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  1. Hmm, I'm not sure. I'm 50/50 on it. If the whole car was the same colour and it was properly fitted I think it would look OK.
  2. Do I actually win a cookie? If so, can it be a triple chocolate please? In engine news, I'm no longer going away next weekend, so it's game on!
  3. I can't really argue that point, but it's who I'm drinking it with that's the problem here. We've had friends from Hastings up a couple of weeks ago, friends from London this weekend. We're away next weekend. My job is more than full time, so evenings are out of the question, too. Believe me, I'd love to head over there now and crack on with it. In car related news, I just battled with the most stubborn bird shit I've ever encountered. I thought I was going to have to chisel it off! All clean now though, first time I've washed the car in ages...
  4. It's not. Purely because I have busy weekends It's scheduled for first weekend of March, I have no time until then.
  5. We'll have my Golf, a turbo'd MK2 MX-5 and a Honda Jazz, so that's covered
  6. Engine mounts don't seem to be too expensive, I'll most likely grab some. Someone in the owners club said pretty much the same thing. I have plenty of jubilee clips so that's all good Cheers!
  7. Something like this, I'd go for... Pick up a cheap 50mm lens to go with it, jobs a good 'un
  8. It will happen, just not yet. I'm putting strong enough parts in ready for it
  9. Looks like we're good then. I have plenty of all those bits, I was more concerned about a vital part being missing. Cheers guys
  10. Right, TF crew, fountain of all knowledge. Engine swap is coming ever closer, so I need to think of anything I've forgotten. When we come to start the swap, I have no time to be ordering additional parts, so we need to think of all the little bits & bobs. I've done / have on order: Cam belt Water Pump Cam Cover Gasket Clutch (Including pilot bearing and the one that goes the other side, which I forget the name of...) CAS O-ring Rear oil seal Oil filter Oil Coolant Spark plugs (All four now! We bought a surgical tool for extracting body parts, it did the job perfectly!) Alternator Belt Power steering / A/C belt So, anything else we're missing that might be crucial?
  11. We tried this, no luck. My friend now has a grabber type thing that we're going to try later this evening
  12. Nice progress Dan. This thing will be savage once it's done - passenger ride at TFTD3 plzzzz
  13. We're almost there with it, so I don't want to go to that extreme if I can avoid it, Ad. To clarify, we can't get a socket over the plug because of this rubber / plastic - I suspect it's an insert from a socket, yes. An insert that has, over time, become moulded on to the plug, hence the difficulty in removing it. We can now almost freely spin this rubber / plastic, but can't get enough leverage to remove it. The plug, as far as I know, is probably in the same condition as the others I removed. I need some super long pliers and I could pick it out, but we didn't have any today...
  14. So, I did a bit of work on the new engine today. Took off the cam cover to access the cam belt and the cam cover gasket looks almost brand new. As does the cam belt. Decided to leave the belt as it is, rather than fit the new one as time is not on my side. I did fit the new cam cover gasket though, as I was there... I fitted the new clutch too, including pilot bearing, which was way easier than I expected. I've gotta take it all back off though, as I'm going to fit a seal in there - I didn't think about it at the time, but it probably needs one. Silly not to whilst access is so easy. Final task for the day was to change the plugs - easy, right? Nope. The three I managed to get out were f0cking tight - needed the "big b*****d" to release them, which is normally reserved for huge, rusty bolts. Was a little worrying, to say the least. What about the fourth one? Well, that was covered by some weird melted plastic / rubber. We tried hooking it out, we tried to melt it. Having no plier type tools long enough to get in there meant that the b*****d is still there. The three I did get out were totally ruined, so they've obviously been there a long time. That aside, the engine looks pretty clean, it just needs some new seals to stop the minor oil leaks it appears to have. Jobs left to do: Rear oil seal Cam sensor oil seal Remove b*****d spark plug General degrease / clean up Then it's good to be dropped in Pretty pleased with the progress I'm making on this car, I'm far from a mechanic and until a couple of years ago I didn't get my hands dirty at all. Once this is done, that's almost the whole car rebuilt.
  15. Not sure if any of you tuned in, but if you did you probably noticed that the audio was unbearable. I've got it all set up now thanks to a couple of random Americans that tuned in and offered assistance. Next on the list is to get the FauxPro working so I can have a video stream too. I'm also going to get a controller, so there's something half worth watching