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  1. Awesome as usual. Love that first one. Where's this?
  2. Awesome list of stuff, cheers dude. I collect rum, but I'm more than happy to smash the beers - definitely gonna give that place a go Will refer back to this thread when we're there.
  3. It's my first full susser, so honestly I have nothing to compare it to. From my £500 Cube hardtail it feels amazing, but compared to other setups, I couldn't tell you. I also don't go massive, so probably nowhere near using it to its potential. The bike was RRP £3200, I got it for £1600 and it's done me well for over a year so no complaints
  4. Things are really heating up in the Happy Thread these days.
  5. Sparco Sprint?
  6. That sounds horrendous. It sounds like you did well really, I'm not sure how I'd have reacted in that situation. Not much I can add to Luke's post really, but I'd agree that it's good to get some help / training, I'd imagine this sort of situation can be very haunting. I hope the girl is OK too.
  7. £52! How the hell did you manage that?! Looks great dude. PS, I like a good lemon drizzle cake, so if that could be first on the list for the wife and also if you could drop it down to Bristol, that would be super.
  8. And it's multiple bungee straps, not just one. lol
  9. I didn't even notice that. Arseholes
  10. That fits the bill perfectly, apart from being £125. That's what made me source this spare stick for £10 and set out to butcher it. My initial plan was to chop the stick as seen above, then continue to use my 3" extension so that it 1) looks shiny and 2) remains almost the original length.
  11. It's made of Delrin, I don't want to risk damaging the knob.
  12. Oh and some panels have the original paint which isn't lacquered, others have lacquer which is peeling. Or did have until now, as that's been fixed
  13. Yep, that's the correct SU Classic Red. The car has clearly lots of touch ups over the years, so there's many different shades, but that's what it should look like. My plan is the respray the drivers door and see how that comes out, if it almost matches the rear panel, I'll do all of them one by one. The tricky bit seems to be finding the right SU Classic Red.
  14. There's a few engineer types on here, so here's a brain teaser. Copied from MX-5 Forum on Facebook: So, here's one for the technically minded. A few of you may remember I posted about shortening a gear stick in order to fit a gearknob that doesn't fit the standard length.I currently have the knob fitted using a 3" thread extender, which makes the shift massively too long (The knob almost hits the stereo and feels horrible too). As standard, the thread on the stick isn't long enough to reach the thread inside the knob, as the knob is quite long and the tapered part of the stick hits the knob. I had the idea of chopping the top off the standard stick, as I was led to believe it had the same thread underneath, so that's what you can see in the attached photo. Underneath is what I expected to see, but unfortunately the thread is smaller than the original thread. It's not small enough that I could put some kind of adaptor in the knob, which was my first thought. The options as I see it are to either: 1) Chop the stick again nearer the ball at the bottom and weld on a length of threaded bar 2) Machine up a thread adaptor, but this will add length that I've been trying to remove, so doesn't solve the problem. Any other ideas? Maybe some sort of material I could fill the knob with and then tap the thread to match the thread on the bottom half of the stick? (And yes, the easiest way is to use a different knob, but this isn't an option!)
  15. It is the correct red, yes. That's what my car would have looked like 26 years ago. If you'd like to know what the incorrect red is, see the bottom part of the door and the ducktail, that's the parts I painted with the later "SU Classic Red", clearly a very different shade. Unfortunately there's not an awful lot of paint left on it to be polished - it seems to shine up nice for a few days, then returns to this state. The bonnet is pink pretty much and it's had the life polished out of it. This has made me determined to get a proper respray now, so this is definitely just temporary