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  1. That was fun. Reminded me how much of a flipping tune Rasputin is as well. Good vibes.
  2. Just realised I'm waaaaay late with those recommendations. Sorry!
  3. Balls, I totally forgot about this. Dave has covered much of what is have out in my list anyway so not so bad. If you do go to the Padley Gorge/Hathersage area, I recommend The Chequers on Froggatt Edge/A625. The Bull's Head in Castleton is good after a Man Tor walk as well. Make sure you check out the old A625 on Man Tor as well - it's an old road that has been broken by successive landslides. Great for photos and MTB/trials.
  4. When are you going, Mike? I'll put together a list of decent Peaks pubs, places and walks at some point soon, but not got time at the moment. Dan's right though - it's ace!
  5. Yeah, we're getting some of that in our news. Such a short-sighted approach by the Spanish government. Regardless of your viewpoint on Catalonian independence, closing polling stations and beating voters/protesters is completely the wrong way of going about it. If they said, as I think they'd said they were going to, that the referendum was illegal and that they didn't recognise the result, they'd have achieved the same result in a much more peaceful manner, possibly opening the way to political discourse and negotiation. Instead, they've done it this way which is only going to entrench the anti-Spanish feeling in the region and, at worst, push the Catalan people down a similar road to Ireland and the Basque Country. Such a shame.
  6. Since I've just washed it, I thought I'd stick a picture of the Yeti in here. It's a few years old, but so much fun to ride.
  7. There's nothing on Hotstepper that's too scary or dangerous - it's actually a really fun trail. The bigger drops have other options, but really, if you can ride off a 12" curb or whatever, you can handle it.
  8. That's a seriously nice-looking bike! I also agree with Adam - so weird seeing a picture of a 26mhz in that quality.
  9. Locomotion - definitely more fun that the last bit of Sixtapod. Hotstepper is the red that comes off Terry's Belly with the fun little drops section.
  10. I enjoyed that, but the main thing that I took away from it is that cutting his hair was a strong decision.
  11. I've just sold it I'm afraid. The Console will be a sweet alternative though
  12. Just seen this thread and came in to mention my Arcade but it seems I've been beaten to it. As Mark says, I'd definitely be happy to ship it to Spain if you wanted it. It's an awesome bike for both trials and street, you definitely wouldn't be disappointed. It also comes with a Clean sticker for added style points.
  13. Further FYI, I've also been kicked off the top of Stanage a bunch of times, but never at Burbage or Higger Tor. They're all pretty fun places to ride though, they suit a lot of different riding styles.
  14. Yup - that's Stanage Edge. These two are filmed at Higger Tor, which is between Burgage and Stanage. Not exactly what you're after, but it's very similar stuff.
  15. Lines from 2:35-2:50 and the stoppie lines near the beginning (particularly the bump-hop-stoppie-spin-nose-to-manual-360 at 0:35) were sweet. Stair ride to wallride improved my afternoon a lot too, and the ender was awesome! Edit: Ha. Classic Ali. Was that anything to do with the hippy jump fail and subsequent palm-plastering? Double-edit: Cool that you seemed to steer relatively clear of most of the well-known spots (or shoot them in an original way so as to make them look less familiar) and still found some really fun and cool stuff to ride. Nice job on the edit too