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  1. New frame...

    I've got a Base TA26 at the mo, which has served me well for years but has just developed a crack in the seat tube, so it's days are numbered and it needs replacing. It's main use is getting me to and from work, so it's got a 30T ring and a 9sp cassette on it. I don't properly ride trials any more, just occasionally on the way to/from work; however, I hate 'normal' MTB geo...and also hate huge BB rises and long wheelbases. I like oldschool trials geo - I absolutely love how my TA26 feels. However, I'm a difficult customer because I want the following specs: 0 bb rise Short wheelbase (somewhere between 1010 and 1040mm?) V brake mounts (this is the killer problem) Able to take a 9sp cassette Able to take a 32T ring without it fouling on the chainstay There are a few options out there - e.g. Tarty have a Monty dirt frame in (although it has a 30mm bb drop...not sure how I feel about that), or some oldschool trials frames knocking about, but it's really difficult to find out what the geo on those old frames is. I wish I could find an Inspired Flow 26", but they only seem to come as the full bike. There's a Heavy Tools and a Saracen X-ess on ebay that I'm considering, but again, no geo details - does anyone know what they are? Or can anyone think of any other options I should look into? Thanks