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  1. Jumping onto the "24" saved trials" bandwagon. Trials up to the year 2004 + MTB street = street-trials nowadays. Was and is appealing. Trials nowadays = something completely different and unheard of back in the days. Doesn't appeal to everyone. With regards to bike sales, street-trials is huge. The demand has seen some manufacturers constantly being caught with their trousers down. I'm guessing they adjust for the increased demand only to find it's gone up again.
  2. Yeah that was Prawn, he went sideways at some ridiculous speed in the A3 and ended up with little enough damage to drive the car back to Britain after a lot of duct tape had been applied. And some American guy bailed him out. That Daihatsu. I feel like you're my soul mate, I have one too! Such rare cars and a blast to drive. The lack of marshalls on that Ring crash is scary. Was this a trackday or touristenfahren? If it was the former, I'd be suing.
  3. Well this happened today: I hope potential customers find this interesting. In related news, this is taking place on the 27th of January, can't wait
  4. Yes! Perhaps he'll make the 26" category watchable. Nobody apart from Aurelien can actually make riding on a 26" bike look good nowadays.
  5. It looks like a city from Flight Simulator. The 1995 edition.
  6. So who's got one? I didn't get what the hype was all about until I had the opportunity to ride a 2kW Kona Stinky this year. It absolutely blew my mind. In it's unlocked and not too legal form it had a top speed of almost 60kph without having to even touch the pedals. The running costs are apparently around 40p/100km. There's something really exciting about a bike with a throttle which is completely silent. You apply it and it just sort of goes. And then goes some more, with no effort on your behalf. Slowly getting fed up with traffic over here so I've been looking into building a custom ebike for the spring. There's a place nearby which sells decent conversion kits and makes custom batteries. The co-founder is an ex trials rider so we quickly found common ground. We've come up with an idea of a heavily geared single speed hardtail on MT7's, a 1kW hub motor and 24Ah battery pack. This would give it an unassisted cruising range of around 100km or around 30 at it's top speed, enough to commute even long distances without wasting too much time. Perhaps this will turn into a build thread sooner or later. Wondering whether there are people on this forum who are into this sort of thing?
  7. My ex introduced me to these two guys, they're effing amazing. Electronic music unlike anything I've heard before. Especially like 19:54 43:20 57:20
  8. Picture of the year in my books that guy on the right is a legend, feels amazing to finally see what he looks like. Those numbers also satisfy the OCD part of my brain haha
  9. I wonder whether there's a correlation between the interest in your game and trials riding.
  10. Cheers, will try that. This red does have a magenta tone to it which depends a lot on the lighting. It's not a typical red. Here's an quick example from the web. I was trying to make the images a bit more flat both in terms of detail and shadows/highlights is higher contrast what's recommended?
  11. Every time I get to ride a 221 (Pr or Ti) I'm amazed at how fun they are. They're not like the standard trials bike nowadays, much more balanced and easier to learn tricks on. They're also a joy to bunnyhop. I wouldn't look at the wheelbase too much as the remaining geometry characteristics of this bike make it quite unusual in a positive way. With regards to geometry, the Ti is also going to feel much more like the "oldschool" Monty due to the "correct" stem and bar combo. The 219 has a different stem and bars which may change the character of the bike. One of the contributing factors towards a Monty-esque feel are the narrower, 680mm Monty handlebars. The Ti bike looks a bit more fatiqued and may require some work to get it up to scratch. Check the for cracks before you buy it. I had 3 Montys in my riding career and cracked 3 frames, all Montys
  12. Many of you guys are pretty good with photo editing, could I have some feedback on these? Never done anything outside product photography before, have I gone a bit overboard? These are publicity shots, not sure yet whether they'll ever be printed but they will be put up on various websites. There's a before an after as reference.
  13. Yep, it gets rid of understeer on entry. Although my attempts are a bit misearble as you should really force the car to understeer for a bit longer. Apparently this is not an uncommon technique in Formula cars and he learned it while being coached by Fernando Alonso. He combined this with a very late apex in every corner due to the racing line being more slippery in the wet. Try it Adam, I'd be interested to know if it works for you?
  14. How much oil does it use? Though unlikely, it could be connected with a rough idle. Have you done a compression test? Abnormally high compression on some cylinders could indicate a leak. Had another lovely weekend at the track. It turned out Andrew has his own fanpage where he leads quite an interesting life so I took him out for a spin. And one more, driving on hard racing slicks at 5*C in the rain. Just as I thought the learning curve for driving at this point was pretty flat, I gave the keys to my car to our top instructor (carting world champion and ex Formula BMW driver). He taught me an interesting way of driving into corners by forcing understeer before entry to warm up the tyres. As he reached the entry point, he'd unwind the wheel and the car would pull into the corner much harder. He also avoided the standard braking zones and racing lines because they're much more slippery than the rest of the track in the rain. Here's my attempt at doing the same and failing somewhat. Got a green light for renting the car next year so we did some publicity shots. This is not one of them, we were taking the piss
  15. Yep. Not very bright! Some pics of a recent trackday just surfaced. ' Driving The Stig around And a few other pics