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  1. Motherf**ker.
  2. I'm getting so excited about my car being sorted. It's heading to the repair guy on Friday, who's gonna do his stuff then stick in the MOT place a couple of units down. It's got new wiper blades fitted but I didn't really have the facilities to adjust the headlight beam - it's a simple job, so shouldn't cost much for the garage to do. She's going to be very pretty when I get her back
  3. I was hoping to go, but couldn't make it. What was crap about it?
  4. That's what I kept saying to her, but she was having none of it.
  5. It's definitely convenience, as I have a 100mm and a 50mm too!
  6. Cheers Joe, all shot on a 24-120 on a D750. Lovely kit that, it's replaced most of my lenses to be honest!
  7. Ventured around Snowdonia this week, including a nice climb up Snowdon itself. Here's a few snaps from our walks...
  8. Yeah clearly all those hours of effort have paid off - she's had a fair bit of love over the past year That install's looking nice!
  9. Yep, definitely not as bad as I was expecting
  10. So my car failed, as expected, however not as badly as expected. Windscreen wipers are shit - I knew that but thought they'd scrape through Headlight angle "obviously" wrong - again I knew that, but last time I adjusted them they went all on the piss and were even more useless. Hole in drivers side floor - I wasn't aware of that, but apparently it's only a small patch up required, which my friend is going to do. On the 28th it's having new outer and inner sills as well as arches and paint. Once that's done, we're attacking everything underneath with rust converter and sealing stuff. She should be quite tidy soon!
  11. Making good progress on that car, Boothy Mine is booked in for MOT on Thursday and I've found someone that will replace inner and outer sills as well as rear arches for £500, painted (Both sides!). He comes recommended too, so not a bodge job in a shed. I'm supplying the inner sills and I suspect he's buying those complete sill and arch panels, so keeps the cost down as there's no fabrication work to do. Just need to get the engine running right next!
  12. Doesn't need to be pin sharp I don't think, it adds to the action. Lovely shot!
  13. Polish it back to paint, re-lacquer. Pain in the arse and I wouldn't bother. On some of my Eunos panels I just sanded the whole lot back and re-painted, but didn't do a great job.
  14. No, but I discovered my engine isn't as bad as first thought, so I'd rather stick with this one - I've put a lot of effort in, so it would be a shame to give up on it. That said, £1k for rust repairs might change my plan back to searching for another one.
  15. Struggling to get quotes for less than £1000 for both sills and one arch... That does include paint, but still, ouch I appreciate the amount of work involved, but I can't justify spending more than I paid for the car in the first place.