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  1. The camera seems fine, thankfully. In the photo you can only see the smashed filter, which I've taken all the glass out of (I can't get the filter off, it's stuck on due to the damage). The actual damage is internal, the zoom sticks in three places, but seems to focus. I've sent a few enquiries around for estimates on repair cost.
  2. RIP, £500 lens.
  3. Not funny at the time, but you've gotta laugh at that.
  4. Just jumping back to the Beats discussion, they're shite, don't waste your money. Best marketing scam ever, tricked millions into paying way over the odds for poor sound quality. Read hi fi mags, join audiophile forums... you'll never see them get recommended. A £100 pair of them would be equivalent to a £30 pair of something else.
  5. That is a work of art!
  6. Bedford was epic. Super slippery though! Here's some photos and a couple of videos... Not that exciting, but here's a video of me playing with a couple of MX-5's... The blue one is my friends turbo'd one: And here's a far more exciting video of said blue MX-5, trying not to spin constantly / trying to slide by "accident" (Plus bonus footage of my car smoking like mad):
  7. I'd have donated a few quid too, I've spent enough of my life here to warrant a little rent!
  8. I'm live now
  9. I found 2016 much easier, but mostly due to having a decent bike and being much fitter and more used to mtb riding in general.
  10. Haven't signed up yet, but I'm going to. I'm also doing "only" 37 miles (Across f**king great big hills), but not because I'm old or a girl, just that 37 miles over the beacons is ridiculous enough already. I've not been out on the bike in ages, but I've been pretty good at going to the gym, so I'm hoping to sort my fitness out properly this year.
  11. OK, long story short, I have a shot at a massive gig. Like, in 16 years, this is what I've been working towards. Sharing, favouriting, listening to this will do me big favours. If you guys could give it some love (Even if you don't particularly like the genre), I'd be SUPER grateful.
  12. So what did you go for in the end?
  13. Not sure if this works here?