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  1. Took part in a competition on Saturday. Got out the gopro because this girl really wanted some footage to remember the event. Captured some of the dumbest facial expressions ever. Might post some footage from the comp itself later on. We ended up taking 1st place overall.
  2. Haha great watch and a right laugh too !
  3. Pretty much, yeah. Good times
  4. Good things come to those who wait. Been saying that to myself for the past few weeks while dating a slightly distrusting girl I met at the pub. Good things came yesterday and that's just the beginning of what's shaping up to be an amazing relationship. 2018 just keeps getting better and better.
  5. Watching these guys ride full sus bikes is amazing. They're soooo in control. You can instantly tell that they ride motorbikes. Is that Adam Raga in the blue outfit?
  6. Had a rather intensive Friday. 12km walk, heaps of work, gym. Got back home and my flatmate said we're going out. Very reluctantly agreed but he usually knows which bars have the best girls so.... We did just that, sat down with a glass of Jack and started looking around while discussing life problems. I saw this amazing looking girl sitting nearby and every time she'd walk by on her way to the bar I'd be drooling all over. Somewhere along the way we made contact and she invited us to her table. And we just sort of clicked instantly, spent probably a good 3 hours chatting away while my mate was stuck with her friend trying to make conversation (it's funny how two girls often have opposing characters). Can't remember the last time I met someone with so much passion and energy. I mean wow. So today we decided to go out. First thought was ok, that was the booze talking and it's going to be mediocre at best. We're probably going to have a normal conversation without all the flamboyant gesticulation and over the top emotions. We met, not only more drooling and discomfort in pants but we had an amazing time while probably annoying everyone else in the restaurant. And could probably have carried on all evening. I've clicked with many girls in the past but this is just on a different level. Could be the beginning of something very interesting. Good times
  7. Yeah that would be the "proper" thing in terms of balance and whatnot. But because it's mainstream, it has certain let's call them limitations - power, battery pack, top speed and said throttle. My initial post was about a custom build where you use a motor, control unit and battery of your choice to suit whatever you need. As in the video below. Images in the video should give you an idea of what this is about. This is actually the bike which made me want an ebike so much. It's absolutely amazing.
  8. Probably depends on the ebike. The few I've had the opportunity of using all had a throttle although I heard somewhere that this is not 100% legal, at least my end. Anyhow, probably going to begin the build around march. It's been suggested I use 29" wheels since they roll better and may result in a higher top speed, not quite sold on the idea. Had a bike like that and it felt really clumsy.
  9. Saw it on facetube. Reminded me of the "good old days". Music, riding, editing - everything was spot on UK style
  10. In the last phase of the jump, just before you leave the ground and are pulling the handlebars to your body, try to keep your body weight above the bike, not behind it. 20" bikes are much more difficult to pedal up than 26" bikes because of how eager they are to run away from under your body. So you need to compensate for that by moving your body forward throughout the last phase of the stroke.
  11. I've recently been doing side planks with leg lift and noticed doing it on my left (left footed) is way easier. In fact the difference in max reps between both sides is well over 50%. Talking of imbalances it's also funny how by looking at a riders palms you can tell which is their dominant foot. Definitely on the same boat regarding learning how to use the body properly. Going out riding with no warm up, riding too long or being too careless on a bike is no longer an option. Same goes for the gym, I would usually just work out and that was it. Now without a proper warm up and stretching I get all sorts of problems. Got a sharp right knee pain since yesterday, after reading Adam's comment I'm wondering whether I've ever had any problems with my left knee...
  12. This is a f**king masterpiece. Just wow.
  13. The main benefit is a fixed geometry, no alignment issues and most importantly a rigid way of securing the wheel to the frame. With horizontal dropouts and especially snail cams, the wheel can move around on big moves. Never been a fan of snails but to be honest, I can't find one fault with the Echo grub screw system. It's a joy to set up.
  14. My friend took me out to a jam session last weekend, got on so well with the guys there I treated myself to a wee present today just what I need to get through the winter months.
  15. ^ that. It's a steal considering you're getting a roadster and a small hatchback parked on top of it.