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  1. A surprise was in store for me today. They did a stunning job on the roof. Don't have close ups of the cut off but it's perfect. They've also taken extra care to avoid cracks appearing where the CF pillars meet the metal ones by making a groove from some elastic putty and filling it in with silicone. Couldn't get the colour accurately reproduced on the picture but I'm so happy to have gone with the same one. Polishing next and then it's going in for final assembly. Going to make it pay for itself this time around, trackday rental
  2. Haha never seen anything like this. Total destruction of body and bike
  3. Nice to see progress being made. Best of luck guys!
  4. You'd need an exercise stand and a VR headset. Riding bikes using muscles is so passé. Is that other bike made from wood? Looks like it could flex quite a bit.
  5. Do you mean - will it matter when performing a new grind? Nope, not at all. On and never go back and forth when grinding a rim. Chose a direction and stick with it. Not sure if it matters which direction you go in so do the other sidewall in the opposite direction just to be on the safe side.
  6. Are the pads hitting square on the rim? If so, it could be the grind. Try this next time you grind your rim. Use your frame / forks if you don't have a truing stand. I got superb results every single time, however it's imperative you use a fresh disc - personally I'd go for a steel cutting one.
  7. Thought I'd share some preliminary observations regarding the Terrex Swift. They're f**king brilliant. They've made more of a difference to my riding than replacing half my bike last year due to wear and play. They grip much better than Ribos and it's fairly easy to readjust the foot position. They're also much much harder, thus feeling more secure on the bike. This is the opposite to what Ali wrote but I guess that's because the reference point is a worn flexy pair of shoes. Most importantly when preloading I can completely relax my calfs without fear that my feet will fall off the pedals. Getting much more power down. I can also play with different foot positioning, something that wasn't possible with worn shoes.
  8. You might find it on The video you ask was from 2006 and I think it featured a song from NWD3 by Dope? But yeah, that is definitely Marko Grosenik. Amazing amazing rider. Ended up wanting a 221Ti so badly after watching his vids.
  9. Tried on a pair of Terrex Swift and ended up buying them. They're super comfortable and also quite stiff, two things the Ribos were not. Going to test them tomorrow.
  10. Thanks Ali, that's some very helpful insight! So.. Ribo's look like hoofs, FG's fall apart, Jitsie aren't very good apparently and Five Tens are not quite my cup of tea when it comes to looks. This is probably my last trials shoe purchase and I want to make it right. That leaves the cheapest and quickest option which is the Terrex. Lots of people have recommended these. Going to pop down to a shop and take a look.
  11. Need help choosing some new shoes. Been riding in Ribo Lite's for the past years and I really don't like them. They offer little support and feel a bit flimsy perhaps due to their age and wear. The main reason I want to replace them is this: They seem to be bending strangely but I'm not sure whether this is related to shoes or technique? I have problems with my ankles and this could just be the body compensating for it. My feet are also really tired and sore after a few hours of riding. Should a trials shoe be stiff or not? Secondly the sole. Which of these is better? The first one is a direct fit with most caged pedals which are spaced to match. If the second sole is good, I was thinking about these shoes. Any experience with these on the forums? They're kind of expensive but at least they look like shoes, not hoofs. I know a lot of riders are recommending Addidas Terrex Solo's, also considering those but more as a last resort.
  12. I did it absolutely ages ago. Like 2003 or something on a 221 X-Lite. Back then nobody nearby had heard of a grind. We used nails to scorch the rims and pretended it made a difference. Anyway, I still distinctly remember how the brake performed although the reference point is a bit skewed (Monty milk pads, smooth rims, tar was the norm). It had a much deeper sound, there was plenty of bite and after that a linear increase in locking power. It had way more modulation than modern trials brakes, perhaps due to the shitty pads. It was the best brake I had back then and because the rims were made of an odorless aluminium-cheese alloy with added softener it wore down pretty much instantly. edit: Read the topic again, that has nothing to do with your question haha
  13. Had my first track day as an instructor on Wednesday. I was supposed to just hang around, see what they do and be a sort of free intern. Ended up getting hired, paid and added to the team as a full time instructor. Haven't had so much fun in one day for years. The team which organizes this event is a fantastic bunch of people, all so friendly and approachable. Spent the whole day instructing a gorgeous 24 year old girl who's dad bought her a full day behind the wheel of this Kia so she'd get the idea of a motorcycle out of her head. At the end of the day he decided to buy her a car like that and sponsor her racing "career" and wants me to coach her. And her lap times including 3 of my timed ones and 3 of another instructor. Glad to see a continuous improvement, finally she posted a lap just 4s short of mine although she did that with another instructor and was reluctant to accept it as valid. Not sure what was going on in there Did about 15 laps behind the wheel of that thing showing her the correct lines. First time ever driving a FWD car quickly, not my cup of tea but the fact I did about 40 miles around an amazing track AND got paid for doing so is something that will take some getting used to The remaining instructors spend much of their time in 911's so there's something to look forward to. We then shot a promotional video of the team involving 2 GT3's, drove the camera man around who was sitting in the open boot of a Cayenne. And another fun thing was instructing a fast driver in a lightweight M3. First two laps I was giggling like a girl and it reminded me how I love these cars. The g-forces were absurd (for someone who hasn't driven properly for a few years) and I then found that he was doing low 1:50's, 6s slower than my best time in the previous gen M3. Really put things into perspective for me. It also became clear that at this level of driving I had little idea of how to better his lap times. Also had my first chance to sit in an MX5. Although I'm short it was really difficult to fit between the seat and the roof. Had to push the seat right forwards and recline the backrest. The car handled amazingly well from a passenger's perspective. The driver wanted me to help him shave half a second so he could go below 2 minutes but it seems he missed that by .2s. Genuinely feels like the beginning of a proper motorsport career. At the moment I've just got my foot in the door but through meeting new people and getting more skilled at this job I think there's a long and interesting journey ahead - especially as motorsport is exploding in Poland and I'm already in a position to surf the wave. For now I need to get that bloody M3 finished and actually do some driving myself. I can handle instructing a complete novice but when some more experienced drivers asked me for help there wasn't much I could tell them. Most of the advice was about being smooth and braking into corners which seems a bit vague. The man in charge maintains we're not there to coach racing drivers but to offer an exciting day to participants. This means a lot of freedom to work with drivers however I fancy. Got a 10hz GPS somewhere, going to take it with me next time and work some telemetry into my work.
  14. Small M3 update. The idea was to paint most of the car myself but considering the extent of restoration I've given in. My mechanic found a great painter who does classic cars on a daily basis, he comes over and attends to this after hours. Also been wondering about the spoiler. The car looked exactly like this: Kind of grown fond of the no spoiler look. I doubt it actually does anything although if it does improve lap times then that's pretty much decided...
  15. Talking about embarrassment and all the other points, I live in Poland. Seen things sink to new lows every day for a few years and found that the best way to deal with this is to switch the telly off and not read any news. Life is so much better now when one doesn't have to deal with rampant populism on a daily basis. Putting your head in the sand is a last resort and hopefully you guys will never have to experience such a state of frustration. Fingers crossed for Britain.