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  1. Spamming f**ks are tag teaming now. Nobody gives a shit about your organic jizz.
  2. Welding a welding table, without a welding table.
  3. PS, I stream on Twitch now, follow me
  4. Funny you should say that, I'm going live in a bit
  6. Tell me you've done a buy on that.
  7. Someone really got upset over "4 20"?? That tree ride near the start was cool. I like the soundtrack too
  8. A few of my mates are doing it. It's apparently good fun and not too hardcore. I haven't signed up, but it's an event I'd like to do in future.
  9. Not sure why you even had to hunt around the car looking for it, the crack is obvious in the photo you posted.
  10. You'll find a lot of the success in bars is also down to a lack of giving a shit. When you're single, you try too hard and it becomes obvious that you're desperate. As I get older and have been with Sheryl for 7 years, I give less of a shit when I'm out drinking, so also get more attention these days. It's both great and annoying, as you can't act on it... unless you're that type of course, which I'm not.
  11. Rear bumper fitted. I now have about a week to get the car in to show and shine at the local region owners club. I think they'll be amazed at the difference. Left to do: 1) touch up alloy wheel paint. 2) paint black side strips. 3) fix wings on properly. 4) paint windscreen surround & wipers. 5) paint and fit splitter. 6) attach numberplates. 7) clean and polish!
  12. Fail. That rear bumper is a shite to remove. Need to purchase a hack saw and go back to it tomorrow.
  13. No, not for free, but I got it all for £100 including brand new weatherstrips on the door (Which are £48 for the pair usually!) Stuff left to do: Fix the wings on properly. This requires welding, as we need to repair the underneath of the car where they bolt on, as it's just rust at the moment. Buy a Eunos badge, as the Mazda one doesn't look right on there. Paint black stripes all along the bottom of the car, as the wings have them and they technically should be there. When I had my sills done, the guy painted it all red. Grab the rear bumper tonight and fit it. Respray windscreen surround properly and trim off the excess adhesive. Touch up alloy wheel paint, where tyre fitters went mad and wrecked them.
  14. Today. New front bumper, both doors, both wings, both light covers and bonnet swapped from mint donor car. Tomorrow we're going back to have the rear bumper, then I'm meeting someone to swap bootlids. The value of my car has increased by about £600 today.