wire. I've never needed to look down there, so haven't spotted it before. If you just looked at the battery, everything looked alright. It's amazing that it lasted so long.
  11. OMFG, you won't believe what the problem with my car was. A previous owner had used tiny SPEAKER WIRE as one of the main battery cables and it totally fried it. The smoke wasn't the battery, but the wire that was about 6 inches further into the car. It was about 1/3 of the thickness of a proper earth strap. Unbelievable. How it hasn't caught fire before now, I don't know.
  12. Car overheats, I turn it off to avoid damage. I can't turn it on again, I just get rapid clicking. I jump out to figure out what to do and notice shit loads of smoke. Opened the boot to find LOTS of smoke. Quickly emptied the car of all valuables, just in case. All of this at one of the really busy junctions in Bristol, at rush hour. Thankfully, some great people stopped and helped me, but she's currently parked up for the night. No clue what the problem is, but it could be high resistance from crap connections.
  13. Carbon or not, that's a pile of junk. You could buy a £140 bike with the same spec, but a steel frame, and probably wouldn't notice the difference.
  14. Same as loads of things, sold as "Hardly used, mint", but turns up totally fooked.
  15. "2020" by Suuns as the opening soundtrack is a win, too.