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  1. I did a photoshoot with a band today, here's a couple of shots...
  2. Photoshop.
  3. SM used to be considered the Holy Grail, I remember when several members would constantly beg for it. I'm starting to think it was all a hoax, there was no special area, it was just some special code to turn your title pink.
  4. Call me a cynic or a conspiracy theorist, but I'm going false flag on this one.
  5. The smell of jacket potatoes cooking. It's the little things...
  6. I'm not tight, they're only £3. I just don't want 49 spares laying around! Luke - I don't have a 50mm and the only cutting tool is an angle grinder, which in a top floor flat is not ideal haha. I've found a spares place that will probably sell them singularly, so I'll head there in the morning and see.
  7. If I rock up in the Golf they won't let me in. Also I've booked the tunnel and breakdown cover for the Red. And I haven't arranged with work to take the car to Europe (It's apparently not too straight forward if it's personal and not work). And yeah unfortunately it has to be 45. 40 is too short and 50 leaves the head sticking out a bit. Screwfix have packs of 50, but I was hoping to source a single one as I don't need 49 spares, lol.
  8. Anyone local to Bristol have an M8x1.25 45mm bolt I can pinch? Just found a substantial oil leak on the new engine, where I removed the A/C pump - apparently taking that off gives the engine free reign to piss oil out. Great design Mazda, top work lads. I embark on a 700 mile trip tomorrow, so I'd like to retain oil, if possible...
  9. Replaced the new alternator belt with a new alternator belt and it now works properly. Yes, you did read that right. The first one we fitted a bit too loose, so it polished itself and decided it never needed to grip, ever again... SQUEEEEEeeeeeEEEeeeeeEEEEAL.
  10. I'd love to have spent more time fitting my engine, cleaning everything properly, but it was a race against time and not in my own garage, so I felt rushed. I'm happy with it, but the bay could be much cleaner. I think after summer I'll take all the bits off and clean it up with the block in place. Yours is looking good mate, bet you can't wait for the first start
  11. Queen Square meet again this morning, some cracking stuff down there today. Then all of a sudden we heard a crunch, turned round and saw this: Anyway, one more photo: And you can view all 93 photos here:
  12. I'm live again, have a listen:
  13. Here's one from 2007 I recently uploaded:
  14. Wow. blast from the past! I've recently been listening to some 2007 recordings and I noticed two things: 1) The sound quality is bad. 2) A lot of the tracks are the same as the sound quality.
  15. I skim read that and thought you'd named your tyres Trevor. Stranger things have happened, I suppose