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  1. That is Mint, love the brake hose routing on the rear! Nicely done!
  2. NIcely done! I thought the music went pretty well with flowing riding! Looks like a well designed lay out for a skatepark, liking the bike setup aswell!
  3. Hey dude, you still interested in the wheel at all?

    im only free on thursdays and sundays as i work the rest.

    let me know

  4. Well considering the cost it would be to build new £60 was roughly half that. It also includes the rim tape and hope quick release. So cost would be the same. I'm not around today sorry but free tomorrow.

    The up and down doesn't affect the way in which it rides and it's only slight. I never had a problem even running a rim brake.

  5. Alright dude, fair fair!

    do you want it or just after some details about it?

  6. Hi,

    In regards to your question, they Echo SL Forks are stock. Dave

  7. Chilled video there mate! smooth as always! Nice1!
  8. drop me txt bout this kyle me n owen shud b up4it i'll have word with him! nice1!
  9. From the album Brum Ride 12/10/2008

  10. From the album Brum Ride 12/10/2008

  11. Hey, Was an well good ride! and as been said amazing weather for it! i took a few photos only at Angry man though, but i have uploaded them to a gallery and i do apollogise if the quality is abit poor. If you want the better ones i can send them to you over MSN if thats of any use. Cheers for a awesome day! Dave Photos can be found here, http://www.trials-forum.co.uk/forum/index....&album=1938
  12. From the album Brum Ride 12/10/2008

  13. From the album Brum Ride 12/10/2008

  14. From the album Brum Ride 12/10/2008